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When I first bought my MSI Wind, I had envisoned myself relaxing at some cool coffee joint, like maybe TCC, on a leisurely afternoon, sipping coffee while blogging on my pink cutie in air-conditioned comfort.

I never imagined I would be blogging in a coffeeshop in Hougang while eating rojak off a paper plate and drinking strawberry smoothie off a plastic cup.

Very tak glam.

I had a photoshoot nearby, earlier. It was over by 4:30pm, and I had two hours to kill before meeting the Goonfather for dinner.

I called the Goonfather to ask him whether I should go home first or just hang around and wait for him because his office is also nearby.

He said, “Taking a bus home will take you an hour. Why don’t you walk over to Heartland Mall? You can hang out in the Hong Kong cafe there and do your blog stuff or whatever.”

I said, “Okay, you pick me up at Heartland Mall later.”

I had made the call to him while sitting at this coffeeshop. (I had sat down because my shoe lace had come off while walking towards the road, initially planning to just hail a cab and go home.)

After I hung up the phone, I went to order a plate of rojak.


I decided to stay put because the weather is nice out, it’s an airy and quiet coffeeshop, and I really like the rojak here.

I just feel a little out of place because I’m surrounded by uncles. There are about 15 customers I can see from my position and they are all uncles. I’m the only female customer.

But they’re okay, just minding their own business and not regarding me with suspicion or anything.

This isn’t the first time I’m blogging at a HDB coffeeshop.

It probably won’t be the last time, either.

But I think I’d better stop now. The zhi char stall beside me is beginning to cook stuff and Fluffy is starting to feel oily.

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    @Sheylara: OMG! You were in my neighbourhood:) Sigh, its too bad I’m working in town… would’ve been nice to have joined you for a drink, hehe:)

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    Wah, go neighborhood kopi tiam to lah kopi ah… Yep, the nieghborhood ones beat the Starbucks version hands down 4 me.

    Fluffy? Is that the name of ur lappy?

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    I hesitate to ask, but who (or what) is Fluffy?

    It sounds like it could be pretty much anything, but my mind works in particular ways…

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    Fluffy? hehz ~ I named all my notebooks too ~
    My recent notebook is GrimoireZ because its a Vaio Z ~ hehz ~

    Well ~ I always wanted to use my notebook outside and enjoy a drink n snack ~
    It was only lately I finally sat down at Delifrance to do so ~
    Quite an amusing experience ~

    Though I cannot imagine doing so in a kopitiam because the atmosphere just can’t really relax and surf, much less blog ~

    Wait… Goonfather’s office is near hougang? Thought he worked in rafflesplace area since I saw him there during lunch time previously ~

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    0.o wow you were in my neighbourhood as well haha, 3 blocks away from my house :) Hows the rojak? any special taste? hehe.. The shao la over there is fantastic ^^

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    hi.. i’m actualy wondering if msi wind is powerfull enough for my needs.. is you msi wind can play a hd video.. ?? say 720p with h264 codec.. ?? and how long the battrey would last.. ??
    i’m still considering asus n10 and acer aspire one tough..

    umm.. btw.. what is rojak.. ??

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    Just replace it with the action verb of “shit”.

    E.g. “He’s gone to pang sai.”

    Just note you can’t use it as a noun. If you want to use it as a noun, just “sai” is enough.

    E.g. “He’s a piece of sai.”

    Pang actually means “to put”. So, literally, pang sai means “to put shit”. Hahaha.

    This is the weirdest language lesson I’ve ever given.

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    Alright! Got that! The second usage example will be useful. Thank you!

    Since I was wrong when I initially thought that the phrase meant “piss”, I want to ask what’s the correct term for “piss”… If you’re not busy. :D

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    tiger4: Haha thanks. But shouldn’t it be “wah sai” instead? :P If you read your version slowly, it sounds like “my shit”? lol.

    Peaches: Piss in Hokkien is “jio”. That’s the noun. For the verb, it’s pang jio. (Same explanation for sai.)

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    Yay! Thank you!

    Just a coincidence, I am required to get the chinese characters for the “hello..”, do you know where I could get an accurate one?


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    There isn’t really any word for hello in Chinese. The common greeting phrase they teach in tourist books, “ni hao”, actually means something like “wish you well”. It’s a greeting that Chinese use instead of hello.

    It’s: 你好

    Or, more casually, we sometimes just say “hi” instead. The Chinese character is 嗨. Pronounced the same way as “hi”.

    But then that’s more of a stolen English word written out in Chinese.

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    Why are you suddenly going international? Haha.

    こんにちは (konnichiwa) = Good day (usually only used in the afternoon cos there are different sayings for morning and night)

    はじめまして (hajimemashite) = How do you do, pleased to meet you (usually for first time meetings)

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    It was a sudden task, just given to me after you have translated “piss” — what a coincidence.

    Anyway, so no exact word for hello in japanese too? Is mushi mushi hello too? I watched an anime, a person calls him on the phone, he said – mushi mushi? *confused*

    I’m gonna use Konichiwa for the meantime.

    I hope I’m not eating much of your time, thanks. :)

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    Hmm… funny sort of task you have!

    Mushi mushi is hello but can only be used for when you pick up the phone. For normal face to face or even on the Internet, I guess konnichiwa would be the best for hello.

    No worries. I’m just working on GGF. So it’ll just be late by the number of minutes I’m spending to help you. Haha. :P

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    Got it! I already turned it over. Thank you for the help!

    Oh sai! I hope it does not delay GGF! Lots of fans will be furious!

    That’s it! Thanks again, Arigato! Let’s eat ラーメン! See you in GGF!!! ^_^

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    :( We don’t have that… Uh-oh, GGF is not yet up… I hope no one gets jio’ed. (Just trying it out in a sentence). LOL.

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    lol. um, the word jio is only for the actual pissing, as in the bodily function. Can’t be used in the colloquial english way of meaning angry or upset.

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    Yikes. So that sentence is dumb. Hmmm… So only in sentences like — “I wanna go pang jio because I drank too much liao.” is valid then. Got that! Thanks! :P

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