I survived my first blood donation drive

Well, okay. Maybe “survived” is too strong a word, considering that I didn’t actually get to donate my blood.

Remember I spoke about the Blogger Blood Drive organised by Nuffnang, some time back?

Well, I went and I filled out this medical questionnaire. Then, there was a one-on-one “interview” with a doctor. I had a very pretty doctor! But I didn’t dare ask if I could take her photo because I really don’t know how doctors feel about such things.

On my questionnaire, I ticked a box saying I had suffered chest pains before. (But they were brief and isolated episodes and I thought nothing of them.)

But the pretty doctor said it would compromise my safety to donate blood until I got my chest checked out and received official medical clearance.

That was quite disappointing.

Now I can’t donate blood until I get some tests done. I didn’t even get to the stage where they take a sample of my blood to see if it fits the requirements.

I was partly relieved about that, though, because I really hate that stapler thing they use for blood tests. I don’t fear the actual needle of the donation process as much. I just don’t like the sudden shock of being stapled! =P

So the truth is out. I went for a blood donation drive and didn’t donate blood.

But I WILL attempt again! Being at Bloodbank@HSA that day and seeing all the regular people there donating blood made me quite ashamed that I’ve never done it before.

I was told that blood stocks are particularly low during festive periods, so we’re all encouraged to come forward to donate blood before and after a festive holiday whatever thingy.

I want to help save lives. =(

I didn’t get my chance that day (Nov 29) but I did get a certificate to show that I was there. *lol*

This isn’t mine, of course. I’m just lazy to take a photo of my own.

First-time donors get this sticker to paste on themselves before going through the medical screening and blood test.

That was quite reassuring, actually.

While not being screened or tested or actually donating blood, the Nuffnangers hung out in a party room specially catered to us that day.

There was FOOD.


And FUN!

We got to play this giant Snakes and Ladders game where we were the tokens! Heh! We each teamed up with a partner because there were too many players.

I must have been jinxed that day because I ended up having a total of four partners at different stages during the game. All my partners had to leave at some point or another, either to donate blood, or to take care of some business, and I kept having to get a replacement partner.

We didn’t win, of course.

But we each still got a prize of a 6-pack Brands Essence of Chicken! Wah! My favourite! =P

That’s not me in the photo lah. A few rounds of that game were held through the day. Our round was very sad. We didn’t get an official prize presentation ceremony because we played it at the tail end of the event and the Nuffies were all busy packing up. Haha.

(The Nuffies are what the Nuffnang staff call themselves.)

Oh, and Ming (Nuffnang founder in picture above) was busy donating blood at the time everyone was either leaving and packing up.

Two cute Nuffies, Huiwen and Raine:

Goodies bags consisting of a t-shirt, a bottle of Brands Essence of Chicken and a blood pin.

It was really a great experience! I had planned to leave early, right after I donated (or didn’t donate) blood, but because there was so much fun going on, I hung around until the end.

I really messed up my schedule that day cos I had lots of deadlines waiting at home for me to rush.

But it was well worth it. =)

Oh, yeah, there was media coverage that day also. The event was featured on the news on Channel 8 and Channel U.

Ming was interviewed but he was really uncomfortable in Mandarin, so he finally despatched a representative after a couple of attempts to answer the reporter’s questions.


He got teased by Huiwen later as she made him re-enact the interview by asking him mock questions.


I’m glad I stuck around to watch that!

This first Blogger Blood Drive was a huge success. A total of 150 bloggers turned up, although not at the same time. We were all given specific time slots to come, to prevent bottlenecks, and that was very efficiently planned out.

I hope Nuffnang does this again! I’m told the blood bank always needs more blood, so blood donation drives are a great way to encourage people to register as blood donors.

By the way, if you’re interested in donating blood but don’t know how, do check out this useful link.

If you can’t donate blood for any reason, you can still support the cause by joining this Facebook group.

And keep an eye on this page for future updates on blood donation!

Thanks to Nuffnang for providing some of the photos in this post. And, of course, thanks for hosting this event. It was awesome! =)

10 thoughts on “I survived my first blood donation drive

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    @Sheylara: Haha, you finally got around to blog about that event:) Well, its great that you’re spreading this message, and even though you didn’t manage to donate, I thought it was a gutsy first attempt. Attagirl!:)
    By the way, how did you manage to get photos of the donors? I remembered the staff prohibiting you from entering the area leh…

  2. Avatar

    …until I got my chest checked out…


    BTW, that nuffy with the blue ice cream cone kinda looks like Nanny Wen. ;)

  3. Avatar

    The blood test that you referred to (the staple part) is to check the applicant’s blood haemoglobin level. Basically your middle finger will be pierced & the blood sample taken using a little glass cylinder-thingy (i don’t know what it’s called!) & then the blood sample was dropped in a little container filled with some liquid (bleah, i also don’t know what it is).

    The thing is if the blood sample falls all the way to the bottom, you’ll be considered fit to donate & then you’ll go to the next stage where they’ll take 450cc of you blood.

    Don’t worry that you didn’t have a chance to donate. =) As per today, the stock is quite at ‘comfortable’ level for all the 4 blood types. (http://www.donorweb.org/bloodstocks/)

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    ive got my own experience being rejected from blood donation..haha but iit was not my 1st time…t was totally unexpected that my hb is low..not only me my two frens also were rejected that day..one because of same reason and another one because she dont have enough weight..huhu

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