The world is in financial turmoil, so…

While the world fluttered about in economic frenzy, I was busy lazing about at a beach resort in Penang.

We frolicked in the sand and jet skied.

We soaked in the peace and tranquility of our environment even as we put ourselves at increased risk of skin cancer.

Nearby, someone’s pet dog found the courage to pursue its dreams of being an ostrich.

We all had to put in a huge load of effort to enjoy ourselves while the world around us suffered its financial crisis.

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14 thoughts on “The world is in financial turmoil, so…

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    Awww… I want beach too…

    I want to snorkel and see the beauty of the depths,
    I want to bath in the warmth of the sun,
    I want to breathe the negative ions in the air,
    I want to ride the boats and go with the waves…

    Oh such great activities on the beach…

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    tiger4: Thanks. :) I don’t really have many photos of me frolicking in the sand. It’s hard to take photos of oneself frolicking, hehe.

    modchip: What’s stopping you from going to the beach? :P

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    @Sheylara: Well, this post may be Day 5 or 6 on “God is a Woman”, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for Day 3 – 4, hehe:) Well… i guess we all can excuse you, coz the pic of you “sobering up to reality” was just captivating*winks*

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    Sheylara, I hate you. 3 hours of life before bedtime, that I would have spent seeking the fountain of academic truths. Like a devil, you distract mortals from pursuits of virtue. Your blog ruined my 3 hours of life.

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    @roastbird: Hehe, welcome to the club:) Its like Hotel California, “you can checkout any time you like, but you can NEVER leave…”:)

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    RN1209: Haha, you got your wish of a Day 3 post. :P No worries, I still got tons of posts for that trip! ;)

    heartless: lol thanks.

    roastbird: Hahaha. Thank you muchly. That’s the best compliment anyone could pay me. ;)

    modchip: 5 months is long? I guess that means you’re really a beach buff! :P

    tiger4: Sorry about my site being inaccessible to you over the weekend. I don’t know why, but I know they brought the server down for a while last night to reset the server. Anyway, if it happens again, please do me a favour and do a trace route to and send me the log so I can get it checked by my webhost. Thanks! :)

    heartless: Oops. Ditto what I said to tiger4.

    aig: Haha, another beach buff? I guess Singapore beaches don’t cut it for you. lol.

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    @Sheylara: Yeah, thanks so much!:) But as eager as we all are to read about the rest of your filming escapades, please take your time… there’s no rush, okay?:)

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