SingNet banned my blog or what?

I have received numerous complaints from readers that they haven’t been able to access my blog. Almost all of them are on SingNet.

Today, after many attempts to speak to SingNet technical support, I finally got through by harrassing an operator at the SingTel headquarters.

When I told the tech support the problem, he said, “I can access your website, mam, there’s no problem. Maybe the problem lies in your readers’ computer or router settings.”


This is frustrating, so I am seeking your help. If you have problems accessing my blog, please help me by doing either or both of the following:

A) Send me a trace route report from the computer that can’t access my blog:

  1. Click on Windows Start button.
  2. Select “Run” (bottom right).
  3. Type “cmd” and click OK.
  4. A DOS window will appear. Type “tracert” and hit enter.
  5. You will see funny strings of words start to appear but it will get stuck halfway. Once it’s stuck for maybe a minute, do the following:
  6. Right click on the window and select “Select All”.
  7. Press Ctrl-C to copy the screen.
  8. Press Ctrl-V into your e-mail. Mail it to me at:

B) Call SingNet to complain so you can tell them what’s the error message.

Thank you for your help! I hope to have this issue fixed ASAP.

40 thoughts on “SingNet banned my blog or what?

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    Yeah. Singapore ISPs have been having problems with American servers for quite awhile now (a few weeks at least).

    Previously Starhub users (me inclusive) were only able to visit your blog (& mine) after about 3 minutes of trying to connect. While we’re okay now, SingNet users now are unable to visit our sites.

    There is a deadnode somewhere along the way (I’m sure you also know that after doing trace route). At least Starhub still tries the alternative route after the node times out, SingNet just render the connection dead.

    I didn’t even bother to call cust support with my findings. They would have just asked my to reset my router, or plug it straight to modem, etc.

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    @uzyn: thanks for the explaination. Ya, typical customer support response. It’s like they have a standard answer sheet or flowchart.

    @Sheylara: I actually sent you the trace route report some time back. Gonna do one last testing tonight to prove that it has nothing to do with my PC/modem/router problem before I bring my hellfire to Singnet. >:(

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    for singnet (esp mio users), u guys may wanna try this (if u can read it, that is).

    set ur proxy setting (for IE, it’s under ‘tools’>’connections’>’lan settings’) to & port:8080.

    shld be able to access then. ^^

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    my office uses singnet and there’s one day where i couldn’t access to your blog the whole day.. msn goonfather if ur website was down but he could access… i tried IE, mozilla and opera also same problem… but when i got home, i could straightaway access ur blog (using starhub broadband)..

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    Last time it occurred to me, it is caused by something that the web host changed. SingNet didn’t ban your blog, it just take a damn bloody long time to propagate. You could point out that accessing through the SingNet proxy server worked and without proxy it doesn’t. Perhaps that would make them look the issue more closely. :)

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    shelyara you jibai flat face, if it won’t affect your traffic cum your earnings i doubt you would be so gan cheong as to organise a ‘revenge’ campaign against singtel.

    You damn ji bai stingy flat face kuku ni na ma eh. Damn stingy and greedy and top blogger wannabe. PUI!

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    i Singnet user here … I aso cannot access your site

    I need to use a proxy ( to view your blog

    Hope the deadnode issue rectified … very mafan

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    tiger4: Yup, I received it, thanks very much! Although now I can’t find it… it’s kinda hidden in the 600 emails still waiting for me to clear in my inbox. O_o But I need more info, actually.

    iconaster: Thanks. That’s good to hear. I don’t understand why some SingNet people can access while others can’t!

    cowg0esm0o: Will changing the settings affect anything else, like surrfing other sites or whatever?

    Wang Wang: Thanks for the feedback!

    Ralph: Heh.. good for you!

    KahWee: What do you mean the webhost changed? You mean webhost of my blog? It hasn’t changed… I’ve been on the same host for years.

    sheyhehe: My deepest condolences for the trauma you must be going through. I understand, my friend! It’s not easy being a sad, angry person. :(

    Relax: Thanks! Heh… what did Sarah Palin do now? I stopped following about a couple weeks ago.

    uncle sha: Hmm… ok thanks for the feedback!

    Darren: Cool :)

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    hi sheylara, is not about how much you drink, is about how you react after your drink. you may want to learn more on how to protect yourselve than piss off your mood…cause human are always curious and eager to see how pretty girls like you, your reaction & response to suitation when they knew no bikini shows…so be cool ggf…hope this helps you! ^_^

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    Oo didnt know ya got so many haters there… hate hate hate!!! ;]
    as for site problem, is it korea only problem? Im in US, usein government [USN] network and got no probs accesing your site what so ever… Btw I hope ya get luckier soon, first the maxim thing now this bs…

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    More trolls I see… First question: Why? I’ve never got it. If you are a jerk and you really, really want to be rude to someone then the internet is suitably anonymous, but surely all you are doing is showing the WHOLE world that you are a jerk… I dunno, seems a little self-defeating to me.

    The other question I have to ask is: If Singnet users can’t access the blog then how will they be able to read the instructions?


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    @Sheylara: Thankfully, I haven’t had any problems accessing your site since the last time this issue was highlighted:) And good answer to that totally unwarranted assault. Polite, cool, mildly sarcastic, but elegantly done. Attagirl!:)*thumbs up*

    @Jesta: Ah yes, its the blogger’s Catch-22, hehe:) Unless its like Youtube, where the comments are actually sent to your e-mail if you’ve subscribed to the individual article previously.

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    cowg0esm0o: Cool! Thanks for the tip!

    Superman3110: Er… you lost me there, sorry. How does a bikini show fit into this? :P

    Devorlast: Not many… only one. Haha. Maybe the rest are just silent. ;) By the way, I’m not in Korea. I’m in Singapore. ;)

    Jesta: Because I know there are users who can access my blog through other machines like at work or at school, so they’ll see my message, then. Plus, I also have the instructions plastered all over Facebook, haha. :P

    RN1209: Thanks! :)

    Relax: Heh. I read about the latest fiasco about her $150,000 wardrobe. That was quite funny. But I think the media can be quite harsh at times!

    Maria: Cool, thanks for that1 :)

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    I happy, no problem accessing your blog. though I am a bit slow on reading your blog nowadays. keep up the good work!

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    @heartless: Bro, pai seh… i actually quite new to Sheylara’s blog, but when I was browsing her site I left comments in really old posts as well. So it doesn’t really count lar, hor…:)

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    is good to hear that you turn maxim down on the appearance they request you during the interview. somehow they twisted your honest answer to something else later when they knew that there will not be any bikini pics from you…got it? ^_^

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    My home connection (Singnet) wouldn’t access the blog, but once I put in the proxy it was ok.
    Strange… Singnet say that you have to have the proxy for foreign sites, but I have only found that it is this blog that needs it…

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    @Superman3110: Err…. wrong section… :P

    @Jesta: Works for me too but I just realize using this proxy, some sites like Yahoo Finance and my blog are not updated even if there are changes to the sites. So back to Square One for me. Gonna kick some poor Singnet tech support ass this weekend.

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    @Devil: Been doing some tweaking, this works for me.
    1. Assuming you are using IE7, go to internet options.
    2. Under general, clear your temporary internet files, cookies and browsing history.
    3. Now go to Content in internet options, click on clear SSL state
    4. Go to advance and click on restore advance settings
    5. Now, go to connections and click on LAN settings
    6. Under proxy server, click on the checkbox for Use a proxy server for your LAN.
    7. Set your proxy setting to, port:8080.
    8. Click on apply and ok to close. Now you should be able to access HURRAY!

    But this still does not spare Singnet from my ass kicking…

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    For those using firefox like me,

    1. Go to Options, under Privacy->Private Data. Click on Clear Now. Clear cookies, cache and browsing history
    2. Go to Advance, under Network tab. Under connection->settings, select Manual Proxy configurations and set the proxy as you would for IE7.
    3. Restart browser and that should do it.

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    ok I give up, time to pull the google map up and check wheres Singapore before I make myself look like even a bigger tard ;]

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    @tiger4: Err… pai seh, when did this happen? Or has the problem been fixed already… Anyway, don’t worry lar. You’re among friends here what…

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    SIngtel is full of pain for me since i switch over from Starhub! especially the unforgiving ping lag for Warhammer! oh yes, im starting to wonder did sheylara ban me after seeing me in X08? haaa

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