People give me weird looks when I tell them my occupation

The year 2008 will go down in my personal history as the most significant, ultimate turning point of my mostly-sad life.

This year, I made the gradual transition from actress to blogger.

This year, I achieved my goal (after a long, debilitating struggle) of making a comfortable living out of doing something I enjoy.

This is the year in which, after five years of being a poor, struggling artiste, I can finally give myself a shopping and holiday budget, except that the process of producing such a budget has also left me with no time in which to exercise said budget.

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16 thoughts on “People give me weird looks when I tell them my occupation

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    I’m so so happy that things are turning out well for you! Hey, come to HK to holiday and shop! I’ll bring you out. You can even stay at my place. We have a 3 bedder now!

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    Yeah, I know what you mean, a lot of people still think it’s weird to be a professional blogger. Though I read many blogs and communicate with other bloggers, what seems natural, enjoyable, and lucrative to me, is still not seen as such by others.

    BUT, I’m happy to hear that 2008 is the start of some serious social media attack on the Singapore media industry.

    I actually followed your blog since 2005 but lost your address when I moved jobs. It was only this year that I stumbled upon your blog again and I was pleasantly surprised. Congrads and your blog totally rocks :)

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    @Sheylara: Heh, just wanted to say that your previous Twitter update was a hoot!:) Hostel 2, eh? Hope it wasn’t that heavily censored…

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    Hey, I didn’t know that you have worked so hard for 5 years in becoming an actress. And I am happy that you find happiness in life. In time, we just need to change our environment and things may just work out :)

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    I’m proud and very happy for you!!!!!

    You hold firm to your beliefs and let no one sway you for what you want to do. You are a rare gem!!!!!!

    And I am proud to have you as my bestie!!! ^_^

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    @Wang Wang: I know a bit late lar, but happy belated birthday hor… I saw ur “celebration” on the “Roll-with-it” vids, hehe:)

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    Relax: Grats! :) lol

    Monsters: Thank you! Gosh I’ve been wanting to go to HK to shop since my last trip there… more than 3 years ago. At first it was lack of funds… now it’s lack of time. lol!

    Nic: Thanks for your support!! :)

    DamnMorgan: Thanks for checking in here! :)

    W: WAPANG! :P

    Alex: Thank you. I could do with more well wishes! :)

    astrorainfall: Wow… thanks for coming back to my blog! I don’t remember you posting before, so thanks for your first comment! :)

    RN1209: Hehe… thanks. According to the Goonfather, the show was heavily censored, so nothing much to watch. But I still refused to look at the TV. And every time something horrible seemed to be happening, I would really cover my ears so I couldn’t hear it. Haha.

    Relax: That’s cool :)

    Wilfrid: Yep… been working hard long time. Haha. Thanks for your comment! :)

    heartless: Hmm… yeah, this year has been very eventful and because of that, it feels really really short to me. Haha.

    Wang Wang: Thank you, dear! I could never have done it without all your support!! You guys are the best! :)

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