Bikini babes dancing at the beach

I was at Sentosa last Saturday and chanced upon a beach party at Cafe del Mar. I never knew Sentosa was so happening!

Took some videos. Enjoy!

I will be talking more about my adventure in Sentosa soon. This is just a teaser! ;)

It took me about eight hours to make this stupid video because splicing all the separate audio tracks into a coherent whole was a bitch. You will never know my pain unless you’ve done it before!

After I finished editing the whole thing the first time, the file got corrupted before I could render the video, so I had to DO IT FROM SCRATCH AGAIN.


I swear I hate editing videos.

But completing a video feels good.


Remember to scrub your face at least twice a week to get baby smooth skin!


Gamer Girl Friday will be delayed this week because I am terribly terribly behind in all my paying deadlines. Thank you for your patience!

23 thoughts on “Bikini babes dancing at the beach

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    @Sheylara: Hmm… this week’s post should be called BBF then (Beach Babe Friday):) Thanks for the facial care tip! Is it part of an upcoming advertorial?:)

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    @Sheylara: Yes, I know and feel your pain, because I’ve done it before. Video editing, yes, it’s a pain… on Windows. Have you tried using a Mac? It’s much better for video editing. And what app are you using to edit videos? (I’m guessing either Avid or Premiere Pro?)

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    Did a couple of video editing using Windows Movie Maker before n yes it is a pain. But the fruit of your labour is sweet when you see it.

    Will look forward to your Sentosa adventure but I know there won’t be Sheylara bikini video…. :P

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    RN1209: Haha good idea on BBF. The facial care tip was just one of my random nonsense cos I didn’t know how to end my blog, lol.

    shin: Wow, you’re fast! Thanks! :) The Garnier ad isn’t official yet. I’m supposed to do a blogpost about it, but they want the site to be complete before I post!

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: I’ve never owned a Mac. And I’m using Premiere Pro, although I’m thinking of using other software cos many people around me are using different software, but I don’t know what to change to! I’m not really good at video editing, only can do the basic cut and paste. haha.

    heartless: Thanks :)

    tiger4: Well, I don’t think people really want to see Sheylara in bikini. It will just be wrong… and probably unpleasant. Haha.

    W: WAPANG!

    starm|st: Yah, you’re right. It IS totally random. Haha.

    Yukun: Hi hi! I just checked out your blog. You’re the DJ, huh? It was nice meeting you although we didn’t really talk. I LOVE THE MUSIC YOU GUYS SPUN!!! Hope to party at your future parties! ;)

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    Thanks babe!
    The video is sizzling hot.
    How I wish I was there ..but generally, i avoid beach clubs becoz my tyre would be flawlessly exposed. :(

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    hi sheylara… juz drop us an email at and we’ll add you to our priority list for future parties… next one is NYE at a nice little club at gallery hotel…

    p/s i think the video was done very well, capturing the early “not-so-many-people” scenes leading towards the crazy nite crowd :)

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    Wealth Journey: Haha, I am the opposite of you. I avoid beaches because I don’t want to expose my lack of “tyre” in the upper region. lol.

    Yukun: Thanks for the compliment! I’m just glad you guys aren’t upset about me chopping up your music, hehe. The original video was a bit longer. But after it got corrupted the first time, I made a shorter one the second time.

    PREXURE: Well, shouldn’t you be glad to be in Italy? So many hot babes there!

    Wang Wang: I actually have one on loan, but lazy to take out and use. Haha. And I didn’t dare take it out to the beach for fear of dirtying or damaging it. :P

    Hillary: I was using my cheapo Canon Powershot E1 to take the video. I think it’s not bad for a cheap camera!

    Relax: Haha, don’t be so high standard! :P Singapore is like that one mah.

    betshopboy: At least it’s not as painful as real professionals films who sometimes take like a year to edit a 2-hour feature. :P Nope, I don’t use WMM. I use Adobe Premiere Pro.

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    If you did the vid than why most of the time you focus the camera on the girls body cuting their heads off? I mean its a guy thing… ;]
    I like the music, makes me want to go to asia [who knows I might end up in Japain next year :p ], and the girls too of course ;] .
    The vids that come up after your’s ends r a bit off as for a girls blog too ya know ;D
    Sorry to hear you had hard time with putting this together, from my point of view it was worth it through so thanks :] .

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    It’s only that one sequence. The other parts all had heads. Haha. Anyway, my main purpose is to have a nice composition in the frame, and sometimes, it looks better with the head cut off. :P

    Haha… I didn’t realise what came after my vids. Thanks for your feedback though.

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    Thank you! I enjoy making videos once in a while, but I don’t want to do this full time. It will kill me. Haha. Anyway, it’s a fun thing for me but not one of my greatest passions, which is acting and writing! ;)

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