Sitex will only be crowded on Thursday

I really, really hate IT fairs because I really, really hate navigating through crowds.

Last night, I was thinking about going to Sitex 2008 because my dad needs a laptop.

I decided that I should go today because it’s the first day and it’s a work day, so there should be less of a crowd.

I asked the Goonfather, since he’s an expert at attending IT fairs, “Do you think Sitex will be crowded tomorrow since it’s a Thursday?”

“Yes,” he said. “Sitex will only be crowded on Thursday.”


“Only Thursday will be crowded,” he repeated. “The other days will be crazy.”

What a goonbag.

Anyway, I’ve gone and returned. I survived!

It wasn’t that bad.

I actually managed to finish my purchases in 30 minutes.

I bought another MSI Wind. For my dad!

I got a black one for him. I’m not evil!!

But I bought a pink portable hard disk for myself!

I have needed an external hard disk for backup since years ago, but have never felt rich enough to actually buy one.

Today I felt rich enough because IT IS A PINK HDD!! And it’s only $199 for 500GB!!

I also bought a keyboard for the Goonfather’s mum because her keyboard has gone wonky.

I feel poor again after all these purchases.

Anyway, good luck to everyone in the next few days if you’re going. May you survive unscathed!

28 thoughts on “Sitex will only be crowded on Thursday

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    any 1 TB portable hdd to recommend? hehehe, tml will be my turn on the warzone, any encounter with tram-monster and heartless parents who let children running around?

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    Cheapest is 3.5″ 1TB WD Element at $179.90. Add $10 can extend to 5 Years Warranty.

    Bring enough cash. The shop all (most) charge extra for NETS or Credit Cards. Hunt until almost drop then find more Indian Music Shop take NETS with no extra… The Closest ATM is the MRT and Hall 2.

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    I got the MSI Wind in black too! Very happy now. Anyway I went in the evening, it wasn’t that crowded. At least not as bad as the ones held in Suntec. How’d you lug back all the things you bought anyway?

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    GF is right, all IT shows are crowded on Thurs and crazy on other days. Wooow… girl, you look haggled in the picture. What happend? The crowd did this to you? :P

    May go down either tonight or this Sun. Wanted to get a LCD monitor. See if there are any bargain buys there.

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    @Sheylara: Was your pic taken before or after the shopping spree? Anyway, you can always count on the Goonfather to speak the truth, hehe:) After attending previous Comexes & Sitexes, I concur with his assessment.

    @tiger4: See? You’re encouraging Wapang again:) Wapang will appear when the time is right, hehe:)

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    Got a passport and HTC pda phones together with Paddy’s phonebak software to protect them from loss. Now thousand dollars lighter.

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    Hillary: I didn’t buy many things wat. And the MSI people gave me this HUUUUGE canvas carrier that I could sling on my shoulder, which was like 1.5 times the size of the MSI Wind box, and I was able to fit the keyboard and my hard disk into the carrier. It was damn heavy to lug home, though. :(

    Ashtar83: Sorry, I’m not really an expert on HDDs. Wrong person to ask. Haha. The only reason I bought the WD one is cos it’s in a nice pink! lol.

    fish: Haha, it’s okay. I wouldn’t know Sitex was around if I hadn’t needed to buy a laptop. :P

    heartless: Hahaha.. who ask you to give yourself such a name. :P The MSI Wind gave me a free mouse and a $30 digiskin voucher. That’s all!

    NemesisV: Cool! Thanks for the info! Lucky MSI allowed me to pay NETS with no extra charge! Or else I have to run out to ATM. Haha.

    Cornflict: I think it will kill you. Haha… so have you gone already?

    Valerie: As I mentioned to Hillary (above), I had a huge carrier from MSI. It’s quite ugly though, like those china goods bag type of material. lol.

    Jesta: You can always influence your daughter’s taste in colour as she’s growing up. But I guess you can’t stop her getting influenced by her peers when she goes to school. Haha.

    Wang Wang: Haha, you all were very funny in the e-mails yesterday. All say going to Sitex, in the end everyone fly aeroplane. :P

    WaveSurfer: Is there even a law governing NETS? It’s up to the retailer whether they want to absorb the transaction charge or not right5?

    tiger4: I look haggard? No lah. Maybe cos the picture is grainy (taken in extreme low lighting with ISO on max) so maybe the grains make me look weird. :P Yes, I feel proud to have helped the economy. Haha. Now it’s all your turn!

    arzhou: OMG 1hr+ queue? That’s crazy. What were they doing at the collection counter that slowed down the process?

    RN1209: The pic was taken before shopping. Why, you also think I look haggard in that pic? :P

    Mary Ann: ALRIGHT! You also help the economy. Haha. Way to go! ;)

    W: OMG WAPANG!!!!

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    the freebies are getting pretty useless tis days..
    i tink they meant u look worn-out from fighting ur way through crowds and heaving presumingly heavy stuff all the way home:P

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    @Sheylara: I did my part a few months ago by getting a Wii with Wii Fit. Yesterday continue for support for the economy by hooting a 22″ LCD monitor and 37″ LCD TV.

    Excuse me while I eat my sweet potato, which will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the month :'(

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    @Sheylara: Err… well… of course not! You look lovely as always, hehe:)
    Anyways, its like what I mentioned to you before, you have this distant, glazed look sometimes. Nothing wrong with that, considering how much stuff you’ve got occupying your mind:)

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    heartless: Yeah, the freebie I got for my MSI Wind was quite silly also. I dunno what to do with it!

    Relax: You mean that’s what you do when you jostle through a crowd? :P

    Ashtar83: Yeah, but pink makes a girl happy!

    tiger4: Wah… awesome purchases! I feel happy for you! :P lol, actually, sweet potato is nice :P

    RN1209: Doesn’t the distant glazed look look nice? :P

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    I miss the IT show totally. It’s a hell of a week for me. I actually have to resist getting MSI Wind every time I read your blog.

    Hope you got lots of freebies this time round!

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