Strange people on the Internet

I have some funny subscribers to my YouTube channel who sometimes ask me the weirdest questions either in my profile comment box or in private messaging.

There’s this one particular guy who asks me strange questions all the time. I don’t reply every one of his messages because I really don’t have the time to.

But there was this weird Q&A that transpired between us recently. The topic is totally out-of-the-blue random.

Him: Hi sheylara, do you know how to draw Japanese cartoons?

Me: No, sorry, I can’t draw to save my life.

Him: Can you teach me how to draw Japanese cartoons?

Me: I can’t draw.

Him: Why can’t you draw?

Me: Er… why can’t YOU draw?

Him: Because I want to test you.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: I want you to teach me how to draw Japanese cartoons.



Sometimes I really wish I can look into people’s heads to see what they’re thinking.

What should I reply next?

23 thoughts on “Strange people on the Internet

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    tis is seriously weird…
    he doesnt get it…0.0″

    i tink u should tell him straight, “i was nvr interested in drawing, nvr will, nvr will b”:P

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    @Sheylara: Heh, consider this part of your sidequests in the never-ending RPG of life:) I’m guessing this is a cakewalk compared to some of the other trolls you’ve encountered…

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    I don’t think it is a random question.
    Black societies use metaphorical codes to ask questions that they cannot ask directly.

    For example, if they ask about the weather, they want to know if things turns out well — rain for bad news and sun shine for good news.

    I strongly think that drawing Japanese cartoon is a way of asking for sexual favour (ahem), as Japanese cartoon can contain heavy sexual hentai elements.

    Most likely he has been thinking of you while being alone at toilet.

    You better block him.

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    @Relax: Yah, i know. The Goonfather already did that a few posts back (except he didn’t offer Wapang to eat it, hehe:))

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    heartless: I think all my answers are straight enough already leh…

    shin: Haha, good one.

    RN1209: I wouldn’t consider this guy a troll lah. Just something weird. :P

    starm|st: Haha… I don’t think he could be irritate. He’ll probably happily “why” me back. lol.

    muscular: Hmm, you think?

    PREXURE: Um… kill him with a pencil??? lol, that’s drastic! :P

    Relax: Errrrrrrrr…. no lah. Most of the questions he asks me are gaming related questions. lol. Anyway, blocking people won’t stop them from their, uh, toilet activities if they had any, would it. :P

    Cornflict: That’s a good idea!

    Wilfrid: That’s a good idea, too! :P

    W: WAPANG!

    Yoi: You got Monday Blues?

    Ash: Eh, I can’t draw lah. You want to draw for me?

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