Sheylara the Sackgirl

I spent my last two weekends over at Minou’s and Kerrendor’s place, playing LittleBigPlanet.

Four-player LBP is a real hoot! Seriously. If you have LBP, you must invite your friends over to play together. I wish I had videotaped our sessions because we spent like five hours laughing till we were rolling on the floor.

In LBP, you control cute characters called sackboy (or sackgirl), helping each other get past all kinds of weird obstacles to reach the finish line. Then you get rewarded with costumes/hairstyles/facial features/etc to dress up your sackperson.

This is my basic sackgirl (wearing a default costume).

You can pose.

See how the environment is made of cardboard and woolly things?

You can also make funny faces.

It’s too cute for words lah.

When you’re playing with friends, you can punch each other for fun. It doesn’t progress the game or give any rewards, it’s just a bo liao feature, like making faces. On a successful punch, your friend will go flying and there’ll be a cute “bish” sound.

My friends and I actually spent a whole hour sitting in our pod (something like a menu page) punching each other and laughing our heads off.

This is the game that will turn perfectly normal grown ups into kids.

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    i have LBP!!! but sometimes i find it very tedious, especially the last few maps.

    Multiplayer is good, but flawed, when charactor stays too much out of the screen, they dies. It becomes such that more people playing, more burden thing.

    Play! Share! Create! but if you got no creativity talent, the create thing doesn’t apply to you.

    LBP is a funny and nice game, very fresh ideas but can’t help they rip off nintendo’s mario game ideas. Also u can Hold R1 to pull ur friends!!

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    Muscular: Totally agree on point 2 and 3. Havent gone far enough to see the maps of the last few stages. Anyway, I have played almost all the marios since the 1st Donkey Kong. Which mario did they ripped from? Dun remember Mario being 60% as fun.

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    platforming game? Also jump jump, collect stuffs such. But you’re right, mario isn’t as fun as LBP. LBP is a game on a different level, the time the developers spent making it is huge. LBP2 is announced also.

    The server is online already, finally. I am now able to download levels or play with others online. Anyway i got my LBP two weeks ago, its the recalled copy. The initial LBP release had raciest korean song, they recalled the stocks and made a week delay.

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    Ok, so now Sony is the new Nintendo? Lol. Sometimes, it’s really funny when Microsoft and Sony try to be like Nintendo (and they had not succeeded), like with the Xbox LIVE Arcade, New Xbox Experience, PS3 HOME and Little Big Planet.

    Has casual gamers finally bought themselves an Xbox 360 or a PS3? I don’t think so. So why can’t Sony and Microsoft free us from this torture and bring this childish games away from Hardcore gamers like us?

    It’s hard being a hardcore gamer, isn’t it? First, they have to spoil our PC gaming experience by introducing Vista and flawed DRM, and the casual gamers have to spoil it further by pirating games. Now, some of us have moved to the consoles and they have to spoil our day by marketing it as a ‘pre-shool toy’. Oh please, leave that to Nintendo!

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    my friend whos a heavy metal lover, and is everything but childlish loves this game, so I guess there must be somethin to it.

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, this bit must’ve missed the GGF’s deadline:) Aiyoh, your character in LBP very cute leh. You could draw inspiration from the default costume for your next Fashion Diary entry:) Was it in the Goonfather’s LBP pic in the previous GGF?

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    A hardcore gamer is one who plays any games they get their hands on. The play snake on their nokia phones, if that is the only thing they have. They play PSP, NDS, PDA games while having their lunch or dinner. These are hardcore gamers. People who plays selected games are just gamers. And sad to say, many FPS gamers are just hardcore wannabes, as they think that being a FPS player makes them hardcore gamers.

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    The term “hardcore gamer” is vague, outdated and pointless. It’s just another silly badge that some gamers use to distinguish themselves from people who they think aren’t as L33T as them.

    LBP has a huge hardcore following (just check the 1UP boards or NeoGAF), labeling it as kiddy / casual is just being naive / being a troll. :)

    Anyways, the game is no doubt very charming, but do you guys believe its got the legs to keep things interesting after a few months? There’ll be a deluge of great user created content available but isn’t it all essentially just 2d platformers? I really want to try this game out.

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    Chronnus: I think LBP appeal will remain as a party game. When you have friends over, it is great fun to play LBP. Like the multiplayer Bomberman during the Super Nintendo days. For solo play, the appeal may be gone after u go thru all the stages. I believe there will be downloadable expansion in the future. User created stages will not let you unlock new items, so it may not be that appealing. Unless someone creates a level and label it only for the Hardcore gamers, then many may wanna proof their worth. ;)

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    @Sheylara: Speaking of games that “turn perfectly normal grown ups into kids”, I’m reminded of Mega Man 9 on XBLM, hehe:) Ah, those were the days when side-scrollers were the true test of a person’s co-ordination & timing.

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    Aicee: When I play Fallout 3, I keep thinking about LBP. When I finally gave in and switch to LBP, I keep thinking about Fallout 3. Hahahaa…..

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    @Sheylara: Hmm, this access problem with your blog seems to have worked itself out, based on the feedback from your affected readers. Although, things that go away by themselves can also come back by themselves:)

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    To all that got angry or pissed off with my comment, my apologies…

    I was just pissed off about how Microsoft and Sony has to try and be like Nintendo? Can’t they be like themselves? Oh, c’mon! A good idea like LBP or NXE doesn’t have to be spoilt be giving it a cutish front. Developers do this (make characters cel-shaded, cartoonish, etc.) when they don’t have the processing power for more detailed, life-like characters. This is true for the Wii and DS. Not true for the PS3, which is so goddamn powerful, so what’s with this crap game design? I know, simplicity rules, but hey, this is being too much, isn’t it?

    All of you mentioned the nostalgia of past games. Then think about it. The processing power was limited. Is it limited now in the PS3? Yes, it is. But it is more powerful then those consoles of the yesteryear. So why go for such a cheap feeling?

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    I seriously doubt the Wii has the power to run LBP, frankly.

    It may look cute, but it is definitely not cartoonish. The shading and lighting effects are pretty good.

    I wouldn’t say it’s photorealistic, but when combined with the nifty physics engine and high resolution (compared to Wii), I think it takes considerable muscle to run it, despite the “cuteness”.

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    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Dude, you need to check out that game. LBP is a game that shows the true muscle of the PS3. I would even say that it is more gfx intensive than MGS4.

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    @The Goonfather: Sorry, but I don’t have a PS3. Partly because I don’t want to shell out cash to get another console instead of more Xbox 360, PSP or PC games. Partly also because of the amount of sh*tty exclusives and first-part titles that the PS3 has (some are good, like MGS4), which run mostly like tech demos. If I needed tech demos, I’d download a bunch of NVIDIA’s website, and even those look (and play) better than LBP. Also, if I needed a virtual social space I’d go do MySpace or Facebook. But one major reason is that I won’t want to shell out more time having to do the trophies again for GTA IV, since I already will be doing it for the Xbox 360 and PC. So forgive me, PS3 fans, but sorry, your console is faring the worst this generation and it downright sucks, and I’m not afraid to say it. The RROD may be the most infamous console failure in history, but the PS3 is no better with hardware failure rates either, it’s either the Xbox 360’s failure is overhyped, or that the PS3 sucks so much it’s not even worth mentioning it’s failure. I don’t know, it’s one or the other.

    Also, respect and reputation matters a lot in this world we are living in. Getting a PS3 is destroying whatever good reputation you have, so save it for other things. I’m not overly-obsessed with being popular with people or pleasing people (if not I won’t be posting this), but getting a PS3 just means trouble. It’s just like getting an original Xbox in a PS2 world a few years ago.

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    ^ But it does not hurt to have ’em all, like Pokemon… sigh, I wished I had all those consoles and all those games for all those consoles and all the time in the world to play all of those games for all of those consoles. :(

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