19 thoughts on “My brother trained me in weight lifting when I was six

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    @Sheylara: This week’s topic must come as a welcome break for you, after how tough you found the previous ones:) Excellent job!

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    Hey Monster!

    You almost brought tears to my eyes. Well, life has never been really a walk in the park for the both of us. But I’m really glad that I had you to talk to. Thanks for loving me and never judging me. Yup, life was hard when we were growing up. But at the same time, being through all the mud, has really taught me that if we can survive then, we will be able to survive anything now! And yes, you’re my hero too. Giving up everything to live your dream! Someday….someday, I’ll garner enough courage to do what you’ve just done! Love you heaps cuz! You’re the best!

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    *Applause* very nice and touching article. Young ones today should learn from you rather than looking to idols, stars or famous personalities as their heroes.

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    “From my cousin, I also learn optimism.”

    Like Roman from GTA IV, huh? Anyway, here’s a quote from Niko Bellic: “An Idiot, not an Optimist” when Roman says “I guess I’m an Optimist”.

    I fully agree. Life simply sucks, and by being an optimist, you’re purely being an idiot. Just saying, no offence.

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    @Sheylara: I agree with tiger. You made a lot of people feel truly happy and appreciated with your article, and that’s no mean feat:)

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    I am so touched!!!!


    OK, please ignore me while I shed tears of joy in that corner over there.

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    RN1209: Um… this was tough for me too, actually. Ask Minou and Mince Pye… I was stressing over it all weekend. :P But thanks for your nice comment.

    And, you’re amazing lah. You can remember all my previous posts and make references to them. Well done!! :P

    Monster: Our lives were tough but I think yours was so much tougher, so I really admire you for going through what you did! Thanks, I’m happy I’m your hero too! Hehe! All the best in living your dream someday! You can do it, of course! Love you monstrously!! HUGS.

    tiger4: Thank you for your kind comment! Well, don’t blame the young ones. It’s only natural to look up to celebrities. I’ve been through that phase before too, hehe!

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: I don’t see how beating oneself over the head repeatedly and hating life every day is being smart. :P

    Minou: AWW LOVE YOU TOO!! BIG MWAKIES. I’m so glad to have you as a bestie cos you’re the best!! ;) I’m lucky to have so many true friends!

    heartless: Wahaha… I look very tough in the pic huh? Too bad, look only lah. Inside not really so tough. Haha. Okay, I guess I could use with more meat, too… to look even scarier :P

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    x1000 muack!!!!!
    x1000 hugs!!!!!

    I luv you qy!!!!! I’m extremely blessed and glad to have you in my life. To have each other participating in countless moments of our exciting and challenging journey towards life itself. This feeling is special and so close to heart.. it’s heartwarming knowing that I’ve you and the rest who will always show support for one another and that’s wat true friends are for. We share all happiness, sadness, etc.. True friends are hard to find and I’ve found one & tat’s you, and the rest!!!

    Your post makes me very emotional!!!!!! I cried….

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    “I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams…” – my favourite quotes and I’m still strongly believe in it. The more I read, the more it relate …

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    Wang Wang: You are so sweet and emotional, my dear! *HUGS* It’s indeed nice to have special people to travel life’s journey together with! Mwaks!! Love you!

    iconaster: That’s a nice quote. :) I think I’ve heard it before.

    Minou: Lucky for you PSN is unreliable! Haha.

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    @RN: Quick ask for a get out of *bish* card from Sheylara. ;)

    @iconaster/Sheylara: The quote is from Spiderman 2 by Aunt May talking to Peter Parker where Spiderman later used it on Dr Octopus. Hehehe

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    @Sheylara: Err… nothing amazing about it, actually. I have your “Search” function to thank:) BUT, you would’ve had to write something that I found worth remembering first, mah. So really, you’re the amazing one coz you write memorable stuff all the time, hehe:)

    @tiger: Bro, I think the above comment should at least get me one month’s supply of anti-“Bish” cards*winks*

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    tiger4: Oh… no wonder it sounds so familiar. It’s in the trailer, right? haha.

    RN1209: Wah…. I need to start marketing those cards… seems like I have a market! Haha.

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