How I went from spendthrift to pauper overnight

I’m an old hat at recession survival. Five years ago, I went into a self-imposed recession.

It was the year 2003. I had dropped out of the rat race to live the bohemian life, convinced that a regular desk-bound career was killing me slowly.

With hardly any savings, no grand master plan, no contacts and no external help, I plunged into a world of uncertainty to pursue a career in acting.

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18 thoughts on “How I went from spendthrift to pauper overnight

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    heartless: Not say I very rich now also mah. I still buy cheap clothes and cheap cosmetics. Haha. :P Just recently spent a bomb on gadgets, but then that’s like once off and then I’m back to cheap living again. lol.

    tiger4: Wah, 3 times?? That’s gotta suck! Hope your job is stable now!

    W: WAPANG!!!!!

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    W: Awwwwww. No more wapangs?? :(

    RN1209: lol I didn’t make him (or her). He (or she) apparently made himself (herself).

    argh I hate all this gender PC bullshit! :P

    tiger4: Thanks! =) Did you see all the three new headers?

    I have to say, though, that I will miss WAPANG. Although I have no idea what wapang means and what the heck this person is up to, I find it quite entertaining. Sometimes, the WAPANG comes at really opportune times in the comments lineup!

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    tiger4: Thanks! :) I wasn’t intending to redo my banners last night though, it was on a whim and I did some quick and dirty jobs on them. Haha.

    heartless: Yes. Sorry I “disappeared” from comments for a while! My schedule keep getting crazier by the day! What’s new, haha. :P I have so many deadlines it hurts to think of them, lol.

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    deadlines x 3

    Used to them liao. Being in the IT cum manufacturing industry, December n May is the busier times for me. Customers want to get the product out b4 the X’mas and January exhibition periods.

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    @Sheylara: Hey, no worries, its your blog and you can be as un-PC as you want to be, hehe:) I don’t think any of your loyal readers here will mind.
    Anyways, you’re right about Wapang. I mean, strange / weird visitors beats zero web traffic hands down:)

    @tiger4: Heh, you see lar, you go and encourage the fella. The Wapang saga continues… (not that its a bad thing…:))

    @Wapang: Have you met your distant relative “Wah Piang”?

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    @RN: Eh… I am not the one who encourage. Sheylara also got hor…
    But it (no HE or SHE) did add some entertainment for us here mah.

    Dun introduce to to Wah Piang, later it bring the whole family down. The Wah Lao, Wah Lan, Wah Sai, Wah Liew etc… Then we really go go WAPANG!

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