Sex is more popular than football

The most popular sport in the world, according to a straw poll conducted over the weekend involving one bored boyfriend, is sex.

“What is the most popular sport in the world?” I had asked him.

“Sex,” he said

“That is not a sport!”

“Yes, it is,” he argued. “It’s an activity that increases your heart rate and burns calories.”

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23 thoughts on “Sex is more popular than football

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    @Mince Pye: Wah liaoz, this kind of question no challenge lar:) You should ask how come the boyfriend is bored when the girlfriend is right in front of him, still can conduct straw poll some more, hehe:)

    @Sheylara: Me joking oni, hor…:)

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    Actually, RN1209, it should be “how come the boyfriend is bored when he has mutants to kill, radroaches to squash, raiders to eviscerate and heads to ventilate?” Heh…

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    Mince Pye: You are obsessed. I pray your game better reach you soon….
    hmmmm maybe not. You’ll disappear from the face of the earth and I can’t get my fourth player for LBP. :p

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    All MMO players should be familiar with this “obsession”, haha. Actually, any hardcore gamer will be familiar with it. ;)

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    Football is not overhyped, EPL is. And football is certainly not stupid.
    Just because you dun understand it doesn’t have to make it stupid. Just like I dun understand why some can play MMORPG overnight but I dun feel it is stupid.

    But I have to admit footballers are really getting paid ridiculous money these days.

    Red Devils Fan here.

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    well hard to say which one is better .. certainly it’s up to each person’s liking. no point of talking which 1 is better ..etc

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    fwaaah.. about time, after nearly two or three weeks of trying, i can finally access ya blog. missed all those quirky posts. and football is not stupid. to see a person’s favourite team score a goal and win the game against a rival team is just simply unexplainable in words. even though we watch soccer, we play soccer as well, during our free time la. nice to be finally back again. (=

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    @tiger4: Relax lar bro… its the trademark Sheylara humour:) What you mentioned is precisely what she showed in the article, with the two of them just mindlessly watching Rock Band 2 videos. Anyway, sorry to hear that you are a Man Utd fan. My heart is at Anfield:)

    @Jesta: Haha! I liked the 3rd similarity:)

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    @RN1209: Chill bro, I am not angry. Just putting my point forward. Maybe the wording is a bit harsh. Hope I din hurt anyone.

    Another Liverpool fan, it’s ok, nice to meet you. I duno why Man Utd and Liverpool fans have go against each other so fiercely. In fact, my circle of friends and colleagues are all Liverpool supporters

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    @tiger4: No worries, bro:) I was just clarifying Sheylara’s article in case it was misunderstood. Anyway, that’s the whole point behind discussion and exchanging ideas, mah.

    For me, its the opposite. Most of the people around me are Man Utd fans. They’ve been laughing at me for more than a decade, sigh…:)

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    By strict definition, sex is NOT a sport… it’s a “game”. I remember when I was in school, the school coach was defining the difference between a “game” and a “sport”.

    Sport – an activity that raises heartrate, burns calories, AND YOU CAN DO THAT ACTIVITY ALONE. Martial arts generally fall into this catergory.

    Game – same thing, only difference is that you can’t do it ALONE. Football, basketball etc generally fall into this catergory.

    Since you can’t have sex alone, it no longer is a “sport” heheheh!

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    Mabbe RN1209 and Tiger4 can swap friends. lol!!

    Foxtwo: There are shops that sells body parts, as mentioned in a previous post. And they even sell whole bodies. =D

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