The Goonfather’s birthday wish is for his baby to be well again

One day last week, I received a phone call from the Goonfather.

“I’m very sad,” he said.

I couldn’t remember the last time he had sounded so sad. He’s usually such a happy person.

“Why?” I asked.

“Makkuro is in the hospital,” came the aggrieved reply.


“Makkuro is very sick.”

He sounded irreparably heartbroken.

The Goonfather is such an eccentric. He treats his car like a living human thing.

“My son!” he cried.

This is Makkuro, his son, who is almost two years old and whose full name is Makkuro Kurosuke.

We paid him a visit at the hospital, where he is receiving treatment for heart failure.

“My boy had a heart attack,” the Goonfather had said.

Over the week, instead of worrying over the cost of the treatment, he worried over the car.

“I miss Makkuro!” he would say. “I hope he gets better soon!”

I don’t think he will get his wish any time soon. Makkuro’s innards are now sitting on the floor.

This is the heart of the problem:

Apparently, the air filter he’d been using is letting in too much dirt and grime from the roads, which caused a tiny but very important pin to dislodge and wreck havock on the rest of the innards.

Close-up of two corners of the triangular-shaped thing:

As you can see, the left corner is missing a tiny silver pin.

Yes, this little missing baby is going to cost the Goonfather upwards of $7,000 and a lot of grieving.

The Goonfather is also very sad because today is his birthday but his baby is in the hospital.

He had been planning to sponsor a big prize for this week’s Gamer Girl Friday but can’t anymore since all his funds will have to go towards saving Makkuro’s life.

He will still sponsor a prize, though. It’s an old PS3 game that he bought many months ago but haven’t opened (still sealed in wrapper). So check out GGF this Friday to see what game it is!

In the meantime, I wish the Goonfather, if not a happy birthday, then a lucky one. May he strike 4D tonight (if he buys) so he can pay for Makkuro’s hospital expenses.

For all the entertainment that he’s given us over the years, if you would like to help me cheer him up, you can buy him a birthday drink (via Paypal).

Alternatively, you can just post your birthday well-wishes here.

Thank you in advance on behalf of the Goonfather.

35 thoughts on “The Goonfather’s birthday wish is for his baby to be well again

  1. Avatar

    Happy Bday Goonfather!

    Well Sheylara, to show much care for a prized possession may also indicate one’s ability to care for one’s own loved ones. Probably shows he will make a good father! :)

  2. Avatar

    Aw…. Get well soon, Makkuro!

    Well rather than buying GF a drink, how bout everyone contribute $1. I bet there are more than 7000 readers here. ;)

    Hey GF!, Makkuro will be fine. Cheer up! It’s your birthday…. Happy B’day!

  3. Avatar

    In my opinion, respiratory distress caused the massive heart attack. I understand the COST of goonfathers suffering and I extend my sympathies. Cheer up, makuro will be running in no time:)

  4. Avatar

    Wah…so many cars kena virus ah?yesterday i saw a Nissan GTR broke down,now GF’s RX-8,better get a car flu shot or something!and have a very Happy Birthday GF! Get well soon Makkuro

  5. Avatar

    You never get rid of that joke lol,Mr. “Relax”. But lol great reference.Happy Birthday Goonfather,Hope your Baby comes out brand new

  6. Avatar

    Happy birthday Goonfather! I’m sure your .. Son will get well soon, cheer up ^^;

    (On a random note, I cannot never understand the relationship between a man and his car. The car even has a full name ^^;;;)

  7. Avatar

    Its a car…Seeing it blow up is as good as seeing your money fly away, Though Time with your car gives you affection from losing it

  8. Avatar

    aiyo wat kind of cheong air filter u used? is it not the original part from the Mazda factory? Any idea how to prevent this kind of disaster?

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Avatar

    Thanks for the wishes! =)

    lawless: Hurricane Stainless Steel Air Filter.

    Naiveguy: Happy birthday to you too. =)

    I would like to thank Benjamin, RN1209 and Tiger4 for their drinks! Thank you very much! =)

  10. Avatar

    @Goonfather: No worries, man:) Sure hope the actual damage assessed won’t be that high. But if it is, I wish you more drinks:)

  11. Avatar

    @GF: Haha, it was nothing. Birthday is suppose to be a happy. May your Makkuro get well soon and you be cruising down the road with Sheylara again…

  12. Avatar

    Sorry to hear about your car troubles Goon Father. Look at it this way, when you’re car’s repaired, you can pretend that it’s a brand new car.

    But Happy Birthday all the same!

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    Happy birthday GoonFather…. all the best to you and ur ill Makkuro…

    $7k is such a pain in the pocket…

    Cheer up, Makkuro will be just fine…. =>

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    Happy birthday Goonfather! Oh and by the way, if i ain’t wrong, your car is it a mazda? If i am wrong, please forgive since i am only fourteen. lols. But actually, not to worry. This type of engine breaks down often.

  15. Avatar

    Thanks, everyone, for the well-wishes for Makkuro and the Goonfather! And thanks again Benjamin, RN1209 and tiger4 for the drinks!! You guys are awesome! :)

    Nitrixload: Yep it’s a Mazda.

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