Join me in Star Blog tonight!

That’s right!

I’m inviting you to come and stalk me tonight!

And I won’t be able to ignore you because I’m bound by contract to interact with readers (and stalkers) at Star Blog every Wednesday night, 9 pm to 10 pm (GMT+8)!

Star Blog

Just post your stalkerish comments in my post here and see what I do!

So, comin’ or what?

I’m not entirely serious about the stalkerage.

Just be nice!

And, like, you don’t have to chat with me only. You can also chat with your other favourite Star Bloggers at the same time.

Go nuts! :)

14 thoughts on “Join me in Star Blog tonight!

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, you’ve got a really funny way of inviting your loyal fans, but that’s the Sheylara we all know and adore:) Yep, hope to be able to log on and see you tonite!

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    hey man… at least u were there….:)
    i totally forgotten bout it:(
    onli rmb-ing there was sumtink i was supposed to do…:(
    sorrie QY:(

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    @modchip: Yeah bro, at least you managed to drop by and show your support:) I wasn’t even able to log on to the Net yesterday night…

    @heartless: I also join you in apologising to Sheylara…:)

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    I managed to chat.. only a little cause I didn’t know what they were talking about. Something about durians, hehehe. :)

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    modchip: It was quite funny when you showed up after it was over and said you were late. Haha, thanks for that!

    limboy: That’s alright. :) But then, what’s wrong with reading my posts even though you don’t like Stomp? My posts are different mah… :P

    heartless: Haha… no worries lah. There will still be other weeks! :P

    RN1209: Thanks, pal! And it’s okay, don’t have to apologise! ;)

    timmy: Where were you??

    Cornflict: Er… don’t have webcam lah. It’s actually more like comment chat, not live chat. Haha.

    sw: Thank you. I hope you liked the post!

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