I did NOT become a gamer to meet guys!

I almost died of shock when I flipped open the November issue of Maxim and saw my interview.

The first question is: “Did you start gaming to meet guys?”

Apparently, my answer is yes. (!!!)

Lucky I had my stress ball with me that day or I would have burst a few hundred of my capillaries. Instead, I squeezed the Goonfather’s arms and burst his capillaries. (Yes, I’m quite strong. Read this if you don’t believe me.)

Here’s the Maxim interview (click for larger version), but don’t believe everything it says!

This interview was conducted through e-mail because the PR agency handling my interviews told Maxim that I don’t do bikini or lingerie (or similar) photoshoots, so they decided to just e-mail me a bunch of questions and use a photo from my Xbox photoshoot.

They sent me 12 questions and but only five made the list. (I guess if I were editor of Maxim, I wouldn’t want to spare more than a page for someone who isn’t half naked, either.)

That’s quite alright. I’m happy enough with a page.

But it is killing me that they have made me sound like some desperate bimbo who has to resort to gaming to find a boyfriend.

My life is officially over!

This is what’s printed on the magazine:

Did you start gaming to meet guys?

Yes. Three ex-boyfriends were from Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). So is my current one. My social circle is about 80 per cent gamers, and guys outnumber girls.

The following is the original Q&A from the e-mail interview:

How long have you been gaming?

Since I was seven years old. I’m not going to tell you the number of years! :P

Did you get started to meet guys?

You mean in gaming? Yes. Let’s see… my last three ex-boyfriends were from MMORPGs. My current one is, too. Well, my social circle has been about 80% gamers since MMORPGs existed and guys always outnumber girls by a lot in our real-life guild outings.


During the e-mail interview, I had thought that the question “Did you get started to meet guys?” was just a badly-phrased version of: “Did you start meeting guys through gaming?”

And look at the first question again, which they left out of the article.

How long have you been gaming?

Since I was seven years old. I’m not going to tell you the number of years! :P

How is it possible that I started gaming to meet guys at seven years old?

It is not possible for anyone who has read the unedited interview to come to the conclusion that I started gaming to meet guys, so I don’t know how the interview ended up the way it did.

I feel wronged.

You might think it’s a small matter, or a small misunderstanding. But it’s very serious for me because it affects my reputation and my credibility as a gamer, which in turn affects my career because gaming is part of my career and source of income.

How could anyone now see me as a serious gamer if everyone starts believing that I started gaming to meet guys?

I started gaming when I was seven because I love games!!

Anyways. I’m done ranting. Thanks for reading and here’s the original, unedited version of my e-mail interview.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Where did you get the name Sheylara?

I’ve been playing RPGs since I was, like, seven years old and I loved creating unique names for my game characters. I’ve created tons of names but Sheylara is my favourite. I’ve been using that name for all my characters in MMORPGs since Ultima Online.

By the way, Sheylara.com was first a gaming website I made while playing Star Wars Galaxies. I was a very sought-after fashion consultant in the game and I made game clothes for players, so I had this website to showcase my creations.

How long have you been gaming?

Since I was seven years old. I’m not going to tell you the number of years! :P

Did you get started to meet guys?

You mean in gaming? Yes. Let’s see… my last three ex-boyfriends were from MMORPGs. My current one is, too. Well, my social circle has been about 80% gamers since MMORPGs existed and guys always outnumber girls by a lot in our real-life guild outings.

If we game against our girlfriends, should we let them win?

Of course not. What’s the fun in cheating? And you don’t have to let us win. We’ll beat you easily in games that we’re good at. I’m good at music, puzzle and party games.

Why should gamers listen to you for advice about their Xbox?

I like to think of myself as an objective and credible source of gaming information. While I’m representing Xbox, I still maintain my own gaming column (Gamer Girl Friday) in my personal blog. I talk about other platforms besides the Xbox so I won’t endlessly plug the Xbox just because I’m paid to endorse it. I’ll tell you my honest views about any game or any platform because I’m passionate about gaming and I take this passion quite seriously.

What would you say if someone asked you to make a house call?

Great! Let’s play The Sims Online and I’ll pay you a visit there.

Have you gotten any unusual or interesting queries online so far?

My favourite question is this: “Sheylara, are you forced to wear the same white outfit every time you go out as Sheylara the Xpert? And if I look into your wardrobe, do you have a whole row of the same white top and pants?”

What’s your favourite Xbox title? Why?

Currently, it’s Tales of Vesperia because I’m both an RPG and anime fan. Tales of Vesperia totally rocks as both RPG and anime! You know, when I was writing a review of it, I couldn’t think of anything bad to say about it.

My next favourite game will be Guitar Hero: World Tours. I love music games! And the song Chop Suey by System of the Down is going to be in it! That’s like the best song — okay, one of the best songs — ever.

What sort of game genre are you into? Why?

Fantasy MMORPG is my all-time favourite because I’ve always been fascinated by medieval fairy tales and mythology. So, to actually be able to experience such a setting personally is like the most wondrous thing in the world.

Well, also, in MMORPGs, I can be really sexy and have humongous boobs.

Are you into Role Playing? If yes, what sort of character would you be?

Um… sexy and humongous boobs? Haha. No, really. My fantasy character is a beautiful princess who’s intelligent and spunky and good with knives. I meant that in a medieval swordfighting sense, although my princess carries twin daggers. Er… she’s actually a character I created for a game quest some time back. Her name was Sheylara and after I created her, I stole her name and used it for myself.

What about Cosplaying? What do you think of guys who cosplay?

I love cosplay. I would do it if I had the time. People who cosplay are super cool, whether male or female. I would love to date a cosplaying guy but then my boyfriend wouldn’t like that too much, haha. Oh yeah, because he’s a Star Wars fan, I told him if we’re ever getting married, he will have to cosplay a Jedi at the wedding. If not I won’t marry him. Haha.

Who are better gamers — girls or guys?

Guys will always be better gamers because they’re more willing to be obssessed over games. And if you spend an inordinate amount of time at something, you’ll naturally get good at it. :P

44 thoughts on “I did NOT become a gamer to meet guys!

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    Once again, another victim at the vicious hands of magazine/news writers. You have my sympathy.

    Though to be honest, I guess it is a rule for them to try and spice up the interviews so as to garner more readers.

    Did you call them to scold them?

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Sigh, I never thought I’d see the day that I feel terrible reading about my friend in a magazine. Like what spankalot says, my heart goes out to you. We all know that you’re anything but “a desperate bimbo who has to resort to gaming to find a boyfriend”, and anyone who thinks so based on that awfully edited Q&A isn’t worth your attention.

    But on a lighter note, Maxim is shutting down in December 2008 due to poor readership. So maybe, no one that matters will have read and remembered the Q&A. Besides, there’s a great-looking pic to distract ’em, right?:)

  3. Avatar

    Sorry to hear the injustice you suffer. That’s the bad things about these Men’s magazine, all their questions are aimed to get some sexist answers from the ladies.

    We all know how intelligent, witty and of course pretty you are. IMO, it is the GUYS who become gamers (especially xboxers) so that they get to meet YOU!

  4. Avatar

    @tiger4: You may be closer to the truth than you think, bro. Luckily I was playing X360 offline for at least 1 or 2 months before Sheylara was appointed (though I’ve been a gamer in general for way longer) hehe:) But still, I WAS glad to make her acquaintance on Xbox LIVE.

    @Sheylara: Just curious, how long ago was this e-mail Q&A? Coz the LIVE timetable is outdated. Switched to Thu & Fri in Sep liao…

  5. Avatar

    Spankalot: Haha, no I didn’t scold them. No point lah, the magazine is already out.

    modchip: I guess it’s expected.

    Minou: lol, seems that way, doesn’t it? So does that mean that guys prefer bimbos?

    RN1209: Thanks for the sympathies! I feel better now that at least I know my blog readers know the truth. :P Maxim is shutting down so soon? I didn’t hear about that! I submitted the interview answers in mid September, so probably the magazine was laid out around that time.

    tiger4: Heh, thanks for your nice comments, especially your last line: “IMO, it is the GUYS who become gamers (especially xboxers) so that they get to meet YOU!” It’s funny! Haha.

    Precious: LOL. Don’t have lah! :P

  6. Avatar

    Hey Sheylara, that’s great injustice. Are you planning to revoke and get them to print a correction or something? Like you said, your reputation is kinda at risk to those that really do not know you. You ARE a public figure.

  7. Avatar

    Well, I wouldnt expect much less from a magazine like maxim, the good thing is that people who actually matter to you [friends, family, etc.] knows the truth, and so what if a bunch of loosers who has to read a mag on how to get a girl thinks something else :P ? btw, this may actually get you more fans just becose theyd think that this q&a was true ;] . was that like Shanghai/Korea maxim ed or world wide?

  8. Avatar

    iconaster is right, us the hot blooded sex starved peons should plain boycott Maxim cos they never put QY in a bikini.

  9. Avatar

    @Devorlast: Its the Singapore edition of Maxim, been around since 2004. And I have to admit that I was one of the early subscribers for 24 issues, hehe:) This incident makes me wonder about all those “interviews” I read. I don’t remember thinking much about them, though. But Sheylara does have a justified cause for personal concern if the editing is in blatant disregard for context.

  10. Avatar

    Now I call that a truly lame responsibility by this men’s magazine… they shouldn’t manipulate people like that, its damn irresponsible on their part, truly injustice… there goes their name in my books, a bunch of unethical journalists…

  11. Avatar


    Since I probably know you the longest………we’ll not talk about how many years….I can absolutely verify that you DID NOT start gaming to meet men! Mad people! Stupid people! You don’t need to start gaming to meet men! Idiots!

  12. Avatar

    I’m sorry if it sounded mean..but welcome to the media…i’m an actor too,so i will definately see this coming.Sheylara,if you watched a lot of dramas,when the ppl in there have problems with the media they always say”As long as you guys think i am,but i think i am not what you say,i’v got nothing to be worried about”

    The media are people who actually exerggerate things to a critical level.That’s their job.So long as a person does’nt let the media or any other people get to their head.It’s really fine

  13. Avatar

    So you were 7 years old when you decided you wanted to meet guys? :O

    Heh, that’s such a sleazy thing to do, but can’t say I’m surprised, journalist hacks like the one who put the article up usually take statements out of context just to come up with something juicy.

  14. Avatar

    @Kaylin: Yah, I remember that article over the weekend papers! My wife and I were saying that if our boys ever think like that, we’d smack them over their heads:)

  15. Avatar

    aiya, men’s megazine is like that one mah. must spice things up abit, else readership will drop like a rock. heng I heard you say that you didn’t do skimpy shots, else I’ll go buy liao. :P

  16. Avatar

    chong: lol… you’re going to be really busy.

    modchip: Really. They could just claim that it’s a simple case of misunderstanding.

    lyk13: Well, I’m hearing that this issue is the last issue of Maxim before they shut the magazine down… so I doubt it’s gonna be possible to print a correction.

    Superman3110: Huh??

    Devorlast: Huh? You mean people will become my fans if they think that I started gaming to meet guys? lol. :P This is Maxim Singapore, by the way.

    iconaster: Well, perhaps.

    Jesta: Haha… good. thanks ;P

    aig: I guess it doesn’t matter to them anymore… since they’re shutting down.

    Monster: Thanks cuz!

    Keith: That’s okay, you don’t sound mean. This isn’t the first time I’m misquoted and I know it won’t be the last time, either. That’s why I talk about it in my blog… so I can right some wrongs, at least. :P

    heartless: Doh. :P Apparently, not enough people are buying it anyway.

    chronnus: Hahah, yeah, I was a desperate seven year old. lol.

    Rinko: lol, I remember when I was seven, boys were irritating and disgusting to me :P

    kaylin: I read through the article and all the comments and I’m inclined to think that half of it is true while half of it she was misquoted and/or taken out of context. I think it might be a case of ask question A to get a certain answer, then later change to question B to make the answer have a different meaning. (Like what happened to me, lol.)

    quar: Haha… well, you can still buy it. There are many skimpy shots of very chio ladies in there. :P

  17. Avatar

    You misinterpreted “Did you get started to meet guys?” as “Did you start to meet guys?”. While the questions and your answers were edited for printing, it’s obvious that the original meanings were kept intact and that the editing was done simply for brevity. Complaining about being misquoted when the only person who made a mistake was you does the reporter a great injustice and makes you seem doubly bimbo-ish.

    A real misquote is like the one in the DL X08 article where they “misquote” your age as 25.

  18. Avatar

    Even if Sheylara misinterpret the question, the reporter should use his/her common sense to figure that out from the answer to the first question. 7 year old only and wanted to date already? Wow, I know kids mature early today but this early?

  19. Avatar

    i agree with Seriously. its Sheylara’s fault that she mis-interpret it. I spend at least 5 minutes trying to find the difference between “Did you get started to meet guys?” and “Did you start to meet guys?”.
    But I understand that she didn’t want it to turn out this way.
    She probably feel very embrassed. I mean what if guys who read Maxim saw her on the streets?

    To tiger4, fyi. I have a 7 year old sister who mingle around with boys constantly. And Maxim said “meet guys” not “date”.

    I think Sheylara should think “Oh no, its my fault for mis-interpreting the question” instead of “Maxim got it all wrong”.

  20. Avatar

    and I’m glad Sheylara made it clear that she didn’t start gaming to meet guys on her blog. I mean, at least she cleared the misunderstanding Maxim readers will have after reading that article.

  21. Avatar

    Seriously. and username.: If you’re trying to trip someone using their words back at them, at least do yourself a favour and read the article carefully so as not to embarrass yourself. :)

    >> I spend at least 5 minutes trying to find the difference between “Did you get started to meet guys?” and “Did you start to meet guys?”. << Of course you couldn't find a difference, because both are meant to be the same. I wrote the second statement to show that it's the same as the first statement. So, in actual fact, your comment supports my argument. Thanks very much for you support! :)

  22. Avatar

    well, from a psychological marketing point of view, this might be good for you. reason being, people pay a lot more attention to people whom they believe there is a chance of reciprocity. hence, if someone thinks you actually play games to meet guys, then his subsequent attention towards you would actually be much higher. Nevermind ( i just drank shitloads of wine)

  23. Avatar

    @Seriously / Username: I know this is a little late but let me attempt to shed some light on the difference between the two sentences (at least to me).

    “Did you get started to meet guys?” – The meaning is pretty clear from this question (i.e. the implication arising from the answer “Yes” is what Sheylara’s upset about)

    However, the 2nd sentence “Did you start to meet guys?” actually has 2 interpretations.

    The 1st interpretation is the same as the above question (as you two pointed out).

    But the 2nd way also carries the meaning of “Did gaming lead you to meeting guys?” which is what Sheylara’s answer was meant to address. I mean, at the very least, the columnist could have clarified this point after receiving her replies, right? That’s what due diligence is, and it applies to any field, even if you are writing for entertainment fare like Maxim.

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