The stress of appearing in the media

Whenever I flip open a magazine or newspaper, knowing I will find a write-up about me inside, it is always with a lot of trepidation.

I fear to find myself quoted out of context or, worse, misquoted totally. I fear to see ugly photos of me. I fear to see that I’ve been stashed in a dingy corner of a publication between an ad selling used carpets and another selling egg-beaters.

My interview in today’s Digital Life isn’t too bad. It only has a photo that makes me look like a gerbil with spastic limbs.

I hope people won’t look at it too much. I hope they’ll be distracted by all the other colourful, screaming pictures of games and cartoon fonts and Lara Croft’s assets in the 16-page X08 supplement.

If not, I will kick their butts.

Well, anyway, what’s done is done. See you at X08!

25 thoughts on “The stress of appearing in the media

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    Dont they like tell you when they take a photo for a magazine ;] ?
    anyhow, have fun at the X08, Im hopin for some info about the new NFS, Mirror’s Edge and a few other big ones out there :] .
    oww and btw, what ya think boutFable 2? ign reviev left me with mixed feelings, Id rather trust to an expert like you than some overpayed dude that dosnt really care…

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    aiya, no la, not that bad… Annyway I also found your photo in some marketing magazine.. Heh.. Playing guitar hero I think..

    Have fun in x08!

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    @Devorlast: Apparently, the common practice in journalism is that the subject really has no say on the final draft or pic selection. And yeah, i give considerable weight to Sheylara’s RPG reviews too:)

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    You look great in the picture! It’s the picture that caught my attention while I’m flipping through DL. I even took time off to read the article before I go off to work.

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    I don’t care about the media. Half the things they report aren’t true anyway. (Or are proven to be not true later on). You look great.

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    @Sheylara: Hmm, i think you should feel at least a little better after browsing the comments here:) Honestly, you look better than fine in the article. But I agree with Jaywalk, you do have a high expectation of how your pics should turn out. It is your prerogative, after all:)

    @Monster: Good one, hehe. That got me giggling:)

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    ohs no… butt kicking again…
    there’s nothing wrong with the photo…
    looks just as u would always appear to b:)

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    you look pretty in the photo. you are your worse critic i think. =)

    I will try to go to X08, even if only to watch GF’s band rock, haha.

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    Hey, the age doesn’t add up. weren’t you the editor of Playworks some six years ago? and before that, a journalist at Today? That means you were in your teens when you were at Today!

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    What’s that red flash? Oooo…. *rub eye*

    Hey Sheylara, you look great in the picture! It’s the picture that caught my attention…

    Wait a minute, din I say tat before????

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