I’m not done with 2008, either

No. I really, really hate new years.

I vividly remember writing about hating the new year, exactly one year ago. I can still remember what I wrote because I am feeling exactly the same thing right now.

Digging into my archive confirms that memory serves me right.

I can remember everything I wrote one year ago as if I had only written it yesterday.

As far as I’m concerned, I just only counted down to 2008, like, yesterday. Yet, now, 2009 is already hot on my heels.


Feeling kind of stressed today. I have 2350 e-mails sitting in my inbox waiting to be filed or replied. Not to mention a crazy number of blog comments, Facebook messages and other whathaveyous.

I have this irrational conviction that if I don’t clear them completely by the time the clock strikes midnight, I will turn into a ridiculous purple mutant with pizza-shaped warts that will spray noxious pink fumes at enemies.

For some reason, I feel like burying myself inside my pink comforter and never come out. I have this thought that if I stay in there long enough, maybe I will miraculously cease to exist in this dimension, at the very same moment I magically materialise in a happy dimension where warty purple mutants are attractive and sexy.

Not saying I’m unhappy nor even that I have a thing for purple mutants. I’m just stressed and it’s all the new year’s fault.

Of course, I will be partying (with my friends). But that will be because parties are fun and not because I’m celebrating anything.

Although I must admit that I’ve had a great year worthy of celebrating, I don’t find it right to celebrate the end of a great year and the start of an uncertain year.

What, exactly, are people celebrating?

But because I live on earth and not on purplemutantland, I continue to go through the motions like everyone else and scream “HAPPY NEW YEAR” into people’s ears because people seem to enjoy that.



And may 2009 surprise you with expensive cherries.

14 thoughts on “I’m not done with 2008, either

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    @Sheylara: I apologise, but I will now add to your 2350 e-mails with this comment – Thank you so much for a very entertaining couple of months ever since I stumbled upon your blog. Purplemutantland would be so lucky to have you for a citizen:) “Expensive cherries”, heh…:)

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    hey Shey.. though you;re stressed out, busy and overworked.. you still replied to my mails n comments.. thanks.. yeah.. itz inconsiderate of me… i’m sorry ..ok..

    but i do enjoyed reading your wickedly funny articles and you are very photogenic.. yeah.. may you have a God blessed New Year.. take care.. =)

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    Can you dig my email in your 2k+ emails n mail me the GTA-IV PC pleeeeaaassseee? Tot I can play it over the holidays season. Guess I have to make do with the 2nd hand Crysis I just bought. ^_^

    Anyway like RN, i have been a big fan of your blog ever since I came across it while reading the Singtel iPhone craze.

    May everyone have a great year ahead

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    You have 2350 emails. I have 15696 spam that I didn’t delete by midnight.

    Nothing purplish has appeared on me so far save for that little bruise from a few days ago.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Gal :) It’s been awhile.

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    I was writing a blog entry minutes before the clock struck 12 and the distant sound of fireworks rang out, but I could see nothing in the skies from my window. Then the next moment, lots of people living in the nearby apartments starting shouting and laughing, which I took to mean, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”.

    So yeah, have a great year ahead Sheylara :-)

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    Hey, I remember that article too! ;)

    Happy New year Dear! And remember that you still have a CD full of pictures with me.

    *Secretly slips $1,000 to Jesta in exhange for the CD.* lol.

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