Open house at!! (Thank you, SingNet!)

I received a good news e-mail from SingTel’s corporate communications department this morning, telling me that the access issue at my blog has been fixed!

I also read some of your comments in my other posts that you’re finally able to access my blog.


No, wait, why so conservative?


I would like to thank all my readers for bearing with the situation over the last few weeks and for taking the time to feedback to me and to help me with testing and trace route reports.

I would like to thank readers who didn’t give up on my blog and for continuously trying to access it!

I also want to thank SingNet for heeding my SOS e-mail and going all out to help me fix the problem. The technical support people even contacted my USA webhost to work on resolving the issue.

I’m really impressed that they bothered to help me and went on to tackle the problem with great efficiency!

Well, looks like it’s working now! *cross fingers*

So, I am declaring today Open House Day at!!


Er… please come in and visit, make yourself at home, um, help yourself to some virtual refreshments.

Well, the Internet is virtual, anyway.

I will be online all day (doing work, in case you’re wondering) so drop in and chat with me through my comments! =)

And have a great day ahead!

71 thoughts on “Open house at!! (Thank you, SingNet!)

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    Finally!~ No more suffering n frustrations over the weekends for not being able to read Sheylara blog….. *eyes red*

    Now, I would like to be alone now…. *sob* *sob*

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    betshopboy: Hahaha, thanks. But you another one asking for a *bish*. That’s not product placement lah… I’m not paid for this! :P

    tiger4: Yay yay… thanks so much for your undying support all these weeks despite the difficulties!!! *pat on back* *sob sob*

    binary_0011: That’s my old hamster from an archive photo. :(

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    The Goonfather: Must be my spam filter think you’re a spam bot. haha.

    RN1209: Heheh… I was wondering who would be the first to recognise those pics! ;) Well done!

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    yay finally :) kept getting URL error from my feeds. So did they give an “official” reason? I know other sites having the same problems.

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    @Sheylara: Why, thank you! Your mind is quite the steel trap as well:) Actually, I think its a privilege to be *bish-ed* by you, but I already have my fair share at home, hehe:)

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    Shen: I didn’t get an official reason and I didn’t ask, either. I’m just happy that it’s resolved. But it has something to do with IP blocking relating to my webhost.

    RN1209: Haha… it has been commented before that it’s painful being hit by me cos my bones are very hard (and I’m skinny lah, so got reduced pain absorption, haha).

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    @tiger4: Bro, you may wish to trade this card with the Goonfather for something else. He needs it more than you do:)

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    @Sheylara: Aiyah, don’t like that leh… i know he’s a tough guy, but enough *bisHes* from you and even the toughest guys will need medical attention. Who will answer your straw poll next time?:)

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, so sweet of you to say that:) I see whether I can bring my “chipmunks” during the GOW2 launch:)

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    U happy, I happy !!! :D

    anyways, just letting u guys know that my blog will stay idle…. coz I am focusing on my book writing project.

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    Relax: The last time I had a serious wish to write a book was when I was about 11. As I grew up, I realised that I didn’t have the discipline (nor the passion) to plan and execute the entire tedious process of writing a book. I prefer to write one-off short pieces.

    By the way, I don’t know ANYONE who plays stock simulation games before doing the real thing.

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    Oh yeah, lychee and peach jolly FTW! :) So you tried it also, huh?

    But it’s SOOOOO hard to find lah. I’m very irritated!! I haven’t seen it anywhere in a month! *sigh*

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    @Nadnut: Hello, i think the Open House is over lar… you only got leftovers, hehe:) I was actually looking for durians too, but I doubt if Neopets have such an image:)

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    Ralph: The lychee flavour is not weird! I prefer it to the lemon cos it’s a little sweeter, not so sour. I love mixing beer with sweet drinks… like beer + OJ, beer + Ribena, beer + ice lemon tea. very nice! :P

    nadnut: Hmm… I couldn’t find, lol. :P Next time bah…

    RN1209: Haha… don’t be mean… the food is self-replenishing cos it’s virtual, haha… :P OMG don’t say durians!! Now you just gave me a huge craving again! :(

    curryegg: JOIN THE PARTEEEEEEEE!! WELCOME! :) And thanks for dropping by! :)

    tiger4: Haha… next time I should include party poppers and streamers… then there’ll be a real mess to clean up!

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    So is the Goonfather your boyfriend? As in, frankly speaking. Because I got the idea from your “About The Goonfather” page. Just asking though.

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    I usually drink milk or green tea. But seeing you with that can of Jolly Shandy really brought back memories.

    I was probably 15 or 16 when I drank Jolly Shandy! I had no idea it still existed.

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    Party Chic: Yes, he is.

    Dedrick: I love milk! You sound very healthy, hehe. :P I never drank Jolly Shandy until they came out with the lychee and peach flavours. I got seduced by the colourful pink cans… haha. :P

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    @Sheylara: Oh no! I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that the mere mention of the fruit has such an effect on you:) I’ll take note next time, hehe:)

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    RN1209: It’s okay… you can do it again, but then you have to make up for it by buying me makan.. haha :P

    aig: yay! Good to see you too! :)

    Cornflict: Which NTUC did you find it at? Cos I’ve looked in a few NTUCs and they don’t have it. I bought my first 4-pack in Cold Storage Katong… but then they always seem to be out of stock after that. :(

    tiger4: Yeah… try it if you can find it…. lol!

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    Horizon: Er… but it says open house at leh, and this is as real as a blog open house can get already lah :P

    shin: YAY! Happy to see you! Haven’t seen you for so long!

    RN1209: Haha… that’s true. Um.. no problem, got free makan from my good pal, I sure make time! haha. :P


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