GGF#27: Let’s not talk about games

[Gamer Girl Friday]

I can’t write today! I’m very excited! I’ve been busy with a cool project involving videos!!

And although it’s not exactly game related, it’s a lot of fun! You’ll be able to see the fruits of my labour next week!!

But that means I didn’t have time to play any games this week, so I don’t have any game reviews for you today. Awww. :(

And because I’m too excited to write, today will be Pictorial Day.

Well, okay, I’ll write some. I have a lot of nonsense in my head which I need to dispel daily or my brains will turn to mush from the toxicity of my nonsense.

It’s kinda like slow poisoning by melamine, only worse.


Table of Contents

  1. The Goonfather tries to be a movie star
  2. The search for the COG Tag
  3. New Xbox Experience
  4. Sheylara and Lara Croft
  5. Results of last week’s contest
  6. Win a 1GB Imation Nano Flash Drive!


The Goonfather tries to be a movie star

I received this game a few days ago from the good Xbox people. I love them to bits!

I was really busy this week, so I just left it lying around instead of tearing open the box right away.

The Goonfather couldn’t resist it. He was, like, “CAN I OPEN THE BOX OMG!!”

I said, “But I want to take a photo of it before opening it but I have no time to take a photo of it.”

“Okay, I take for you,” he said, “Where’s your camera?”

“In my bag.”

He opened up my infamous Nike bag, stared silently for two seconds, and repeated, “Where’s your camera?”

“In the camera pouch lah.”


Unfortunately, he was right.

Note that my bag never looks so neat. I arranged everything nicely for the purpose of this photo.

So, anyway, he found the camera and took ONE lousy photo of the game box (pictured above) before ripping it open.

The game is pretty cool. It makes you do funny actions, like look angry or do a hula dance. You see an instant feedback of yourself on your TV screen (via the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera included in the box).

Afterwards, the game will take all the actions it recorded you doing, put in backgrounds and edit it into a movie for you.

The problem is, the Goonfather lost patience with it after the second action, so I never got to witness his completeed movie. (He never does have any patience to follow instructions).

Idiot. CMI!!

Anyway, this game can take up to four players, so you can be in the movies with your friends!! OOOH BOY I GOTTA TRY IT WITH MY FRIENDS!

Hopefully, I’ll have a video to show you next week! ;)

You’re In The Movies is an Xbox 360 exclusive game.

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The search for the COG Tag

This is strictly for Gears of War fans but it’s still cool enough to just know about it if you’re a gamer.

Epic Games released 1,000 COG Tags into the world for GOW fans to find and there’s one hidden somewhere in Singapore.

Merdeka and I have been releasing clues to its whereabouts in our blogs. Today is the fifth day already and the tag still hasn’t been found yet!

Find out more about this contest here!

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New Xbox Experience

Launched two days ago, the new Xbox dashboard features cool, customisable avatars! Yay!

Okay, it’s no trailblazer, but it’s still cool. Here’s my avatar!

I have a pink heart tattoo on my left cheek! Gotta get a real life one!! Hehe.

You can change your clothes and features at any time.

I wish I could change my features at any time in real life, too.

I love the way you see your friends as avatars in a virtual room now, instead of just a list of text names.

If you see a bunch of friends in a group, it means they’re either having a LIVE voice or video chat party, or playing an online game together. Some of these parties are joinable!

If the avatar is sleeping, it means the friend is offline.

I love it!!

These guys were having a Call of Duty: World at War party but I don’t have the game, so I couldn’t join them.

So I joined a Gears of War 2 party, instead!

As usual, I got thrashed the hell out of.

My avatar posing:

My avatar acting cute:

I got a shock when I saw Merdeka’s avatar. I don’t know what he was thinking!!

That guy is nuts! Haha!


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Sheylara and Lara Croft

I feel malnourished standing beside her…

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Results of last week’s contest

We have many winners today! Congratulations, you all!!

This beautiful copy of Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3 goes to ahtiong for his 1337 bootlicking skillz!!


ahtiong says:

I think Lion Rafale is quite similar to the Goonfather. Seeing that both are rich and have some connection with thugs, like Lion’s father’s illegal dealings with terrorists, and the Goonfather being a goon, and his photos, give me the impression of a mafia head. 老大!

For the record, the Goonfather is neither rich nor has any connection with thugs.

But well done, anyway!


Congratulations to Yoi, ahtiong and Fort Adesso for each winning a 90-day Gamepath account!!

I know you’re all probably stuck to your WLKs now, so I’ll be nice and e-mail you your redemption codes.


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Win a 1GB Imation Nano Flash Drive!

Well, guess what?

I have another one of these awesome things to give away!

Will wonders never cease!

To win this, you need to prove to everyone that you have a superhero power like in Heroes or X-Men!!!

I’m just joking, of course.

Just tell me what superhero power you would like to have if you could choose ONE. And then give yourself a superhero name. If you want, you can even describe your superhero costume.

I will award the prize to my favourite entry!

Closing date is Thursday, Nov 27, 11:59 pm.


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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And now, the end is near,
And so I face the final curtain.

My friend, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

I’ve lived a life that’s full,
I traveled each and every highway.

And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

[Gamer Girl Friday]

26 thoughts on “GGF#27: Let’s not talk about games

  1. Avatar

    Hmmm, am I the first commenter?

    WAH! So many pouches and all pink! You can call yourself Miss Pink Lady. Since all your stuff are packed in various pouches, no matter how messy it is, it will still be organized and neat. Btw, where are the gold bars? ;)

    Regarding Merdeka’s avatar, it looks like a Zombie Princess Leila to me. Must be the hair style :P

    Wah, picture with Lara Croft. Did you get bounce off by those airbags when you stand too close to her? LOL

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Heh, “let’s not talk about games”… lucky got such an upfront disclaimer from this edition of GGF, hor…:) but its alright, we forgive you just coz your avatar is so darn cool! Plus the fact that you’ve got Lara’s gun pointed at us:)
    Can’t wait for you to unveil your video project! By the way, what’s with the “Ol’ Blue Eyes” lyrics? Feeling a little whimsical, are we?:)

  3. Avatar

    always wondered how u cramp sooo much stuff into tat bag of urs… now i’ve seen it all 0.0
    ur avatar looks soo cute tooo:)
    and ur mouth, nvr seen it tat small b4:P
    (the second pic of u with “Lara”)

  4. Avatar

    For the Thumdrive contest, If I could be a superhero I would be “Can cure everything and heal everything man” basically I can produce any medicine or use my powers to cure anyone of incurable diseases or regenerate amputated legs, arms etc. to make the world a better place, Imean who doesn’t want to cure Aids after watching “Bufan De Ai” ?. Oh I also can cure people’s evil minds and sick minds. This is what plagues the Earth and I want to stop it.

    My costume would be like a Professor’s outfit with bonesaws and syringes on my belt which I carry. I will also wear a frigging clue glass like Aizen from Bleach’s one.

  5. Avatar

    I knew sooner or later there was going to be a reply to goonfathers corny song. Well anyway if its going to be superheroes……I have always had a softside to the super pork of airpork. Cutely spreading pork goodness all over singapore direct from australia.

  6. Avatar

    Either you’ve got a wonder bag like Xiao Ding Dang where you can store unlimited stuff in there, or you’ve got amazing packing skills!

    For the contest thingy, I wanna be “The Timer”! where I can stop time and change things… I’ve personal experience where the difference in time caused the death of a loved one, hence… and of course, I would be togged out in a all black trenchcoat and basically all black…

  7. Avatar

    “your in the movies” Be carefull of what you wish becose you just might get it… ;] luv that song [by Pussycat Dolls]. anyhow, Im nowhere near Singapore so I cant look for the tag [I got rl dog tags anyway], like the idea through. Your avatar looks nice, the wicked one is funnier through ;] , and the photo with Lara Croft is awsome.
    Im not really in the contest but if I was to be a superhero… Id be The “Beatonator” with the all awsome power of crateing sound waves of techno music, all those in range would eather start daning to the rythm or melting on the spot ;] . and for the costume, pinnk latex suit with attached glowsticks, fog machine and a stroboscope.

  8. Avatar

    My superpower is being super forgetful and Im affectionally known as The Amazing Mr Forgetful!!!

    I come to the aid of highly distressed citizens who need someone to confide in with their deepest darkest secrets. What better way to keep a secret then to not even remember it??hah!

    I used to have a costume…but…yea…i forgot where i left it and how it looked like. :(

    Now’s your chance Sheylara to be a good citizen and help Mr Forgetful with a 1GB flash memory!! Maybe Ill remember to thank you for it too!!

  9. Avatar

    Wow cool pics with Lara (hope it was me standing beside instead of you though =))

    I would want to have the power of Peter Petrelli, so I can just absorbs and copy all your powers (hopefully not Amazing Mr Forgetful haha). But, i will not be as naive as Peter to try and save the world, instead I will use all my powers and soon to be powers for world domination!


  10. Avatar

    Woot superpower will be.. to be able to transcend hell and heaven (not those mediums la) as in can really GO there xD

    well there’s no reason for it.. just feel that its damn cool haha =D well maybe to help those pple who lost their loved ones =) (ok sounds like a medium but still, its not)

    Costume will just be a formal suit. respect to the people up and down there.

    Name.. Death =D

  11. Avatar

    Well for me, apart from saving the world (I’ll definitely do) since public transports and road usage are getting more and more expensive despite economy downturn. I wish to be able to FLY so I can avoid jams, cramped buses and most of all, the ever increasing numbers of ERPs. Besides that, maybe another ability to breathe underwater. I would love the chance to discover the Atlantis haha.

    Costumes? I love Ironman’s awesome costume! oh man, spoilt for choices here. nvm I’ll stick with Ironman’s. Name would be…. WhirlWind? :)

  12. Avatar

    tiger4: Yay for first comment! ;) Where are my gold bars? Erm… they are all hidden in the pink pouches! Haha.

    You’re half right about Merdeka’s avatar though. He calls it Adolescent Princess Leia Organa. :P

    And no, I didn’t molest Lara Croft. Too many witnesses around that day! Haha.

    Minou: Haha… lucky Wang Wang never see your comment or she’ll kill you. :P

    RN1209: Heh, thanks for the forgiving! Well, I like to do something different one in a while. So, not having a game review in a gaming column is cool. :P

    The lyrics of My Way just popped in my head because I was writing the ending note of GGF and, well, the lyrics says, “And now the end is near…” lol, so I decided to just put the lyrics down cos I couldn’t think of anything else to write. haha.

    But, in a way, that verse kind of sums up me and my life and my blog and GGFall at the same time, too. ;)

    DamnMorgan: Yup, she rocks!! She is so awesome when she does her Lara Croft stunts!

    fish: Haha… you never go X08! If you did you would have had a chance to take a photo with her :P

    heartless: That picture doesn’t show everything in my bag. I had to take out a few things so that the pouches could be seen clearly for illustration. :P

    My mouth very small in the pic meh? O_o

    Tweakisher: That’s really noble! I would want that power too!

    Lee Mark Anthony: HUH?? You want to be a piece of pork?

    Jesta: Haha, that’s rubbish. My avatar is so slim you could thread it through a needle head.

    Cornflict: The movie game is reallly cool! I tried it already so this coming GGF will have the full report! ;)

    Derek: Haha, I do have a big bag. It IS a sports bag after all and those can really hold tons of stuff. :P

    Gosh, sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. It sounds really traumatic the way you said it. I feel pained for you! :(

    Devorlast: OMG pink latex suit!! Haha. Wow. Your Beatonator sounds really evil!

    terboo: lolol, that’s a funny power! Very creative. ;)

    Anlooo: Haha, you another one… never go to X08!! Oh yeah, Peter Petrelli rocks! He is the ultimate!! Arghh… I can’t wait to watch Season 2 but they just refuse to release the Blu-ray! Grrraaar!!!

    Ryen: Wow, that’s pretty cool too. I’ve never heard of anyone who wanted to travel heaven and hell like that! Are you a fan of Death Note? :P

    aig: Haha… thanks!

    Yang: Flying is pretty neat! Uh, and breathing underwater too. My my, we want everything! :P But I understand. It’s really hard to choose, huh?

    Wapang: WAPANG!!!

    Lycansberg: Yeah I hope so too. There are actually some games just released that allow you to use your avatar. Will try to talk about them this week if I have time to play.

  13. Avatar

    The pix with Lara is cool. Maybe you should try outfitting someday too. May even look better than Lara :)

    As for super power, well I have one really sick one. Bringing happiness to people who are suffering. With a touch of the naked hand which is normally wrapped in gloves, it sent the “victim” (who must be deem worthy of the “gift”) into an eternal slumber where no more pain, sorrow and sadness can harm thee forever… The “victim” will be in a happy dream with people and things he love and adore in a deep sleep until the end of time.

    Well, technically that would be an anti-hero right? :) Anyway, the name would be The Sleeper. What do you think?

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