Famous Tampines Indian Rojak

I was rather skeptical about this allegedly famous Indian rojak stall at first.

“Let’s eat Indian rojak tonight!” said the Goonfather a few nights ago, “There’s this famous stall in Tampines I’ve been wanting to try out.”

It has been highly rated on TV, newspapers, forums, food sites and blogs.

I was still skeptical.

I couldn’t imagine how good it could be. I love Indian rojak, but it’s always more or less the same deal. I’ve eaten what I’ve considered “good” ones. (I’ve also had “bad” ones for comparison.) How much better could it get?


Located at the S-11 Food Court at Blk 506 Tampines Central 1, Ave 4, there was a healthy queue at the stall at about 8:30 pm on a Sunday night.

Indian rojak

After selecting our items, we had to wait 20 minutes for our food to be prepared.

When it finally arrived, I was spectacularly blown away. (It’s self-service, by the way, so you have to wait at your table and return for it at an estimated time they give you.)

It didn’t look very much like your regular Indian rojak.

Indian rojak

Everything was freshly deep fried to crispy perfection.

Indian rojak

Everything looked great. I’ve never seen such colourful Indian rojak. I mean, the colour of the food was quite unreal (although no less appetising). Never have I seen such vibrant, strong colours radiating off a plate of Indian rojak.

Indian rojak

It was quite a surreal experience.

And everything tasted great.

The sauce was awesome.

Indian rojak

We downed eight little bowls of that stuff between the five of us.

I am in love!!

Indian rojak

The whole lot cost us $30 ($6 each). We only ate this and nothing else. It was filling.

I think it’s a great price for the quality.

Indian rojak

This is a happy find! =)

35 thoughts on “Famous Tampines Indian Rojak

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    @Sheylara: Tampines, eh? I guess if I can bring my family to Clementi for Evertop Chicken Rice, then this location shouldn’t pose me any problems:) Thanks for the tip!
    By the way, I was shocked when I initially thought that your meal cost US$30, but I later realised I misread that part, hehe:)

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    That’ll be one of my stops when I head back for CNY. I miss Indian Rojak! That’s one of the food that I can’t cook myself and neither can I get premix packs.

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    Oh darn, I can’t avoid the dinner with my inlaws…
    Those rojak looks delicious!!!! QY, next time go with me ok?! :)

  4. Avatar

    RN1209: What’s Evertop Chicken Rice? I mean… famous one? Never heard of it. lol, how did you see the “US”? :P

    Minou: ME TOO!! I want to go back again SOON!

    Monster: Oh man, you MUST try it when you’re back then. Maybe we can arrange to go together! :)

    claudia: Yeah, definitely a must-try in my opinion, for indian rojak fans!

    chak: Well, it IS for 5 people. Only $6 each. Which I find reasonable. cos whenever I buy for myself, I always exceed $5. lol, i’m a big eater.

    Cornflict: I don’t think it’s expensive compared to other Indian rojaks. But then Indian rojak generally is relatively expensive in terms of how much you need to fill yourself up for one meal. :P

    Ralph: Me too. Haha.

    -p!HCÐØM-A:I:M-: Aha!! I remember you from Star Blog. So, you seem to be new here too, even though you called me by my short-form name. Anyway, Singapore is full of funny signboards. :P

    betshopboy: Heh… glad to see so many fellow indian rojak lovers here. btw, did you realise that you won last week’s ggf contest?

    Devorlast: Why are you stuck with military rations? Where are you?

    uncaloke: Sorry, I think maybe it’s Tampines Central 1. Cos the place is kinda right smack between Central 1 and Ave 4. :P But the block number is right.

    Wang Wang: You guys could have joined us that night and just tried a bit lor!! We started eating way after you finished dinner with your inlaws!! You were the one who said Tampines too far leh… like that how to go with you next time? Haha. :P

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    Well, if you ever get tired of acting/blogging/bimbohood then you could always follow a new career: food photography. Or, come to think of it, food reviewer, and spokesperson for the “Association of the Annoyingly Slim” or AAS for short.

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    It’s at Tampines Ave 4, Blk 506, inside an S11 food court.

    But you access the nearby carpark (Blk 507 or 509, can’t remember exactly) via Tampines Central 1.

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    Wang2: But we eat there already not going back there till 2009. You missed the opportunity. la la la……….

    Next stop Hougang, to drink eggnog. :P

  8. Avatar

    @Minou: I will Club Morte till he is convinced… or I hammer manja on him :P

    @tiger4: Lol. Yep, 2009 is only 2 weeks away! I’m not worry about wat GF says cuz he is always looking for chance to tease or say me, I’ve attained immunity to it! Lol.

    @GF: I’m pretty sure there will be another chance.. let me work on the gals… Club Morte’s male cannot withstand all the girlies p0wer!~

    @Mince Pye: We hv certainly come a long way, from Studygroup -> Club Morte -> Hammer Morte -> Vault Morte :P Our poor TSF!

  9. Avatar

    @GF: Eversince that day we spoken about eggnog, I’ve been craving for it. I will pray that’s Minou’s eggnog will be a great success! Go girlie!

    @ Club Morte: I wonder whether Ely will be more keen on rb2 or YITM~ Our backdrop is crying for it’s position on the ceiling!!!! Kekekekeke… Let’s get more paint out of the way! Hahahahahaha!

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    I am also looking out on the new new location – please advice if you have any info – thank you very much.

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    Sorry, can’t really help you guys there.

    The last time I visited was March 2013. It was still there, although it seemed like the whole S11 had moved a few blocks away because it wasn’t where I expected it to be. But I walked around a bit and finally found it, but it still looked exactly the same inside, so it was probably my imagination that it moved. But it was quite puzzling because the whole S11 wasn’t at the spot I thought it should have been.

    I will try to find it again when I’m back in Singapore in September, and will update if I do.

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