Is being ugly a crime?

I’m constantly amazed at the cruelty and lack of empathy in human beings.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a forum thread where people are making fun of a couple with looks that do not fit into society’s norms.

Read it here.

Some of the jokes are quite funny. I have to admit I laughed.

I laughed because some posts are creative, although I felt a little ashamed for laughing at other people’s expense.

But there are posters who are downright malicious, saying things like ugly people shouldn’t be allowed to get married.

These people never stopped to think for a minute that it could have been them, did they?

People can’t choose the features they were born with. How could a person be blamed for being born less than perfect?

These horrible people are the ones who drive some women to plastic surgery

These same horrible people probably also thrash plastic surgery, accusing people who’ve had surgery done for being fake and having low self-esteem.

Hello? Where did you think that low self-esteem came from?

How can people be so shallow and hypocritical and dumb?

Next time, when these people go around spouting cliches like “Be confident in your own skin” or “Love yourself just the way you are”, I hope they also remember the times when they laughed at or insulted people whom they thought were ugly.

The world could do with less judging and double standards.

28 thoughts on “Is being ugly a crime?

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    But to be honest I think there’s something fishy about the post…

    Page 1 second last post form author… “As for children we have one on the way now, which is why I married her.”

    Page 4 last post from author… “I had to be careful, as she was a virgin …”


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    heartless: Yeah :(

    arachno: It’s indeed a joke post. The original poster admitted somewhere in the later pages. But still, it’s someone’s real photo he stole to make a joke about it, and it’s real people that the forumers are joking about. And they even dug up all their other photos from their My Space.

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    I don’t condone such antics which I personally think is disgraceful and no self respecting human should go so low especially making use of other people’s information to make a joke out of it.

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    This would be one of the times where the Internet brings out the worst in humanity.

    I could go on, but the point should be very self-evident.

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    They can only say such things because they’re hiding behind the veil called the internet. Sadly, I think we’re getting indifferent towards this rubbish.

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    Sigh…This is sad. Sometimes, those pple making fun of them have no idea that these group of pple might have some health issue which is why they look different from the norms. And in some cases, they have short life span but they have to endure being mock and joke at, with names being called within that period however short.

    Few yrs back, a platoon mate of mine in NS, his sister was on the newspaper twice. First was about her being called names and how she was treated by her schoolmates because of her looks due to her health problem and the Second was that she had passed away.(not ob)

    Like the first commenter, its a cruel world out there

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    I think that this is a classic example of John Gabriel’s (of PennyArcade) “Greater Internet F**kwad Theory”: “Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total F**kwad” (the stars are mine). The link is here:

    I think that this is one of the more brilliant and insightful works on the usual Internet Trolls and other assorted jerks.

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    @Sheylara: Hey, you stumbled upon this forum thread too! Do you know you’re adding to the millions of views that place is getting by hotlinking it?:)
    Anyways, I’m right with you on this one. I admit that I laughed pretty damn hard too, but yeah, its not cool. Not one bit.

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    For a million people out there who are sensitive about what people say towards their appearance, there’re probably half a million out there who don’t give a damn. Why I’d like to think the bride’s one of those half a mil, good for her she gets hitched.

    Tho I admit some remarks are hillarious… So! It boils down to this for me, I’m laughing because of those remarks, the ingenuity of it, not at fat people who got married. B;sides, despite her ‘appearance’, there’s still someone out there for her, or rather the other way round, as we have seen.

    If given a different context, but with the same humourism, we’d still be laughing with less karmic and remorseful repercussions.

    Then again, it still don’t make it right =\ Oh at least none of us contributed to the source of the laughter. I laugh because it’s funny! Not because it’s true or anything! Um… yea i’m cynical and sometimes an idiot.

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    Well, that’s the world today.

    Beautiful people are held in esteem. People who are not usually envy who does.. The media plays a big part too.
    Who would want to see an ugly James Bond or Charlie’s Angels?

    Do i even have to touch on MTV channels?

    It is a sad world out there…

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    it makes me sad when people are mean for
    these reasons. i even giggled at one of the
    posts about john candy. but immediately
    afterwards i hated myself more and almost cried.
    as long as the couple in the pics are happy,
    that is all that matters.

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    This is disgusting. What’s wrong with being fat?

    In fact, my wife is on the fleshy side but I still love her very much for who she is.

    I agree with RN that posting the link here will only help to increase the hits at that site and increase the misery of the victims involved. :(

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    I guess that’s the ugly side of people, that some do try to put others down through their looks. The looks that don’t fit into society’s ‘conventional ideas of beauty’. Deep down inside, I think we all do feel the whole “thank god I don’t look like that”. But it’s those people who lack common sense and sensitivity and understanding who make snide comments, and talk about plastic surgery to “fix” what they think is wrong. No one can be perfect, and these people who make such comments about others are just hypocrites, the ugly ones are themselves.

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    She is indeed ugly, but we can see the love between them. That’s a sign of true love. I’m only a teenager, and I know nothing about Love. But this thread, it tells us two things. One, Humans are Evil and Selfish. Two, there is still such a thing as true love, albeit really rare in today’s dominantly satanic world.

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    arachno: People laughing at other people happens a lot and I think we can afford to be more relaxed about it because humans need to learn to laugh at themselves once in a while. What I really can’t condone is people maliciously insulting others for their looks as if it’s a crime.

    JayWalk: Yeah. Lot’s of disrespect in the world, sadly.

    Kim: You have a point. We could never really get used to the fact that Internet anonymity breeds evil, huh?

    Priss: It’s true. Probably more and more people are getting indifferent towards Internet bashing. But then, it will be hard for the person who is being bashed to be indifferent!

    ByPassing: Yes, exactly my sentiments. I always say that people should consider all sides of an issue before they jump into conclusions and insult or accuse other people. Sorry to hear about your platoon mate’s sister. That’s one sad story :(

    Lee Mark A: Hi there! :)

    Jesta: That’s a good comic to illustrate this case.

    RN1209: Yes, I’m adding to the millions of views because people need to KNOW and people need to be educated on the fine line between jokes and cruelty.

    Yoi: Yup, some of the remarks ARE hilarious and I think people can be forgiven for laughing at the remarks, even though it’s not very nice. It’s human nature to find the funny in ordinary situations. I just wish people know when to draw the line and not cross into downright cruelty. Although I guess it’s kind of a grey area here. Who’s to say where’s the line?

    AngryAngMo: More people need to recognise this and actually believe in it.

    Horizon: I think a frightening number of people in the world truly believe that outer beauty is more important, although they might not admit it outright.

    Aaron Peng: I feel that there’s nothing wrong with beauty being celebrated and hyped. It IS human nature to like looking at beautiful things.

    I read about an experiment once where they showed babies pictures of people in a range of attractiveness, and the babies reacted more favourably to the people who were better-looking according to general societal standards.

    But just because people prefer to look at good-looking people doesn’t mean that the less good-looking are lesser humans or can be insulted.

    audreasuicide: Well, I saw many other photos of the couple and they really look very happy and comfortable with themselves. Perhaps they don’t really care what others say about them and I admire them for that!

    tiger4: More people viewing the site won’t increase the misery of the victims if the people viewing the site are viewing it with the right frame of mind and without evil intentions.

    W: WAPANG :(

    Valerie: Yep, you’ve got all the right adjectives to describe those people!

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Er… you really feel that today’s world is dominantly satanic? lol.

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    I do not know what u think but I think people do have responsibility over their physical looks to some extend, unless they are born mutated or involved in accident.

    I believe a persons outer feature is influenced by inner quality. I am partially a lookist. Sorry if my view is slightly different from yours. Life is not perfectly fair to people.

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    @Sheylara: Fair enough. At the very least, I do see some of the regular posters of that forum, as well as MySpace users, sticking up for the couple.

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    Relax: Like you said, it’s only to some extent. You have to admit that some people are born better-looking that others. And there are cases which only surgery can help.

    I think it’s perfectly fine being a “lookist” and favouring more attractive people. The only issue I have is against people who insult or criticise less attractive people.

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    there’s always a balance ma…
    got ppl insult, sure got ppl help to defend them..
    always got more negative then positive remarks..

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    in my mind, thinking of a man does matter.

    no matter how good someone’s look is but want to steal other money.

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