America always saves the world

Asia is now celebrating because people believe that Obama’s rise to the US presidency spells new hope for the world.

When I say Asia, I am excluding Singapore.

I don’t see Singapore celebrating, particularly. I believe Singaporeans will celebrate only when jobs (and year-end-bonuses) are once again secure.

We’ve been raised in Singapore to just take what we’re given, without too much questioning. Obama won? Fine, good for him. If McCain had won, instead? Then, good for him. What’s for dinner tonight? Not overpriced rice again?

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7 thoughts on “America always saves the world

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    I think it is the culture of Singapore that makes Singaporeans politix numb. No wonder Singapore SoPo blogsphere is very pathetic (sorry Singaporeans, just calling a spade, a spade). Countries like Msia, Thailand, Philipines etc. have people who fight for themselves for political rights.

    Not saying that Singaporeans are wrong, it is just how things are done in Singapore. Each country is different. Some people care, some don’t. For some countries, Obama’s victory is important.

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    I unfortunately agree with you that Singaporeans tend to care on what they have in front of them more than anything else. Is it really apathy? or is it plain boh-chupness? I don’t really know. But i do hope that we as a society do ‘evolve’. It does seem rather sad that we as a “world class” country do not have “world class” citizens.

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    Compared to the rest of the world, Singapore will not be affected as greatly by Obama’s win.

    Even though Obama is inheriting alot of problems from the Bush administration, his predecessors have dealt with much worse.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, considered one of the greatest American Presidents of all times, had to deal with the Great Depression and World War 2. All this while being paralyzed from the waist down and suffering from heart problems. He died in office after serving an unprecedented 4 terms as President. He’s the only man to have served more than 2 terms as president.

    In comparison, the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and the subprime mortage crisis is nothing compared to what FDR faced. Though I will be watching Obama with great interest, I wouldn’t be offended if I was labelled as being apathetic; afterall, greater men than he have already come forward.

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    This is the first time that I’ve really cared about ANY election. In the UK it’s just changing the faces while keeping the same old stuff, over here it’s well… but in this case it was incredible.
    Obama is a great speaker and I hope that he’ll be a great leader too.

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