Sheylara in My Paper

Today’s Gamer Girl Friday has been replaced by a newspaper cutout of my interview in My Paper.

[Click to enlarge]

(I know you’ve seen this photo taken by Justyn for my Fashion Diary. I guess the editor likes it, too.)

By the way, I was joking. (About GGF being replaced.)

But please don’t expect too much of it today. It will be short and late because I was abducted by aliens some time this week (but I can’t talk about it cos they made me sign an NDA with maple syrup), which really ate into my personal time.

So, for now, please read my interview and my Star Blog article!

Thank you for your maple syrup.

14 thoughts on “Sheylara in My Paper

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    @Sheylara: Yay! First post for this thread:) But wow, you’re fast! I’d just only saw your interview on page A23 after lunch. I went online to send you a comment, but there’s your article, all scanned:) Yup, its definitely a great pic selection (although i’ve said before, smile lar…)
    Oh btw, Aliens? Maple Syrup? What the…? but i guess that’s you living up to your promise of never being boring, huh:)

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    ^ Oops, tiger4 beat you! :D

    Anyways, gratz for being in the paper again Sheylara! Keep it up!

    By the way, I was joking. (About GGF being replaced.)

    Thank God. Whew! :D

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    Evil QY. Was drinking tea while reading your blog. Your Alien + Maple syrup had me coughing out tea and now my keyboard has lipton tea smell!!!

    Grats dear!!! I am very happy for you!! Let’s celebrate this joyous occasion after my exams!!! ^_^

  4. Avatar”Wow,being.lazy.again.>_>”



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    tiger4: Thanks, tiger! Yeah, I guess I’m seeing some results now, but I’m still working very hard. Haha… where is the “sit back, relax and reap what you sow?” :P

    RN1209: Heh, I was alerted to this article by a friend. Honestly, I always depend on my friends to tell me whenever I make an appearance anywhere because I never know myself, lol.

    modchip: Thanks! lol.

    Anloo: Thanks! :)

    Dominic: Haha, your spacebar really broke? That’s kinda funny… never heard of such a case before! Hope you get a new keyboard soon!

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    wah… u all so fast comment…
    did anyone had problems entering QY’s blog?
    dunno y i keep being not able to enter here till now…

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