God is a Woman — off the set

Filming in KL

For the duration of our stay in KL, Maria and I stayed at Hotel Istana (just across the street from Dean’s apartment) while Kan bunked in with Dean.

View of our hotel from Dean’s rooftop.

Some nights, I would crash over at Dean’s apartment (just for a few hours) ostensibly to hang out with the guys, but in actuality to leech Dean’s Internet access.

On this particular night, while I was busy blogging and Kan was busy downloading the day’s work and preparing for the next day, Dean decided to serenade us.

He sang many songs for us but this is my favourite.

Superman (It’s Not Easy)

Kan helped me film this using my Nokia N82. I have a cameo appearance halfway in the video, looking very stressed because I had two blogs to write and about four billion e-mails and messages to reply.

Dean’s ability to sing and play the guitar in this manner is somewhat hilarious because you’d never expect it of him if you were to meet him. He’s always a clown, making people laugh and doing impromptu weird dances to entertain people.

He even clowns around with strangers, who often don’t get it because they don’t expect a perfect stranger to tease them.

It’s funny for us, though.

Too bad he lives in Malaysia. We’ll miss him!

11 thoughts on “God is a Woman — off the set

  1. Avatar

    wow sounds like you have a lot of fun there.

    Next time, you can tell people that you stay at the Istana before. Hotel Istana in Malaysia that is… (ya, i know it feels very cold suddenly)

  2. Avatar

    err…. yea … err….
    i tink he sings pretty gud…

    btw u wear mini skirt, still so much actions
    not afraid u ‘zhao kang’ ar:P

  3. Avatar

    @heartless: I always have this tot too. Seeing those girls in mini walk up stairs. That’s until my wife told me there is such a thing call micro shorts or 安全裤. Spoil my imaginations. -_-”

    @Sheylara: I really love Dean singing of the unplugged version of Superman. This guy has everything, looks, funny, can sing n play guitar. *envy*

  4. Avatar

    tiger4: Haha… it’s so lame that I didn’t get it right away. :P About Dean, yeah he’s pretty cool and he’s also a genuinely nice and helpful guy who does volunteer work. Haha… if he were a girl, I’d be jealous of him! ;)

    Wapang: What’s Wapang?

    heartless: lol, won’t lah. :P Anyway, not really a lot of action wat, mostly with my hands only mah.

    iconaster: Cool! I agree he’s a great singer!

    Cornflict: Actually… I do have a few more vids of his singing… will post them slowly. ;)

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