Attending the HTC Touch HD launch party

A while ago, I attended a joint StarHub and HTC launch event for the HTC Touch HD and Touch 3G.

It was a Christmas-themed party at Supperclub!

Christmas tree

We were entertained by a Christmas caroling group.

Christmas caroling

I love Christmas carols. I used to go caroling when I was a kid and loved the rehearsals and the performing. Now, listening to Christmas songs always transports me to a magical realm of love and happiness.

Anyway, this a cappella group at the party was really good. Here’s a video of the singing… and the models!

I had the chance to play with the Touch HD but it’s hard to pay attention to something when you’re busy taking photos and videos. I never really like testing gadgets at events because there are always so many other distractions around.

All I remember is that the Touch HD is very pretty. Also, having the word “HD” in any name instantly makes it sound impressive.

HTC Touch HD

It should be impressive. It’s meant to be an iPhone killer.

Oops, don’t let Miss Cutie hear that.

Miss Cutie is my iPhone and I still love her!

(Well, don’t look at me. I didn’t name her. The Goonfather did! Wahaha.)

Georgina Chang was the host for the evening, looking resplendent in her glittery golden top, so dazzling that you can see only a white blur in my photos.

Georgina Chang

Georgina Chang

She didn’t adhere to the dress code of the party, which was black. Very naughty. But I suppose hosts have dress code immunity.

I didn’t have such immunity, so I dressed in black… and kind of blended in with the HTC models.

Can you spot me? *lol*

Sheylara and HTC models

And then I realised that the majority of the guests were not in black!



I wanted to take photos of the food but they weren’t static. They kept moving about.

Food items were carted around on trays that night by waiters. I didn’t want to stress the waiters by making them stop in the middle of their routes to pose for photos.

Being so conscientious, I think I make a bad journalist.

But, well, I have more pictures of the models. That has to count for something.



And the mandatory underexposed, out-of-focus camwhore pic!


I was trying to be very subtle lah, so couldn’t spend a lot of effort getting a picture right. Since this wasn’t a blogger event, I was among people who aren’t used to the new age concept of camwhoring.

And I was already getting stares because I kept getting in the way of the models while taking videos of them showcasing the phone.

Maybe some people even thought I was part of the show, showcasing my camera, since I was dressed like the models, which wasn’t my fault because we were supposed to dress that way lor!

Ironically, while the organisers tried to get everyone to dress in black to look like the HTC phones, they went and dressed the phones in fancy colours, instead.



I find that amusing. But the phones do look quite appealing, even though I’m a proponent of simplicity.

Anyway, thanks to this party, I am now officially in the mood for Christmas! Will be playing my Jewel Christmas CD ad nauseum once again. Titled Joy — A Holiday Collection, it’s my favourite Christmas CD of all time.

I first heard Jewel’s Hark! The Herald Angels Sing in a Trans-Siberian Orchestra DVD (another favourite) and cried to that, which prompted me to buy her Christmas compilation.

Okay, that was quite a long time ago so I don’t want to make a big deal of it.

Oh wait, I found a YouTube video of that performance.

It’s such a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song.

If you’re wondering what’s up with the little girl standing awkwardly on the stage, this clip is part of a Christmas story about a girl who ran away from home and then decided to return after meeting an old man who takes her on a magical musical journey.

So, well… Merry Christmas in advance! Don’t wait to do your Christmas shopping!

17 thoughts on “Attending the HTC Touch HD launch party

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Hmm, its interesting to see Georgina Chang hosting such events. Usually, I see her on STAR Sports giving out prizes for 9-Ball Pool tournaments:)
    Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to reading your party posts. At least, people like me who don’t have the privilege of such invites can live vicariously through you, hehe:)

    @tiger4: Bro, you’ve got 100% agreement from me on the “chio-ness” of the centre “model”, hehe:)

  2. Avatar

    Chmmm, being a dumb american I gota ask two questions…
    1. how come China has christmas oO , I mean from what I know theres very few christians there. It just kinda sounds odd… [I know I might sound a bit rude but China was communistic for quite a while and communists fought ever kind of religion and “western” bechavior/tradition]. Im just wondering, dont want to get missinterpretated and look like an a hole ;] .
    2. You listen to carols in Chinese or english? Im half from Poland and in Poland we listen to carols in Polish, still Chinese christmas carols arent something my imagination can handle ;] .

    btw, one of the reasons Im asking is cuz I got orders to USS George Washington, so next august Ill be moveing to Japan, and my knowlege about Asia is pretty small…

  3. Avatar

    @Devorlast: To add to Antz, while the majority of Singaporeans ARE of Chinese descent, the country itself isn’t part of, nor is it anywhere in the vicinity, of China. Yeah well, we all learn something new every day, hehe:)

  4. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara

    I spotted myself in one of the pictures you took.

    I thought you were a model for the event indeed as I was looking at you (dressed in black) and taking snapshots of the event.


  5. Avatar

    Not a fan of touchscreen or smartphones. I’m still old school, prefer candybar phones. My criteria when buying a phone is
    1. SMS texting performance
    2. Camera function
    3. Music player.

    @K: Welcome to the club

  6. Avatar

    lol I found it, last time I was looking at the google map I swear it was in China [unless I messed it up and typed Shanghai, again…]. Sorry for that, I never been any where close to Asia and I never really folowed that part of the world [xept for Japan and Australia]… untill recently [had couple friends from Manila and one guy at work from Guam]. Pardon me, I finally figured it out, I guess the longer you live in US the more ignorat you get… anyhow, thanks for teaching me something ;] .

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