10 things I want from Santa this Christmas

I hate making wish lists. Compiling a list of things I want makes me miserable because it only serves to remind me that I don’t have them!

Some things I want, money can buy, but they are indulgences better left to the obscenely rich.

Some things I want, money can’t buy.

I guess those are the things that hurt the most.

(But I have to make a list because it’s this week’s Star Blog topic. *lol*)

In no particular order, here are the 10 things I wish for this Christmas.

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9 thoughts on “10 things I want from Santa this Christmas

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    hey shey…
    Christmas is about giving and sharing.. yeah.. there are poor needy ppl and kids out there who deserves a christmas gift.. yeah.. our church are distributing goodies to the old folks, poor needy families and children homes..

    thanks.. your last wish to help the unfortunate ppl and kids cheered me up.. God bless u always!! = )

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    Hey Monster,

    I love Christmas. Yup, I would love to make a list of my wants but then again, I’ve way too many wants at home! Last Sat, I was trying to offload some clothes to a friend who is going to Sichuan this Christmas to do social work to to give warm clothes to the people there. He stared at me incredulously and asked me, ‘why would they need hot pink shorts and capri pants?’ And I’m like….’Hmmm, Derrick, maybe they’ll go to the beach during winter?’ Derrick was like shaking his head and saying that they don’t even have money to get clothes to keep them warm and would they think about next summer? That made me think a little. It’s not always about me.

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    I wish for all the soldiers out there to get back to their families home safely.
    Sheylara, the boobs wish is funny, I realize that in reality it must be annoying and sometimes frustrateing but me for instance would never want no big boobs ;] Im pretty happy with no boobs at all actually :P

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    hey shey,

    if the “guitar” is a real black electric guitar , this picture will even pack more punch !

    well.. as for having bigger boobs there are plenty of ways to make it bigger thou. so its not really a wish..but too big also no good as you may end up being labelled as a bimbo?
    well last but not least, having is better then none ;0

    have a merry merry christmas ;)


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