Telemarketer scores one over the Goonfather

Uh oh. I think telemarketers are beginning to wise up to the Goonfather. If, one day, he stops being able to tease them, he’s going to blame me, I think.

Here’s the latest Goonscapade with a female telemarketer from a makeover studio.

Telemarketer: Good afternoon, I’m calling from XXX Studio and would like to invite you to our studio for a professional makeover and photoshoot for free.

The Goonfather: But I don’t need a makeover.

Telemarketer: Why don’t you just give it a try, sir? We’ll make you look very nice.

The Goonfather: Are you going to put makeup on me?

Telemarketer: We will do free makeup for you.

The Goonfather: I’m not a girl.

Telemarketer: Actually, makeup for guys is very common nowadays lah. All the male celebrities use makeup to look better on TV and photos.

The Goonfather: Do I sound like a fag to you?

Telemarketer: Hahaha. No lah, it’ll be unnoticeable one. Do you have a girlfriend?

The Goonfather: No.

Telemarketer: Oh. How about any female friends? You can bring a girl to do the makeover and photoshoot together. We have different clothes and backgrounds for you to choose from. We can do very nice couple photos.

The Goonfather: I see. But I don’t have any girl to bring leh.

Telemarketer: Oh. That’s okay, we can do solo photos also. So you want to give it a try?

The Goonfather: How about you be my partner for the photoshoot? We take photos together lah.

Telemarketer: Er… no, I don’t want.

*short pause*

Telemarketer: So, you’re not interested in our offer right? Okay, bye.


I wasn’t physically with the Goonfather when he took this call. But I would have loved to have seen his face when the telemarketer hung up on him.

20 thoughts on “Telemarketer scores one over the Goonfather

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    @Goonfather: Way to go, bro! Me lining up to kiss your ring for that tactic: weirding the crap out of the telemarketer:) i guess it helps that you were talking to a lady, hehe:)
    @Sheylara: Have you ever wondered how GFather’s number even gets on such a calling list? I never get calls for trial makeovers…:)

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    With his comment, the Goonfather stereotypes that only gay men wear make-up on their faces. He can also be misconstrued to imply that all male celebrities are gay and that he has a problem being associated with it, revealing his negativity towards gay men. A remark like that is shallow, discriminatory and offensive even if he may not have meant it.

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    o_O weird…. just had the same call earlier this morning.

    My response? I told the lady I din like my photos taken because I believe parts of my soul gets taken by the camera.

    Her response? Err… nvrmnd, its ok. Thanks.

    I laughed so hard till my colleague was wondering if I had went bonkers.

    And GF ~ you should have put on ur “charming voice” ~ LoL ~

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    Jason: I meant what I said. And there was nuttin negative about it. I did not say that gays are bad. Yes, I do not want to be associated with one of them, same as not wanting to be associated as being a women. But that does not mean I hate women. I love women! It also does not mean I love gays. I am neutral to them. They are just another species of human beings, that’s all. :)

    By the way, not associating yourself as being Jason Tan, Jason Wong or Jason Lim, does not mean you are discriminating the Tan, Wong and Lim family right?

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    Goonfather: I agree that not associating doesn’t mean discriminating. However the term “fag” suggests that because it is derogatory in nature. But like you said, you didn’t mean it. I’m simply pointing out the tone that comes across. =)

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    Jason: It would only be derogatory if he is ashame of himself. And if this group of people wants to be accepted in society, they first need to accept themselves and be proud of what they are. And I believe many of them already accepted and are proud, so for the minority who still look down on themselves, it is time for them to wake up and face the world. =)

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    Goonfather: Please recognise that the word fag is as derogatory as the word nigger. No matter what a black man feels about himself, he IS going to be insulted if you call him a nigger. Likewise with the term fag. There is no excuse for using language like that especially if you are going to be unrepentant about it.

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    You might not know how much the word “fag” hurts a gay person because you’re not one and you do not understand the sub-culture. As Jason pointed out, the word is as derogatory as “nigger” is to a black person. As for your comment, I have to say that it did make a pinch when I first read it. It could have been much better if you had said “do I look gay to you?” instead. “Gay” is not an offensive word but “fag” is. You have to understand the difference connotations of words make.


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    Nope not a retraction or apology in sight. What a cad!
    GF, please look up the definition of cad along with fag cos you seem to be quite nescient. Look up that word too!

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    actually, african american people call each other niggas all the time, dawg!

    i still think goonfather pwned the telemarketeer this round leh.

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