In search of bikini babes: Fun at Siloso Beach (Part 2)



After taking the sky ride up the hill, we went down it in style!

Like our new hats?


The Sentosa LUGE RIDE!!

That was so fun!! The luge staff all wore t-shirts proclaiming that “Once is not enough” and they’re right! But I didn’t do it again cos I didn’t want to take the sky ride up again and I didn’t fancy ascending the hill by foot (although it’s possible if you enjoy walking).

Sunset was approaching and we needed to get back to the beach to find more bikini babes!

But, first, we took some photos at the popular Siloso Beach colourful icon.

There are a few trams that travel up and down Siloso Beach, so you can hop onto one of these (free-of-charge) if you’re lazy to walk.

We went back to Cafe del Mar. We decided that’s where all the babes would be because that’s where the party was!

Unfortunately, the outside seating was all filled so we had to sit indoors. It’s pretty cool indoors, though. I mean literally! The air-con was cold! Just nice after a hot day at the beach!

We had to enjoy the outdoors vicariously.

And then the party started and the dancing babes came out.

My stupid camera can capture juice dripping out a lemon but it can’t do dancing babes without blurring.

Well, that’s what videos are for. You’ve already seen the video, so… next!


But I want to talk about dinner now.

Dinner at Ami’s Restaurant!

This is also on Siloso Beach, just beside the Beach Station, which you should stop at if you’re taking the Sentosa Express from VivoCity.

Soup of the day:

I can’t remember what soup it is already. Haha. But it’s good. Really.


Is not as good because the meat is a bit tough.

Chilli soft shell crab:

Is good!!! The sauce tastes like a cross between chilli crab sauce and sweet and sour sauce. The crab is fried in batter and tastes just divine. But you have to eat it fast before the batter turns soggy.

Potato salad:

Give it a miss unless you like hard potato. The salad dressing is nice but I like my potato very mushy!

Spicy crab pasta:

It’s not spicy at all lah. But I like! The sauce is a bit like the chilli soft shell crab sauce. This was my main course and I really enjoyed it, although I wish they had heaped on more sauce. And more crab meat.

Pepper steak:

I wish I had ordered this! It’s really tender and juicy and just nicely done. Yum.


This is a sago with gula melaka and coconut milk dessert. It’s really divine. But I couldn’t finish it because the dinner had made me so full!

Geez, I need to go back to Ami’s again.

The Goonfather joined us later in the night because he had class till 6 pm and after that had to collect Makkuro from the hospital. (In case you haven’t been following my blog, Makkuro’s engine busted a few weeks before. Makkuro is the Goonfather’s car.)

We went to watch Song of the Sea, a musical extravaganza that incorporates live actors, fireworks, laser effects, musical fountain and fire!

It’s a night show and there are two shows daily. It’s really popular! The queue was amazing. A ticket costs only $8 (adults) and it’s free seating.

It was about 15 minutes before showtime. We were trying to find the end of the queue and I almost fainted when I saw this. (It snakes all the way to the extreme left of the photo.)

We thought that was the end but when we got there, there was ANOTHER QUEUE HIDDEN BEHIND THE FIRST QUEUE.


But it didn’t take too long, fortunately.

This is the stage:

It’s the whole freaking beach!

Check out the crowd.

Attap houses in the sea form the backdrop for the stage.

The 20-minute show is about a young man trying to break an evil spell to wake a beautiful princess. Hmm, okay, I prefer the cool effects. I love the musical fountain and the fire show. If you sit near enough, you can actually feel the heat from the fire and a bit of the water spray.

Nothing like fireworks to end a spectacular day!

If I hadn’t been invited to hang out at Sentosa for a day, I wouldn’t have known that there are so many fun things to do there, especially on Siloso Beach, which is for the cool and the happening!

(Yah lah, I know I’m very sua ku and I know many people do hang out at Sentosa regularly lah.)

It’s also surprisingly easy to get there. You wouldn’t even think that you were travelling to an island because it’s so near the city. I took the Sentosa Express, which you can take from VivoCity (on level 3), and it’s like taking an MRT.

The Goonfather usually drives in. It takes a few minutes to drive across and there’s a huge underground carpark near the beach where you can always get a parking lot.

No wonder he likes going there so much. I’m sure it’s not entirely due to the bikini babes, either!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this.

There will be a New Year countdown party at Siloso Beach this year, just like last year!

Called the Siloso Beach Party, it is Asia’s grooviest beach party, where you can expect the coolest DJs, music and performances!

On Dec 31, from 8 pm onwards, there will be nonstop music and partying. And the best part is that you don’t need to dress up because, duh, it’s at the beach! Just pop a bikini on! Hehe! Okay, for guys, just go topless with sexy trunks or surfer shorts!

Having a New Year Countdown party on the beach means that you will be able to witness the first dawn of 2009 right on the shores of Singapore’s hippest beach!

There will be pyrotechnics, too! OMG. Er, that means fireworks in case you don’t know. (Pyrotechnics is the term they use in the microsite.) I LOVE FIREWORKS, pyrotechnics, whatever. Can you imagine dancing beneath fireworks?

Throughout the night, there will be a Battle of the DJs, where duo DJs will be spinning at the same time at any given time. A total of eight DJs (including both International and local names) will entertain the crowd with their “mashed-up” music. That’s like mixing all kinds of music together. Haha! Sounds crazy! =)

Other fringe activities: Games (free to play), entertainment acts (like stilt-walking), snacks, booze, foam and plenty of bikini babes!!

The party is gonna be soooooooo coool.

Tickets are on sale at SISTIC. There’s an age limit of 18 years old.

So, who’s game to witness the first dawn of 2009?

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19 thoughts on “In search of bikini babes: Fun at Siloso Beach (Part 2)

  1. Avatar

    I dun like Songs of the Sea. Both me and my wife still prefer the old musical fountain. The new pale in comparison to the old one. The old one is free some more. Feel like being con out of $8.

    Anyway, I feel Sentosa is becoming too commercialized.

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Whoa… this must be the “super mega long post” you were talking about. Well, you definitely weren’t kidding! Heh, and that’s even after you spread it over two entries:)
    Still, it was a very entertaining read, and a great selection of pics. Excellent work!:)
    By the way, for future reference, you in a CAP – THUMBS UP! You in a LUGE SAFETY HELMET, however… ermm, not so much*winks*

  3. Avatar

    Thanks qy for the invite! We had a lot of fun! The luge was extremely enjoyable but the smell of the safety helmet somewhat dampened the fun… lol..

  4. Avatar

    Peaches Mode: Hello! :)

    DamnMorgan: Thank you! :)

    tiger4: Well, what I like about Song of the Sea are the extra effects like the fire and water and pyrotechnics, which weren’t in the musical fountain. But I thought there could be more of it.

    Jesta: Heh, I deleted it. And I’ll leave the bikini babe photography to you. I’m not a pro photographer. I find it easier photographing subjects that don’t move. :P

    hyperX: Aww thanks. *blush*

    RN1209: Yup, this is it. I decided to break it into two posts cos I thought one would be too much. :P Thanks for your comments! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Wang Wang: No, dearie, thanks for going along to enjoy the day with me! I had so much fun with you guys! :)

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