Secret stories behind the things I carry

This is a totally embarrassing topic, to say the least. But if duty calls for public embarrassment, then I shall have to rise to the occasion.

The whole world shall now learn of my secret alter ego: I am a kiasu hypochondriac.

To start off, I have to explain first that the most memorable thing about me is that I carry gold bars with me wherever I go. Or so my friends and acquaintances would have me believe.

“OMG,” they will say, “Your bag is so heavy!! I think you have gold bars inside!!”

This is my bag:

I use it for all occasions (both work and leisure) because it’s the biggest bag I can use on a daily basis without giving my parents the impression that I’m trying to elope.

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21 thoughts on “Secret stories behind the things I carry

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    Sheylara: What’s amazing is that I’ve actually seen that Nike bag, and I STILL cannot believe you’re able to stuff all those items in there:) Its like an RPG, ya know? Your inventory list of weapons and potions (and the size of your backpack) isn’t usually displayed realistically onscreen:)

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    Finally! I can read Sheylara blog again. It’s a torture these 3 days @ home without NO access to the blog. Argh…..

    @Sheylara: Like you, I carry everything with me in my bag although mine is not as big as your *blush* Medicine, my trusty thumdrive, umbrella (yes, I’m a guy) etc. Better to endure the weight of carrying those extra stuff than caught died without it, right? But 3 phones? And why carry the ipod when u have the iphone?

    Anyway, just make sure you dun get the suspicious looks when you put the bag under your seat when riding the MRT. ;P

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    I used to like to read articles on stuffs inside people’s bag. Maybe u should add a survival tin in your bag.

    Hmmm…. birth control pills? :P

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    Actually, I can relate to you. As there are also stuffs that I don’t really need but I still bring with me always. =P

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    modchip: I wish! ;)

    tiger4: Eeks, so sorry that my blog isn’t accessible for you! I still don’t know what the problem is!! O_o I carry the iPod cos the iPhone battery life isn’t that good. And I don’t want to be caught with a dead phone in the middle of the day. :P

    Thanks for the meme suggestion, but I don’t like memes lah. :P

    Relax: What goes in a survival tin?

    Monster: Haha, that’s all I can fit into it and all I can carry without breaking my bones, lol. :P

    hyperX: Haha… I could never beat Doraemon!

    lawless: Yup, call me auntie.

    Anlooo: So is your bag really big? :P

    Mince Pye: Yeah, remind me to use it on you next time we meet. :P

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    @Sheylara: Dun tink my problem got anything to do with your blog. Tested with 2 real computer and 1 virtual one. Heck, I even tried to access your blog with my PSP but still failed. It could be my modem/router or worse Singnet problem. The debugging journey continues…. :(

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    I seem to remember you using it on me plenty of times already, just that you don’t bring it out and wave it around for added effect.

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    Singnet seems to be having an issue with their DNS.

    If you are using a router, set your PC’s DNS (under TCP/IP settings) to:

    Secondary DNS:

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    I carry not as much as you but is enough to make my bag really messy. I can never seem to find the things I want in my bag. Ha. Does your bag end up being very messy and hard to find stuff?

    And gosh. The weight seems to be pulling me down, making me feel even shorter each day :(

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