Camwhoring is fun

By camwhoring — and I have to explain since this word has been distorted beyond recognition — I mean taking photos of yourself yourself.

Like so.

It’s fun because you never know what’s going to develop in the photo.

For instance, you don’t normally expect a monkey to trespass your frame and make funny faces behind you.

Try camwhoring today.

Especially if you have bored and nutty friends.

12 thoughts on “Camwhoring is fun

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    LOL haha i don’t like camwhoring. cause first i don’t look good and am not thickskinned.

    O yea Sheylara do you like camwhore in toilets (nice ones like in PS), cause i don’t see the reason why girls do that LOL

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    @Sheylara: Your 2nd pic with the cap reminds me of your avatar:) Did you know the Goonfather was gonna do that? Would’ve freaked me out, hehe:)

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    LOL, I like GF look on the 2nd pic.

    I dun camwhore as my face is not good looking enough to be posted all over the internet. Me shy lah ;P

    Two more pink accessories spotted. Pink cap and pink sunglasses.

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    Horizon: So far, I haven’t had the privilege of seeing a ghost appear in my photos. :P

    heartless: The first pic is not recent, but the second pic was taken on Sunday. But in any case, the GF’s baby was discharged on Saturday! Yay for Makkuro! :) And thanks for the concern!

    Cornflict: Not sure what you mean?

    Devorlast: Haha. Well, camwhoring is not everyone’s cup of tea. ;)

    Joel: Sometimes I camwhore in toilet cubicles, like when I just had a haircut and want to take some photos but don’t want people to stare, so I’ll lock myself in the cubicle.

    Oh yeah, sometimes it’s also nice to camwhore in nice toilets because it’s fun to play with mirrors and cameras. ;)

    RN1209: Hehe, yeah, I dug out my old cap to wear after making my avatar. Will be wearing the cap more often so I can look like my avatar. Haha.

    No, I didn’t know the GF was going to do that!! Me and two guys were waiting for our friend to come out of the restroom, so while the two guys were chatting about boring stuff, I entertained myself by camwhoring.

    So I was just innocently snapping myself and checking the camera after each snap to preview the photo… and it was this particular snap that the GF decided to make an unannounced appearance. When I saw the preview with his monkey face, I burst out laughing suddenly, scaring all the passers-by around us.

    tiger4: Darn! You caught me! Hard to disguise all my pink things now! :P

    Wapang: WAPANG!!!!

    Lycansberg: It’s all about trial and error. You gotta keep snapping all kinds of angles and poses and looks and find the best one, then you know what works and what doesn’t. :P

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