All my boyfriends tried to force themselves on me

Ack, the peril of being a Star Blogger; I am forced to make an embarrassing confession! No, make that many embarrassing confessions.

I was 15 when I first learnt about the birds and the bees. It was a very warped education that came out of a conversation with some girl friends.

It happened in class during a free period. One of the girls said, “I was at this park last night. I saw a man doing something to a woman.”


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9 thoughts on “All my boyfriends tried to force themselves on me

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    hey shey..
    my niece is in secondary school… she has a boyfriend.. her parents are fine with it as they trust her not to do anything foolish.. yeah.. i told her boyfriend.. if he breaks her heart, i break his face.. nuff said..

    hey.. i am sorry for stuffs i said..

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    Wow Sheylara,you kissed at the age of 16?And i have not even had my 1st kiss,Trust me,i can’t even DARE to look at a girl,i wouldn’nt even think of having a girlfriend anyway,

    But i do have one recent case where my friend was touched by her ex-bf,she said he kept touching her legs.

    Itimacy is still a long way for me,But i do understand that,not all the time,there should be one time a couple should enjoy such slobbery kisses once in a while,but other then that,pecks will be done

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    @what?: Boys, sadly, will be boys, but despite the worries it will be OK in the end. The first kiss is usually a disaster (despite Hollywood) and the first *ahem* intimacy is likely to be less than stellar too. Don’t let it put you off. Keep a sense of humour and things will be better…

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    the title is creepy as hell… I almost expected some HC life stories after that Oo , honestly Im a little suprised, from what I heard about Japan and Asia people there are supposed to be more “free” in some aspects of life…

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    its nice to hear that you protect yourself well, least it seem a great way of self love i guess.

    in the end its just consequences and actions that both parties must take if they cross the line of safety coastal line >_<.

    its not wrong to cross and not to cross, well hard to explain.

    interesting read and it give different insights of life

    just take it slow and have a good sight in term of characters and behavior of ur another half,

    anyway have a happy lunar niu year :D

    gong xi fa cai XD

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    … and the title is a bit unfair to all your exes… Makes them sound like rapists, which they weren’t, I’m sure.

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    hey Shey..
    yeah.. you did the right thing to say NO if you feels uncomfortable about it.. yeah.. if he respects you and loves you.. he would not force you to do it.. right?

    but what if they really demands you to do it.. to nplease them.. their physical needs..

    you can kicked his ass, slap n punch him for about 15mins..

    and tell him, ‘Honey.. thatz just foreplay.. now for the real thing…’

    you take out a baseball bat and hit him in the head.. yeah.. =)

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