An interview in a French web magazine

I wish I had studied French because I’m now in an interview article I can’t read. Haha.

French is actually the next language I want to learn, after Japanese, but I’m kind of stuck at intermediate Japanese due to lack of time.

Anyway, this is an interview by w3sh, a lifestyle French online magazine dedicated to everything related to gadgets, gizmos, art, urban culture and cutting-edge consumer electronics.

I wonder which category I fall under. I think cutting-edge consumer electronics.

According to The Surrealist, I’m a waffle iron.

Definitely cutting edge.

Well, click to read my interview. If you can understand French. lol.

Okay, the interview was conducted in English and later translated to French.

The site uses a cute grumpy bear mascot which is also an actual toy. After e-mailing me one day out of the blue to ask me if they could interview me, they snail mailed me Mr Grumpy Bear (which is my name for it, not theirs). How sweet!

I took some pictures with it and e-mailed it back to them.

Isn’t it cute? I wore a red cap to match it.

Maybe I should have saved the cap for Chinese New Year. I didn’t buy any red clothes this year!

I happened to pass by Esprit the other day while running errands, and I walked in because I thought I had better buy some CNY clothes. (If you read my Star Blog this week, I mentioned that I hate going clothes shopping, unless it’s during an overseas holiday when I have nothing better to do.)

I ended up buying rubbish stuff unsuitable for CNY, such as a very thick, black autumn (or winter, I dunno) jacket. Which I don’t really need but which I just had to get on the off-chance that Singapore starts snowing.

That’s one reason I hate shopping. I never make the right purchases.

Well, it’s very comfortable. And warm. Is all I can say in my own defence.

23 thoughts on “An interview in a French web magazine

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    @Sheylara: Hey, well done!:) Scratch one more country off your “to charm and take over” list, hehe:)

    By the way, did you actually read your “translated” interview by uncle sha? Its hilarious! Some parts were like Engrish, but in French (whatever that means…) “The small Shen Qiaoyun”, hehe… i think he meant “petite”. But yeah, there was no doubt that your wonderful personality shone through in all your responses:) Here’s to your eventual transition to complete international success!

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    Thanks, guys! :) I actually read the article through Yahoo! Babelfish. The translation was, um, really funky. Haha. Check out what some of the commenters said…. that the interview is “sympathetic”. Haha.

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    Congrats on the interview….but…what’s with the winter coat? Ya, I heard that the winds was billowing a couple of days ago but surely….you didn’t need a winter coat right? Talking about winter coats, I’m proud to say that this winter, I didn’t buy a coat or a pair of boots!

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    hey Sheylara..

    itz ok to laugh at ourselves.. no doubt bout that.. but itz not funny laughing at other people’s misery or hurting other people’s feelings..

    if i were to kick your cute ass.. thinking it was funny.. but will you be laughing?? you will feel hurt and humiliated, right??

    thatz how i feel when your friend Relax madwe that rude sarcastic comments at me..

    the first comment he directed at me.. you told him not to be rude .. ok whatever..

    his second comment directed at me was even worst.. and you said itz OK?

    you told me, advised me.. not to let my anger or stupid assh0les like him to get hold of me.. yeah.. and now you telling me itz ok for assh0le like him to pissed me off??

    Shey, you really hurts me.. i am now angry and upset.. and you know how it will effects my aneurysm..

    thanks Shey..

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    Darz: I’m sorry if what I did hurt you. I didn’t know you took it so seriously. I was just being honest. If Relax made that joke at me, I would have laughed. I mean that. I would just have been sarcastic back at him.

    I guess everyone has a different joke tolerance and I misjudged yours, so I’m sorry for that. It’s not my intention to hurt you.

    And please don’t post the same message everywhere. Faceboook, my blog, email, Star Blog. Because I do check everywhere and if I keep seeing the same message everyhwere and it makes me confused, I don’t know which one to reply. :P

    C’mon, don’t be angry. You know I will never intentionally hurt you. Why would I spend so much time advising you not to be angry for the sake of your health and then undo it all by purposely making you angry?

    I honestly didn’t know that would make you so angry.

    So chill, please. You can get angry at Relax if you want, but I’d rather you not do that, because anger will only hurt yourself, and not the person you want to hurt.

    Finally, you hurt me by jumping to conclusions and thinking that I would intentionally hurt you. But I’m okay with that. If people hurt me or anger me, I just move on or ignore them or whatever. It’s not worth it wasting energy on people who are mean to you. Right?

    But because you’re my friend, I give you the benefit of the doubt and I try to think of the reasons why you would hurt me. Maybe you did it because you’re angry and that’s acceptable because I know you don’t mean it.

    Think about that, please. When a friend hurts you, don’t just jump to the conclusion that they hate you and are purposely out to get you. There are always many explanations for every situation. And if they’re your friend, it’s nice to believe the better side of them, unless they did something so terrible that nothing can explain it away.

    I hope you get what I’m saying.

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    Minou: Haha. Thanks for the proper translation. I guess Google and Babel are alright for giving you a very general gist of the story, and for giving entertainment. :P

    Monster: You know me, always buying stuff for no reason. When I see something I like, I’ll tell myself that someday I’ll need it, to give myself a reason to own it. Then I’ll just buy it. :P

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    @Sheylara: You know, that same reason can be applied to buying games as well, hehe… there was once I got a PC game (even though I can’t play it on my current PC specs) thinking I’ll upgrade someday… but i never did. The game is now someone else’s… well at least I got back a little cash:)

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    “Thou shall itch, but thou shall not scratch” LOL

    I always ask myself this question when I wanted to buy something in a moment of rush. Is it a need or a want?

    But sometimes, an itch is just too much not to scratch. I guess it’s that moment when you bought that jacket. Hehehe

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