God is a Woman — Day 1

I wrote this post over two days on Notepad while travelling (and in between filming). It’s my third day in KL now but I feel like I’ve been here forever!

Because I have a lot of trouble getting an Internet connection in most of our filming locations and even at the hotel, even when I’m willing to pay for it, I can’t do on-the-spot live blogging in little bits as I originally planned.

So, here’s a delayed but extended blogcast.

Filming in KL — Day 1
Oct 6, 2008

9:20 am

I’m waiting at a bus-stop for my director to pick me up. I’m a little embarrassed about carrying so much stuff. I’m expecting him to gasp in shock when he arrives.

9:30 pm

He’s here and he’s not gasping at my baggage. Phew. We drive on to Maria’s place.

Maria is my co-actress and this is her on the right. She’s so pretty I could stare at her all day. ;)

9:50 am

After getting her, we shoot a short sequence.

And then I take over the wheel and drive us to the Tuas Checkpoint because our director wants to film me driving.

This is Kan Lume, our director, and an award-winning one at that. He’s framing a shot on his compact camera.

He’s a one-man-crew for this film because he enjoys DIY filmmaking. And we’re working on an experimental film with the working title of “God is a Woman”, about two women travelling to KL to seek their fortunes as models.

In the drivers’ seat, I manage to delay our trip by making two wrong turns, which is typical of me. (I had warned Kan beforehand and he was very aware of the risk of giving me the wheel.)

11:30 am

We get through both Singapore and JB checkpoints without much incident and stop at a nearby petrol station to shoot.

There’s a pink bus at the station. Cute!

I have a solo scene in a smelly male toilet while Maria has one in the car.

It’s really quite cool. I’ve never had an acting gig like that before, where we shoot while we’re travelling. Like a road trip movie.

It even feels like we’re really on a holiday.

12:20 pm

I’m now in the back seat of the car, trying not to get nauseous as I blog on my tiny MSI wind as we speed along the North-South Highway.

3 pm

We stop at a rest stop and Kan turns me and Maria into stuntwomen.

We climb up and down this treacherous hill (decorated with sneaky loose pebbles and mimosa) about three times. Kan sacrificed two of his t-shirts to protect our hands as we scrabble up and down the hill.

And then I get intimately acquainted with some tall prickly grass up on the hill.

What fun!

6 pm

We meet up with our Malaysian co-actors, Dean and Nash.

Dinner at a semi-posh Italian restaraunt which boasts strange toilet signage.

It takes me the second visit before I vaguely understand how either duck represents each gender.

8 pm

More filming at Dean’s apartment, which is just one minute walk away from Hotel Istana. Dean has wireless access so I snatch minutes in between shots to upload a short blog while the guys set up.

10 pm

Maria and I are released to check into our hotel rooms. OH MY WHAT A ROOM.

Maria and I have separate rooms.

Apparently, this hotel is a favourite among many dignitaries.

I have a view of the Petrnoas Twin Towers.

The broadband charges, though, are RM15 an hour. Might as well kill me now. Plus it is super problematic, with faulty network cables and dodgy connection.

2:15 am

I am ready to drop dead now but I have a restless sleep because I’m freezing. Turning the thermostat up by 10 degrees C doesn’t seem to do much.

5 am


19 thoughts on “God is a Woman — Day 1

  1. Avatar

    Woah nice. Your travel/shooting-log is already sort of like a prelude to the movie.

    BTW, I still can’t make out what the toilet signs are supposed to signify. Someone enlighten me please.

    Have a good trip in KL!

  2. Avatar

    Oh! That Luggage!!!

    I wanted to get it then Kerr gave me the evil eye look.
    Well…buying a bunch of cosmetics for a luggage is bound to get me the evil eye look….

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Three pieces of luggage over a 6-day shoot? Hey, don’t worry about it, that’s nothing. I know ladies whose cosmetics and cleansing regime ALONE take up that much space:) And thanks so much for sharing your escapades with us despite going through such a long day! Can’t wait to read more, but do take a rest when you can (and i mean from blogging too:))

  4. Avatar

    @uzyn: Hmm, i think the Bluish-Green should represent the male gender, coz ducks of that colour are usually drakes. But, since i can’t turn the ducks over, i guess we’ll never really be sure, hehe:)

  5. Avatar

    Roadtrip movie…reminds me of one of those old hope n crosby road movies…road to rio, road to bali n even road to SINgapore!!

    Yr co actress is a hotter, ‘eurasianized’, ‘less lian’ version of Mindy Ong!!!:)

    Any Singaporean actors in the movie?

  6. Avatar

    uzyn: Thanks for being the first to post! Hehe! :) Well, about the ducks, the general consensus is that blue is a more masculine colour while yellow is a more feminine colour. And the yellow duck has a hole in the middle… hahaa. :P

    tiger4: Yeah, I’m missing the road trip already! And yes, I was meant to look like I was taking a dump in the woods, haha.

    modchip: “BTW, what were you doing in that grassy area? ^_^”

    Answer: I was posing for a photograph. Don’t let your mind wander! :P

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Thanks lots! I wish I could have blogged more while I was there, but it was quite tough!

    Jesta: Well, I’m working on it… slowly and surely turning everything I own pink. :P

    Minou: Aiyah, you should have told me you wanted it… cos I could have gotten it for you! The amount of Ettusais cosmetics I bought recently is enough to get two pieces and more. O_o

    RN1209: Wah, thanks for the assurance over the luggage. But honestly, I don’t know any girls who have more stuff than me!! (I mean in terms of daily necessities!)

    heartless: You mean I look shagged in the photos? lol. I don’t feel so myself, but thanks, anyway!

    JawWalk: Yes, you can continue to wonder. I’m not telling. :P

    Cornflict: I would if I could! (Get more rest, that is.)

    Anlooo: Yah lah, my co-actress is so pretty that now I’m getting numerous requests from people to intro… haha.

    kynes: Haha, yeah now that you mention it, she does look a little like Mindy in that photo. Well, but it’s just one photo! Maria IS Singaporean. :) And so am I. Haha.

    quar: Why must it be a dump? Why can’t it be a leak?

    Wang Wang: Yes, dear. YES the hotel is awesome!

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