God is a Woman — Day 3

Filming in KL — Day 3
Oct 8, 2008

Today was like the climax of our trip, with all the heavy-duty scenes scheduled. Most of them I can’t talk about (or show pictures of) because they’re spoilers.

But I’ll talk about our bitch fight scene.

Maria and I had a fight scene in this dirty alley.

It was quite awesome. We did it so realistically that one Indian auntie actually ran up to us to try to break up our fight in the middle of a take.

Kan was really proud of us afterwards. He said, “That auntie paid you the highest compliment actors can receive.”

Here’s a before-fight photo of me:

Here’s an after-fight photo of me (my hair should be messier but then my hair could never get messed up naturally):


This is a real scratch I acquired during the fight. Not makeup.

But it wasn’t really bad. It has healed since.

The more jialat one is my middle finger.

Two weeks later, now, it still hurts when I touch it or flex my finger.

I heal slow. That’s why my favourite X-Men character is Wolverine. I really envy him. Plus Hugh Jackman is…

One word: Swoon.

I cannot resist men with long floppy hair!

I also collected about 15 or more scars and bruises, as well as lost a substantial bunch of hair, but I’d better not scare you with a montage of gory photos like one of those Chinese medicine roadshow posters.

Here’s just a mild example (photo of my right forearm, taken three days after the fight scene):

Anyway, that was quite fun. The fight scene, that is.

We went back to the rubbish dump later in the day. The rubbish pile had increased considerably after just one day.

For comparison, this was taken on Oct 7:

Oct 8 (from roughly the same angle):

It wasn’t drizzling today, so the smell was stronger than the day before and there were more flies and rats around (yech).

Nevertheless, cast and crew (which consisted of only five people) doggedly pressed on.

At the end of the day, we rewarded ourselves with bananas for dinner.

You know how eateries in Malaysia have plates of bananas sitting around for the taking?

Okay we didn’t really have bananas for dinner. We just ate some while waiting for our real food to arrive.


He said, “I love bananas.”

He’s such a weird person!

I will do a separate post on food in KL another day!

15 thoughts on “God is a Woman — Day 3

  1. Avatar

    Yay! Take that, Messrs Modchip & Tiger4, hehe:)

    @Sheylara: Now that I’ve gotten THAT out of my system… wow, you girls can really throw down! My heart actually hurts a little seeing the cuts and scrapes you sustained. I shudder to think what Maria looked like after the fracas.
    I don’t know much about shooting a fight scene, but shouldn’t there have been some kind of choreography involved to minimise such injuries to actors?

  2. Avatar

    Nice job RN1209, haha.

    Poor finger… :(

    Anyway, that guy in orange shirt looks like he wants to grab you’re banana. Or maybe thinking — why is Sheylara’s banana bigger than mine. LOL.

  3. Avatar

    Nice job RN1209, haha.

    Poor finger… :(

    Anyway, that guy in orange shirt looks like he wants to grab your banana. Or maybe thinking — why is Sheylara’s banana bigger than mine. LOL.

  4. Avatar

    @RN1209: ??? What is this obsession on being the 1st commenter???

    @Sheylara: Wow, you gals really go the full monty in acting the fight scene. The fight must be better than those cheap acts we see on WWE. I bet Maria must have got it far worse, if not why there is no photos of her? LOL

  5. Avatar

    RN1209: LOL, you finally got your wish. :P Maria looked the same after the fracas. Haha. I was the only one with scratches and bleeding all over the place. O_o (Will explain more in answer to other questions).

    There was a bit of choreography involved, but then because this is a low-budget production, we didn’t have a professional stunt coordinator and stunt men and stuff. So we decided to go for broke and make it real. Plus this isn’t an action film so the fight scene isn’t supposed to be glamorous like Hollywood fight scenes, with closeups and slow-mos.

    modchip: Haha… I seriously don’t know what he was thinking when we took this photo. :P This was a second photo actually. When the first one was taken, Dean had just finished his banana and throw the skin away, so I peeled another for him and made the guys pose for another photo. haha.

    JayWalk: He managed to finish his main meal, actually. (I didn’t mention this in my blog but Dean wasn’t the amazing eater for the day. It was our director and our temp stylist. They both ate THREE FULL MEALS each that night to challenge each other. And I mean meals like chicken rice, nasi bryani, kuay teow soup, chicken chop, etc.

    spankalot: Haha. Yeah, it felt very real. Maria and I broke down and cried after our scene.

    heartless: I can’t wait to see it too! But have to wait at least half a year. maybe a year. :(

    Cornflict: Yeah, without professional choreography, if we fight half-heartedly, it will be very obvious on the screen.

    Maria didn’t have external, visible wounds like me, lol. She just said both her arms felt sore and bruised after the fight from my grabbing, I think. And she had a few very light red marks on her face.

    Relax: No lah. Like I said to RN1209, our fight scene isn’t going to be glamorous like Hollywood ones. It’s going to be very street and gritty :P

    tiger4: I didn’t take any photos of Maria after the fight because firstly, she’s quite camera shy for some reason. Plus we were both traumatised and shaking after the fight scene and I didn’t want to traumatise her any further. :P

    But it was really quite fun and exhilarating for me, doing the scene, despite all the injuries.

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    wow I can already imagine your fight scene in my head. pretty intense. no one called the police?

    does maria need some consoling after the fight scene? If I was there I would have volunteered? hehe.

  7. Avatar

    I wonder if its going to be anything like WWE, the only interesting part of that soap opera/”wrestling” is when pairs of girls wrestle eachother ;] . Is this going to be some kind of a short story movie like those on youtube that won some awards lately [cant remember the name of the event, winner was a movie about a new teacher and hes first day at school]? Wouldnt be suprised if I see you at Oscars 2009/2010 ;]

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