Fashion Diary #22: Black Summer

This photoshoot was done about two months ago. I kinda forgot that I had these photos lying around.

I really liked this yellow top when I first bought it.

But a few weeks after I bought it, I saw another woman wearing it. We were in the same restaurant, like, a few tables separated from each other. I don’t think she saw me because she wasn’t facing me.

After that incident, I didn’t like to wear it anymore.

I don’t know what it is with women and being seen in identical clothes with strangers.

It feels embarrassing, but I can’t explain why. It’s not rational, is it?

Maybe one of you can shed some light.

I still wear the top once in a while when I have absolutely nothing better to wear. Every time I wear it, i have this irrational fear that I will bump into that same woman wearing the same top again!

How crazy.

Hope you like the photos, anyway!

Photos by Justyn Olby

19 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #22: Black Summer

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    @Sheylara: Lovely pics!:) And interesting title too (coz though its a bright and sunny outfit, it reminds you of a less than ideal incident).
    Well, you’re not alone in having this “irrational” fear. A lot of people (men and women alike) I know say the same thing. I’d chalk it down to the inherent need to be different in a sea of people.
    Then again, you might wanna view it positively, i.e. “She’s got good taste, but I look better in this than she does”:)

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    hola shey… juz dropping by to say hi.. you looks awesomely sweet in your pics.. i juz design a tee for nadia.. maybe i shuld do one for you.. huh..
    there tiz kid i teach music lessons.. she comes from poor family.. and the clothes she wears are from second hand or budget retails shops.. and she does look great.. i guess.. itz her comfidence that makes her look great.. be yourself.. dun be a paris hilton…
    anyway… my gf used to wear victoria secrets.. but after i told her how sexy she looks in her baby tees n little shorts.. btw is wayyyyy cheaper than those victoria secrets..

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    do you know why Paris Hilton asked her daddy to help influenced the judge to reduced her weeks sentenced in prison to few days.. becoz she dreaded wearing the same clothes like every other prisoners or detainees.. and the prison clothes is not her fav fashion labels..

    prison warden said to paris hilton.. she can bring one personal belonging to her cell… paris brings only a box of tampons..

    prison warden asked her.. why a box of tampons? why not a mp3 plaer, a PSP, a book to keeps her busy while in the cell for a long long time..

    paris hilton smiled, and says, “oh i will be busy.. this box of tampons said i can go dancing, swimming, running, hiking…”

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    More bush, less clothes! Hike that skirt up and show all the guys here what they really want from you. A few of the girls might find it interesting too.

    Lezbo’s ROCK!!!!!

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    You look stunning as always.

    Interesting to see what crawls out from under the rocks into the light of the comments page when the fashion diary goes live.

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    hey shey. no worries. me understand u are super busy to reply back the mails… hope u dun get stress out.. yeah.. take care .. dude… me hanging out in JB tomorrow.. help the kids there.. take care n have awesome wekend..

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    Hey everyone, thanks so much for your comments! Sorry I haven’t been replying comments lately. Will get up to speed soon as I can. Miss chatting with you guys! You guys rock always!

    I miss modchip too. WHERE IS MODCHIP?!??!!!??

    Dedrick: Yes, I let my photographer friend, Justyn, take most of my Fashion Diary pics cos I love his photos, plus he’s a great friend and I like working with friends. ;)

    Those not taken by him were taken by me (in the early Fashion Diary entries) with self-timer. lol.

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