Who says natural beauty is best?

People always say that natural beauty is the best. Some guys like to claim that they only go for women who look beautiful without makeup.

Then why, oh why, have I never seen a bride without makeup?

I use the example of brides because it’s traditional for women to want to look their most beautiful on their wedding day. And they use makeup to help them achieve that.

So, where are all the proponents of “natural beauty” when it comes to weddings?

Honestly, will a guy want to walk down the aisle with his bride sporting a freshly-scrubbed face?

I know some guys will say, “I don’t mind… but my bride will.”

Haha. Fair enough. But if your partner looks more beautiful without makeup, in your opinion, then why would she “uglify” herself with makeup?

If no woman in the world actually wants to be wedded in a clean face, then where did this “natural beauty” propaganda come from?

Sometimes, I think people just say things to make themselves sound good, without considering that their words may actually conflict with the truth.

Thought about this because I’m going out without makeup today and I hope I don’t run into anyone I know. Haha.

This photo is obviously with makeup on.

I do believe there are women who look amazing without makeup, maybe even better, but I think most can look better with the right dose of makeup.

Having said that, I wish makeup had never been invented! Even though it makes me look better, it’s so troublesome to be dependent on it.

How much time and money I could have saved without it!

I’m a huge proponent of: If you never knew it, you will never miss it, so it’s better to never have had it.

Unfortunately, I’m in the business where makeup is an essential tool. So, too bad, I’m stuck for life.

19 thoughts on “Who says natural beauty is best?

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    I dont even wanna think about how long it takes for a girl to put makeup on… all that wasted time, guys would use for very important activities like pokeing hes nose, scraching hes … well you know what, grabbing another beer in front of a tv…
    As for the issue at hand, imo a little makeup can make girl look nicer but some girls dont really need any makeup to look pretty, and if you put too much of it it looks bad…

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    If u think make up can make u feel more confident / better
    then go for it. (same applies to botox/breast implant etc.)

    Make up is not just about looking good in front of others,
    but also feel good for yourself.

    I’m a guy btw.

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    hi shey..
    my gal looks beautiful without make up.. yeah she looks yummy in her baby tees n lil shorts… and she wears make up to work.. she works as a lawyer.. yeah.. she looks so beautiful, and some of her victims got distracted by her.. before they know it.. she nailed them with her wits.. =P

    yeah.. we are planning to get married next year.. she will be wearing a white silver qipao with white headress… and she will wears limited make up… yeah… i told her.. she looks so pretty naturally..

    yeah.. you look pretty too without make up.. =)

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    Natural beauty is an appreciation of a quality in it’s purest and most natural form.

    It was never a contest of the kind of beauty you’re talking about with make ups and all.

    For example it is common knowledge that Indians and Malays have far better flair in terms of certain body measurements as compared to Chinese.

    That is natural beauty. Breast bigger. Nose shaper. Eyes bigger. The quality at it’s natural state can be beautiful but of course it takes a lot for someone to see beyond the make up thing. I for one hated make up. It may be beautiful to you but it look quite naturally fake to me.

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    Make-up is a way of enhancing natural beauty (or should be) not obscuring it. Too many make-up artists for the wedding industry forget this and go for the pancake look – white mask with eyes and lips in dark colours. Beauty is natural, but there’s nothing to say you can’t make it better.

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    If you have two gorgeous girls standing next to each other – one wearing makeup while the other wasn’t wearing any – I would say that the one who didn’t have to use makeup is more pretty because she has beautiful natural features that she doesn’t have to enhance with makeup.

    So I can understand why natural beauty is best.

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    Natural beauty is the best!

    Ever since I saw some pictures online about how makeup can change a girl’s look, I think I might have to think twice about girls with heavy makeup! they might look horrifying without makeup!!

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    When I am back in my small town of a hometown, I feel so clean and fresh when I go out without makeup. I wish all women don’t wear makeup so I won’t have to wear them either.

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    @Sheylara: Err… maybe I’m wrong about this, but I thought the reason why brides put on make-up is because that may very well be the most photographed period of her life. And from what I understand, even if the lady looks lovely without make-up in person, certain skin tones without makeup don’t show up well on photos. And since those photos will be eventually be circulated among lots of people, its only natural for a bride to want to ensure she looks her best. Hence, make-up:)

    As for your statement “If you never knew it, you will never miss it, so it’s better to never have had it.”, I can only agree to it partially, i.e. the first 2 parts. As for whether “its better to never have had it”, it really depends on the object being discussed. Maybe it applies to make-up, but would it be better to never have loved at all, if the price is a broken heart? That debate alone is a whole ‘nother blog entry altogether:)

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    Natural… or unnatural… Hmm…

    I’m one of those who prefer the natural side of things. That being said, I don’t loathe women who does make ups. It gets ‘touchy’ IF they treat make up as if their new skin. Imo, make up’s supposed to enhance one’s features; to make them look better. It only gets to me when one goes as far as replacing their original looks. @ Cornflict’s statement, when make ups (and plus a little bit, or a lot of photoshopping) makes you look beautiful but entirely a different person… that’s not ‘healthy’.

    It’s not a yes or no proposition. Rather, it’s a matter of excessiveness. I wouldn’t go as far as claiming that a girl looks best without make ups, but i wouldn’t get a lip full of artificial chemical powders when i do kiss someone on the cheek.

    Btw, don’t go starting on armpit hairs and what not. That’s on a different issue of natural and unnatural. Make ups are on an application basis, those are.. removals… i think.

    Again, it’s just me and how i perceive things.

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    there’s no definition to beauty, it’s all individual preferrences/views.

    That said why would someone wants to have a gf that wears makeup regularly? it’s not like after u married her first thing she get up of bed she go apply powder etc.

    Natural beauty is what you are. It’s like whats the point of looking so beautiful when ur heart is so cunning.

    For the brides thing. i feel it’s tradition that women wears makeup, heck even guys nowadays do that one their wedding. It’s like why everyone wears a wedding gown on a wedding and not a t-shirt, it’s tradition that most should obey by.

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