GGF#31: The 24-hour crazy gaming party

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Gamer Girl Friday is still celebrating Christmas and the coming New Year, so today’s column will not follow the same format.

Today, I will recount my crazy 24-hour Christmas gaming party with Club Morte!

(Although it wasn’t just pure gaming. There was also food and presents and other random mischief.)

It started at 5 pm on Christmas eve at Morte’s and Wang Wang’s place. We gathered to discuss how we could turn their house upside down with our festive merry-making.

I had made a Christmas tree with mahjong paper and crayons the day before. (Bad idea with the crayons. My right arm ached the next day from the frantic crayoning of a tree which is as tall as me.)

I seem to have a lost my full-body photos of the tree before we started sticking decorations on it. =(

But never mind. It was funny watching everyone’s reactions when they saw the tree. I had told them I was bringing a Christmas tree and they never expected it was going to be a paper crayon tree.


After sticking the tree on the wall, we drove to Cold Storage to pick up our Christmas dinner and buy groceries (eggnog ingredients, candy for my tree, and more wine).

When we got back home, everyone set about to their duties.

Minou and Unker Kell — Eggnog chefs.

Sheylara and Wang Wang — X’mas tree stylists.

The Goonfather — Turkey molester.

Morte — Photographer / Scotch tape dispenser / General nuisance.

Kerrendor — Eye Power Ocifer.

By the time everything was ready and we settled down to dinner, it was way past 8 pm.

Our candy Christmas tree:

So beautiful in the dark!

Eggnog done:

Dinner ready:

While we were setting up the table and getting into our seats ready for dinner, Morte turned on the TV and started customising his avatar for PlayStation Home.

That’s why our group name is called Club Morte.

It’s nice having dinner wearing funny hats. Although the guys complained that it was warm.

After dinner, we played Lips. Everyone loved the game! We played it longer than I expected.

So, I’ve got tons of funny videos of our gameplay, but here are two for now.

Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs

By the way, the guitars aren’t part of the game. The Goonfather and Kerrendor just love their guitars too much.

Take On Me by A-Ha

We had dessert closer to midnight because our dinner was too filling.

I love log cake!

While we played Lips and ate cake, Minou made placards for Elyxia.

Ely works in Hong Kong so we rarely get to see her, and she was supposed to return on midnight of Christmas Day. We had planned to pick her up at the airport, go back to open presents, play some games, and then go home to sleep by maybe 6 am.

But a few hours before midnight, her flight was announced to be delayed by six hours!!!

So we just stuck around and continued gaming while waiting for her.

We played Lips and Rock Band 2 for more than seven hours.

By the end of it, we were a little tired but excited about welcoming Ely home. Drove off to the airport at 5:30 am, wearing our Santa hats.

We’ve picked Ely up at the airport tons of times but we decided to make it special this time because it’s Christmas.

We stood around like that for more than half an hour, attracting many stares and smiles.

When Ely finally walked out through the sliding glass doors, we gave her big grins and then started singing the opening sequence of Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria.

(That’s a song in Rock Band, which we believe Ely knows because she had bought Rock Band in Hong Kong.)

I think she was quite embarrassed because we made her stand there and hear us perform for about 15 seconds while the airport crowd stared at us.

Our group with full strength again!! Awwww.

The guys had actually planned on going home after this since we had already been partying for 12 hours.

But we still had unopened presents.

So we went for breakfast at a coffee shop and then returned to Morte’s and Wang Wang’s apartment.

It was like a mysterious force was guiding us.

When we arrived at the apartment after breakfast, Ely laughed at our Christmas tree, then someone turned on Rock Band 2 and we started playing despite our exhaustion.

It was about 9 am then.

After a few hours, when the guitarists’ fingers were cramped and the drummers’ thighs were breaking, we decided it was time to open presents.

That took a good hour or so because there were so many presents!! We each took turns to unwrap them and gawk in happiness together.

I got a pink Xbox 360 controller and battery pack!! HAPPINESS!!!

The Goonfather got a banana. LOL.

My presents!

Everyone and their presents!

By the time we were done, it was about 12 pm.

We had partied for 19 hours.

Someone decided at this time to play LittleBigPlanet because Ely received a copy as her present and she hasn’t played it before.

It was at this point that people started napping while it wasn’t their turn to play.

After an hour or so, I threw in the towel. I said, “I can’t play anymore. I’m falling asleep.”

So we abandoned LBP and broke out Rock Band 2. Again.

While they played, I took a 20 minute nap.

Waking up slightly refreshed, I took a shower and then joined the game.

It was crazy!

After a while, Kerrendor and Minou had to go home because they had to open the door for their brother or something like that. My memory is fuzzy.

We played all the way till 3 pm.

We had to stop and take a break after completing Battery (by Metallica) in hard mode.

Ely started attacking the leftover turkey, carving out all the meat from the bones.

Morte and I felt hungry when we saw her doing that, so we went and sat around the turkey and ate whatever Ely carved.

After a half-an-hour turkey break, we were ready to continue with our 8-song rock set list.

We would probably have carried on all the way.

But the Goonfather and I had another Christmas party to attend, and Ely and Unker Kell had a family Christmas dinner, so we had to leave.

It was 5 pm when we called it a wrap. Exactly 24 hours from when we first started.

Wow, even if I have to say so myself.

Gamer Girl Friday wishes you a wonderful end to 2008 and a glorious start to 2009!

(Sorry, I will announce contest winners next week. GGF is too busy gaming and partying to round up the year this week!)

Gamer Girl Friday

21 thoughts on “GGF#31: The 24-hour crazy gaming party

  1. Avatar

    hey shey…
    yayyy.. you wore the SHEYLARA tee… you look sweet.. yeah.. wishing you a great fortune n good health in 2009.. yeah.. may a deranged homicidal chihuahua jumps n humps on the face of anyone who try to ruin our year ahead… =)

  2. Avatar

    It’s great to have such wonderful friends to celebrate X’mas together.

    Goonfather with his glasses looks like he is performing an surgery on the turkey. And the way he sits and look in the 1st photo.. Singaporean Santa Claus? LOL

    Coheed and Cambria? I’m surprises you know them. I prefer In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth.

    Oh… just saw you in tonight’s episode of “Missing II” where you played as one of the 3 missing China singers. Very slutty stage performance I say. Woohoo…

    Lastly, merry x’mas and happy new year to you and all readers here. :)

  3. Avatar

    You had a proper Xmas there, including collecting frens at the airport. Nice reception there!

    GF looks “right” molesting that turkey.

    Erm, that loaf with the pineapple eyes, is that a ham?

  4. Avatar

    looks like you had 24hrs full of fun, its a little to late now for wishing Merry Christmas and all so Ill stick to Happy New Year instead, I hope you get some rest or you might end up zombiefied during new years party ;]

  5. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Wah, I didn’t expect there to be a “Boxing Day” edition of GGF, hehe:) I know its late, but thanks so much for sharing! As I recall, the party did not stop after that first 24 hours for you right… you still have another 14 or so hours to account for*winks*

    @Tiger4: Happy Holidays to you too, bro!:) Hmm, its too bad I didn’t catch that episode of “Missing”. I’m sure there’ll be another rerun eventually…

  6. Avatar

    That’s fun and scary for partying 24 hours, Maybe I am an old man. Too tiring for me. lol…..

    I am sure you guys are qualify enough for Guinness Book of Record for hours of party gaming..

    Anyway Happy Holidays….Cheers

  7. Avatar

    Hey Sheylara! you were the tooth fairy in the Xmas nuffnang party right?

    I saw you around! :)

    anyway you guys had SO MUCH fun partying for 24 hours!! It’s difficult to find buddies who love each other as much as you guys do! :)

    Merry X’mas

  8. Avatar

    i thought i found you familiar but i just couldnt put a finger to it… i went through your blog and realise that you’re the gamer girl!! sorry i a bit slow ahahah

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