Some disgusting thing

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The following post first appeared on on April 6, 2004.

Some Disgusting Thing

Okay, consider this.

You’ve just been introduced to someone you’ve met for the first time. You smile at each other and shake hands like you’re expected to.

Now, pause for a minute and have a think.

Did the person you’re shaking hands with maybe just dig his nose and neglect to wash or wipe his hands?

The index finger that is now touching the inside of your right wrist could have been inside a wet, booger-filled nostril two minutes ago.

If that’s not going to scare you off shaking hands with people for the rest of your life, I don’t know what will.

Well, I’m very annoyed at people who pick their noses in public. I am SUPER ANNOYED. I mean, like, what else would you like to do in public? Pluck your armpit hair with a rusty tweezer? Have sex with a monkey? Get rolled over by a steamroller, maybe?

Some things are better done in private. Unless you’re paid to do it in front of an audience. In fact, some things are better not done at all.

There was this uncle sitting beside me on the MRT yesterday, picking at his nose without a care. What’s more, he started doing it at the very moment I was happily craving french fries, thanks to that silly book (Fast Food Nation) I still haven’t finished reading, which was, at that point of time, telling me why the fries in fast food restaurants taste good.

I suppose the uncle did me a service by terminating my craving instantly but, STILL! Dammit!! How can you dig your nose when you’re sitting right beside me, and there are nine other people sitting opposite you who can see what you’re doing?


Is there a law against actions that make you feel sick and lose your appetite?

This is not the first time I’ve seen people do that. It happens so much you’d think it was a national hobby.

They stuff their index fingers into their noses and poke around, they pull them out and admire their handiwork, they roll ’em into little balls and they flick ’em into the air anywhichway, or they leave ’em under the seat for the poor cleaning person to find.

Is that totally disgusting or what?!?

How can I ever trust people’s index fingers again?

I am so traumatised I’m going to have nightmares for a whole week.

19 thoughts on “Some disgusting thing

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    haha… have u heard of the son and father nose digging joke? :P

    anyways, I really hate shaking hands, because people:

    – sneeze into their hands without washing it later
    – caugh into their hands without washing it later
    – rub their nose slime
    – slide their hands through dirty walls and surfaves
    – scratch their dunnowat
    – touch or finger himself/herself (not sure if they wash hands after that)
    – clean their sh*t in ass with hand (don’t laugh, I am serious)
    – shake hands with pork seller
    – put fingers into mouth

    and many many more

    finally, I will end this comment with a nice video to put a smile on your face and bright the light to your night

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    When I was in secondary 2 I attended tuition at my teacher’s home. There she also taught students from other levels.

    Sitting next to me would be this 13 year-old Indian boy who plucked his armpit hair and littered it on the floor when my teacher was not around.

    He sat on my right, a mere armslength away from me.

    The only thing more disgusting than the sound of someone ripping out their armpit hair, is having to carefully tread around the fallen armpit hair when its time to go home.

    Man, I wish I took a photo of that disgusting kid so I can shame him on my blog.

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    Hey Sheylara Relax,at least the guy did not spit at your SHOE!I was once walking on the street and this Annoying chinese old man spit on my shoe,disgusting!then he Ran away without even saying sorry.I imagine a lot of this going on During the Youth olympics game

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    haaa..this is so funny…its only digging nose..i rem last time, a guy got caught for pcc in front of some lady inside the mrt! that hand is dirtier!

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    eeewwwww… that is certainly disgusting.

    Worst still, I even saw people cutting nails in public transport, leaving disgusting bits of nails behind. -_-”

    Oh well, what is there to do, where these people didn’t even care about personal and public cleanliness.

    I guess is better not to think too much. The more you think about it, it just gets to you.

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    Lol,Do you know,our skins keep reproducing?in the dust when you vacumn, Scientist has shown that our skin is mixed with the dust,we do that….moulding thing often

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    Now think of where our money has been, and the hands that have touched it…

    Or where the bottom of your bags/satchels/backpacks have been placed, and after that placed on your kitchen counter, bed or dining table…

  8. Avatar

    If we want to look for ghost, we will find plenty of them…..

    We are constantly inhaling saliva vapours, dead germ, pollutant etc.

    Do you know how we can spot smelly toilet?
    that’s becoz the tiny particles of SHIT are spread to the air, and we inhale these tiny shit, and the shit dissolved in the nose mucus and the nerves in the nose pick up the shit smell. (we are eating shit substly)

    OK, sorry guys… (juz can’t resist)

  9. Avatar

    Check out skatole.

    An aromatic compound that naturally occurs in mammalian waste products, it’s the reason we can smell fecal matter.

    Ironically, this same aromatic compound is also used in many perfumes, as in low concentrations it has a flowery smell…

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