A random morbid thought

I recently spent $40 on tidbits at NTUC Fairprice, which is a modest sum in my estimate but which made my friends’ eyes bug and roll over when I told them about it, especially since I go tidbit shopping about once a week.

It’s one of my guilty extravagances in life. Not so much on the cost, but more the fact that it’s probably contributing to driving me to an early grave.

An unbidden thought flashed past my mind one night after dinner.

An image of my gravestone.

On it are carved the words: “She loved her tidbits”.

14 thoughts on “A random morbid thought

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    @Sheylara: Actually, thinking about one’s own mortality once in a while isn’t morbid, but recommended and healthy. What IS morbid is the fact that you spent $40 on Pocky / Nabisco products (!!!) I mean, for that kind of cash, I’d splurge on a couple of Ben & Jerry’s, no question, hehe:)

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    You love your tidbits, how do you manage to keep so fit?! Gasp!

    I recently dropped by NTUC and bought 2 days worth of dinner for cooking, some batteries, and some bathroom stuff … and the bill came up to S$99. I think life is getting more expensive in Singapore.

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    It’s ok to think about death. Eventually it will come and claim us. I know some people like to classify things – if you think about death, it’s morbid, money is greed, lust is perversion… etc. I think there is no need for that. Just do what you will!

    To borrow an old cliche, it’s not how you died that matters, it is how you lived that you should be remembered for.

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    And… now that I think of it, this is another of your bloody food posts. Which are basically you saying: “I can eat whatever I like and still be as skinny as anything.” Which is annoying, probably illegal and certainly very, very unfair!

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    RN1209: lol… Actually, the photo in this entry is from the past, and I believe that bill was higher than $40 cos those things were from a specialty Japanese snack shop. lol. I didn’t take a photo of my recent NTUC purchases. :P I did get a lot out of my $40 from NTUC, though.

    W: WAPANG!

    Jawker: Let’s just say I’m more willing to spend on food than I am on clothes and cosmetics and jewellery and the like. :P I guess I really live to eat, lol. I recently spent $70 on two tins of cookies from The Cookie Museum. Totally crazy price but I just had to have those cookies!!! Haha.

    Relax: If I were anorexic, I wouldn’t be touching any snacks with a ten-foot pole. :P

    heartless: Well, the guilt comes from knowing that it’s unhealthy to eat all these snacks.

    Wilfrid: I’m not really fit lah. Maybe I only look it from the outside. Haha. :P Wow, that’s a lot of money for 2 days’ dinner and some miscellaneous items! What kind of branded bathroom stuff did you buy? Haha!

    Darkspore: People classify things to try to make sense of the world, I guess.

    Jesta: This isn’t a food post!! Haha. It’s a food-for-thought post. ;)

    Cornflict: You serious? $40 can buy 2 weeks’ groceries??

    shin: I think maybe because I’m an impatient, restless, fidgety person, I burn calories 24/7. lol.

    ty: My figure still looks okay from the outside, but I think my innards are all screaming bloody murder from nutrition abuse. :P

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