GGF#29: Party games for friends and families

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Sorry for the lateness! I had to make two videos today! You get to watch! How lucky for you! Run, Spot, run! Loveliness!


Table of Contents

  1. Behind the scenes of You’re in the Movies
  2. Rock Band 2 surprise
  3. Grand Theft Auto IV for PC! Yay!
  4. Results of last week’s contest
  5. Win a Grand Theft Auto IV (PC version)!!


Behind the scenes of You’re in the Movies

You’re in the Movies is our new gym! It’s exhausting, but so, so fun.

The first time we made a movie, half our faces and bodies were missing in all the scenes because we didn’t have a clean background for the green screen effect to work.

(Here’s the “spoilt” video just in case you’re bored and want to watch it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.)

So, the next time, we came up with a solution: A DIY studio backdrop!

It’s very primitive. Don’t laugh.

We arrived at Wang Wang’s place bright and early to prepare our set.

Preparing the set for YITM

Mahjong paper!! Hahahahaha. I laugh myself. You cannot laugh.

We bought 20 pieces of mahjong paper to stick together into a giant sheet, but we only used 12 pieces cos it was damn tedious lah.

Preparing the set for YITM

And then it was done!! =)

Preparing the set for YITM

All we had left to do was stick it on the ceiling! That took a bit of time because we had to experiement with different kinds of sticking devices: adhesive tape, mounting tape, blu-tack?

After a lot of fussing around, we finally discovered that the only thing that really worked well was masking tape. LOTS AND LOTS OF IT.

Some of the paint in Wang Wang’s ceiling came off when we removed our screen (oh dear) but she, being such a dear, said, “IT’S OKAY!! LET’S PLAY AGAIN NEXT WEEK!”

She is such a sport! I feel sorry for her ceiling but I love her to death!

Morte, who is her hubby and who owns half the ceiling, said, “It’s okay. Next time we move house you help us paint our walls can already.”


Anyway, I already showed you videos of the movies we made, so here’s a video of us making the movies!!

It’s really crazy. Crazy fun!! =)

I have more videos I haven’t uploaded. Will do that maybe next week!

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Rock Band 2 surprise

Minou and Kerrendor recently bought Rock Band 2 and invited us over to play.

They had a surprise… for Unker Kell.

A mic stand!

Mic stand

Unker kell is the lead singer in Club Morte, our Rock Band group.

Problem was, the Goonfather, who is our lead guitarist, was so enamoured of the mic stand that he usurped Unker Kell’s job that night.

And he wasn’t content with just being a singer. He also wanted to hang on to his guitar!

So… he made himself singer-guitarist.

Mic stand

Kerrendor, lead bassist, tried his hand at singing-guitaring as well, but found it a bit harder because he didn’t know any of the songs very well.

Mic stand

It IS really hard because you need to look at two things at once on the screen.

Rock Band 2

Last I heard, the guys want to buy the angled kind of mic stand, next, so the drummers can sing-drum. (Minou and I are our group’s drummers.)

That’s pretty crazy. I think I will stick with just drumming, thank you.

Rock Band 2 isn’t very different from Rock Band 1. You just have new songs, but everything else is pretty much the same.

You can buy and attach three extra cymbals to the RB2 drumset, but they are mostly cosmetic and don’t actually give you extra lanes to play in the game. Each cymbal will have one colour that corresponds with the default drum pads, and you can hit either the drum pad or the cymbal for a different sound. That’s ALL!

Rock Band 2 drums


We didn’t buy the cymbals because we can’t find them in Singapore yet. (They’re sold by a third-party vendor.)

Check out this video of our first night playing Rock Band 2. You can see the Goonfather hogging the mic stand all night. Haha.

Another sabotaged camwhore shot:


We gonna play more this weekend. MUST UNLOCK Metallica’s Battery and System of a Down’s Chop Suey!!!!!

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Grand Theft Auto IV for PC! Yay!

It’s taken a long time, but GTA4 has finally been released for the PC. I’m excited, even though I already have GTA4 for the Xbox 360 and GTA4 for the PS3. It’s Grand Theft Auto IV, you know?!

Grand Theft Auto IV

In the PC version, you get exclusives such as:

  • An in-game video editor to record your own gameplay for sharing.
  • The ability to customise your own radio station to play your own songs!
  • Multiplayer games for up to 32 players.
  • Awesome, awesome graphics.

Grand Theft Auto IV


I’m tempted to get a copy!! (Yes, it’s available in stores now.)

Actually, I DO have a copy. But I’m giving it away to you guys because you’ve been such great, supportive readers!


Check out today’s contest section to win a copy of Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PC! =)

By the way, you might also be interested in this:

Grand Theft Auto IV

It’s a fan site for GTA fans in Asia! Nice!

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Results of last week’s contest

What was the thing last week?

Oh, yes, that silly-looking mouse! Surprisingly, tons of people like it and want it. Haha.

Silly-looking mouse

Well, one man’s meat and all that.

Anyway, Mr Randomiser has spoken! the magic number this week is…. ELEVEN!!

Yay! Congratulations Mr 11, whose name is betshopboy!! WoooooooooooT~!

By the way, betshopboy didn’t e-mail me the last time he won a GOW2 poster, so the poster is still sitting in my room after dunno how many months.

Please e-mail me to arrange for collection of your two prizes… because I will forget. Hehe. =P

Okay, that’s all the excitement for now.

Tune in next week to find out who won this week’s prize! (And the cycle continues.)

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Win a Grand Theft Auto IV (PC version)!!

Would you like a copy of this?

Grand Theft Auto IV

Of course you would. This is Grand Theft Auto IV, baby! And since it’s for the PC, most of you would be able to play!

Unless you’re below 18. This game has an M18 rating, so please do not take part in the contest if you’re under 18, because I will ask to see your IC before I hand over your prize! Mwahaha.


This week, we’re gonna do a Q&A! To win this, please answer the following questions:

  1. What’s your favourite thing about Grand Theft Auto?
  2. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in your life? (Please make this G or PG-rated or I’ll delete your entry. =P)
  3. What’s my favourite dessert? A) Mango pudding B) Durian ice cream C) Chocolate fondue
  4. What did you do on your 18th birthday?
  5. How many pearls are there in this bracelet?


Whoever gets all the answers correct will win the game! (Well, of course some of the questions have no right or wrong answers, but you know what I mean.)

One entry per person only, OBVIOUSLY.

In the event of a tie, Mr Randomiser will shoot all winners with a supersoaker. Last person standing wins.

I mean all that metaphorically, of course.

Okay, knock yourselves out! Closing date is Thurs, Dec 18, 2008, 11:59 pm.

This week’s prize is kindly sponsored by Epicsoft. Thank you!

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This weekend I am going to play games and no one is going to stop me. NO ONE!!!


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23 thoughts on “GGF#29: Party games for friends and families

  1. Avatar

    hey Shey.. have a great weekend with your games! eah.. may a deranged homicidal chihuahua jumps n humps on the face of any dumbfcuk who try to stop you… WAPANG!!!! oops.. i mean.. AWESOME!!! =)

  2. Avatar

    1. itz good to be BAD
    2. using my brother’s toothbrush to clean my dog’s teeth
    3. Durian ice cream?
    4. celebrated all my birthdays at children home…
    5. more than one..

  3. Avatar

    this must be , by far, the best prize EVER

    so i’ll be d**ned!!! if i were to allow myself to miss this one out for any reason at all, wat-so-freaking-ever!

    so here’s my entry:

    1) cars are free…just throw the original driver out!

    2) i stole a neon yellow highlighter from NTUC…more than 20 years ago (just to experience the rush but i’ve nvr done it again since…honest)

    3) C. choclate is KING!!!

    4) can’t remember. i’m not big on birthdays….nvr was, nvr will be…

    5) that’s easy. NONE…those ain’t pearls cos real pearls dun need no ribbons…but the stars would have been tough. ;P

    now may i please have my GTA? :)

  4. Avatar

    I like the rockband vid, its funny like hell [not like hell is funny once you get there but you get the point…].

    1. Im from NYC, what more is there to say!
    2. me and my bud almost got in trouble for drinking “energy drinks ;] ” in front of national opera in Poland, we were both of age so the cops let us go after they heard that the mop and brum are gifts for my two friends 18th b day to with we were going [and getting “ready” for;]].
    3. Ice cream? I have no clue what Durian is but no ice cream can be bad :P .
    4. what every self respecting 18 year old person in Poland does, have a party with my friends and didnt remember anything of it, exept for the first hour ;] .
    5. “Redbull!!!” [In case ya dont know, this is a phrase from the new movie “Yes man”, just came out in US].

  5. Avatar

    GTA4 !! :O ME WANT. *grabby actions*

    1. Being able to perform crazy stunts and random stuff that would never otherwise happen in reality. When I’m bored, I’ll like to jack a tow truck, tow another tow truck and tow another tow truck and tow.. you get what i mean. Then drive up a mountain and off a cliff. I know, it’s just weird. :S

    2. Mummy once spanked me when I was 5 when I refuse to eat my veggies and threw it all out of the window. Unfortunately, some auntie was standing in the way and she got kang kong all over her head. As expected, she came up and I got another spanking. :(

    3. Chocolate fondue, you’ve got the chocolate-ty look. :D

    4. Spent it in a shallow grave during field camp looking up into Tekong’s sky wondering if it can get any better.

    5. I did a calculation and educated estimation, deriving a sum of 16 pearls. However, going back Fashion Diary day 15, it seems like 15 would be a better choice. So I’ll go with that! HUAT AH!

    Choose me choose me!

  6. Avatar

    Isn’t the answer to ‘What is my favourite dessert?”: All of the above?
    You seem to eat vast quantities of everything anyway :o)

  7. Avatar

    1. That i’m a 1 man army.

    2. I caused my dad’s car to be stolen / I blew up a morgue (accidentally) / I need to come up with something smarter than the other 2 i just said.

    (G / PG rating observed, reason why my ‘escapades’ cannot be mentioned.)

    3. B

    4. Oh god it was awesome. 18 means I was still living off my dad. “Uh dad can i get a 100 bucks?” “What for?” “uh… for food?” “What kinda food that costs 100?” “Dinner.” “What dinner?” “My birthday dinner.” “OOH YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY.”

    Had McDs alone for lunch. For dinner, I forgot.

    5. 0! or 14. If it’s not 0 then 14 will be my answer.

  8. Avatar

    Haha, too bad I’ve already got GTA IV for PC so I will not take part. But you should put this question into your contest, “What will you do if your computer can’t run GTA IV and it and it gives you RESC10 errors every 5 minutes?” or “Will you still want this game knowing it’s SecuROM protected?”.

    Anyway, Grand Theft Asia :D

    Check out my Social Club TV videos, won’t you (and rate them!)? Here!

  9. Avatar

    1) I lurve to kill da police till they send helicopters to me…

    2) I wacked my dad upside down. =)

    3) Durian ice cream. I know j00 lurve durians…

    4) Its just passed my 18th birthday so I still remember. I had school and worked a 8 hour part time job on my birthday and I wasted my 18th birthday!!

    5) From the picture, it should be 5? but well, it should be more than 5…

  10. Avatar

    hello sheylara!

    1. yay can kill cops instead of bribing them.
    2. I went into a public bathroom at Carrefour, turned off all the lights and ran away.
    3. Chocolate fondue!! but if I am allowed a D) it is creme brulee
    4. I ummm bought an MNG top.
    5. are those really pearls? they look like ribbon around an elastic band

  11. Avatar

    What’s your favourite thing about Grand Theft Auto?

    running over people… yeah. hmm…

    What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in your life? (Please make this G or PG-rated or I’ll delete your entry. =P)

    Posting here! wooohoo.

    What’s my favourite dessert? A) Mango pudding B) Durian ice cream C) Chocolate fondue

    They all sound good to me. hah.

    What did you do on your 18th birthday?

    so long ago… cant remember lar…

    How many pearls are there in this bracelet?

    Is this a trick question?… erm. from the picture itself.. looks like 7 big 50 small! .. how to guess… what …

  12. Avatar

    1) I can imagine myself as those criminals to challenge the police and escape from police’s hands.

    2) When young, I tickled my brother very long until he laughed too much that resulted his asthma to activate and need to go hospital at midnight.

    3) Chocolate fondue. I like the thick creamy chocolate to mix with those favourite fruits I love. It taste so nice when it mix together.

    4) I celebrated my 18th birthday at home. My mother had cooked steamboat for dinner and my whole family eat it happily. This is what i like for steamboat because everybody can surround the table to eat steamboat at the centre happily. We also cut chocolate cake and sang birthday songs for me..hehe. Normal but lovely birthday.

    5) Hehe. That a tough question. Let me guess is between 6 and 15 pearls by estimation.

  13. Avatar

    1) I loves to kill all the police till they send helicopters to me…
    2) I wacked my mummy till down. =)
    3) Durian ice cream.for durians lovers…
    4) To be top always.
    5) From the picture, it should be 5 or 6….

  14. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Wow, GTAIV for the PC as a giveaway! You’re definitely in the big leagues now, hehe:) Won’t be long before you start giving out laptops, yeah?:)

    Anyway, there’s no need to apologise for lateness, coz GGF wasn’t late! It still came out on Friday, right… and with very entertaining videos, some more:) After seeing them, me and Tiger4 will definitely continue to apply for membership to join your friends*winks*

  15. Avatar

    1.) What’s your favourite thing about Grand Theft Auto?
    – i luv to run over people, i luv to run long distances then stop a car and start running over people all over again… hahahaha
    2.) What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in your life? (Please make this G or PG-rated or I’ll delete your entry. =P)
    – i once dipped my sister’s toothbrush into my gargled listerine…. =0
    3.)What’s my favourite dessert? A) Mango pudding B) Durian ice cream C) Chocolate fondue
    – chocolate fondue…. i love chocolate sweetness for life…
    4.)What did you do on your 18th birthday?
    -as far as I can remember, it was a normal day for me… went to school 9am~5pm, got home 6pm and my mom cooked spaghetti for me (one of my fave meal) then watched TV with the family…
    5.)How many pearls are there in this bracelet?
    – best guess is 16… probably 15…

    great issue btw, loved the Rockband2 story…. =>

  16. Avatar

    1) What’s your favourite thing about Grand Theft Auto?
    I can roam around the city freely.

    2) What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in your life?
    Broke my relative car key and keep silent.

    3) What’s my favourite dessert?
    Durian ice cream i think.

    4) What did you do on your 18th birthday?
    Celebrate at home.. :|

    5) How many pearls are there in this bracelet?
    My guess is 18.

  17. Avatar

    Yes, finally a prize that I can play on something that I have. MUST HAVE IT!

    1. Everything plus the chance to be a badass *beep* *beep*.

    2. Gee… i guess it is a tie between shoplifting and playing with matches and almost burning my flat down.

    3. MANGO PUDDING! Oops that’s my favorite. :p Is it yours too? Judging from reliable comments above, I’ll guess it’s for you

    4. Nothing. Just another day for me. I dun celebrate or do anything special for my birthday

    5. One… two… three… Argh, 17 lah.

    HUAT AH!

  18. Avatar

    Give it a shot as i really like GTA..

    1) I could give police a hell of a time by blowing up their vehicle and helicopters, stealing cars which don’t belong to me, run down people walking along the streets then get away with it like i totally changed my identity.

    2) I’ll make this PG as i do not want everybody trying this in their parents’ or friends’ or enemies’ car.. Haha..

    I once pour a whole lot of styrofoam bits ( Those used for bean bags ) into my friend car’s air-con ducts and switch the air con to full blast. No prize given if you can guess when what happen when he starts the car..

    3) C) Chocolate fondue – It’s my favourite too!!

    4) Spend it in camp with all my campmates splashing distilled water all over each other. Wasted 6 cartons of them. Officers never found out where those cartons went though. But it was a hell of a way to celebrate my 18th birthday.

    5) My guess is 15.

  19. Avatar

    What’s your favourite thing about Grand Theft Auto?
    It serves as a vessel in releasing unrealized evil potential, so you wouldn’t need to do it in real life.

    What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in your life? (Please make this G or PG-rated or I’ll delete your entry. =P)
    Set a tree on fire.

    What’s my favourite dessert? A) Mango pudding B) Durian ice cream C) Chocolate fondue
    I’m guessing.. C! Chocolate fondue.

    What did you do on your 18th birthday?
    IIRC, ade a friend puke (literally) to death (metaphorically). We had a great time.

    How many pearls are there in this bracelet?
    Probably 14.

    Thanks for this great issue! ;)

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