GGF#22: I want to kick you

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I’m truly sorry. I wanted to talk about Fable 2 today, and I know many people are expecting it, but I received an e-mail yesterday stating that Fable 2 reviews are embargoed until Oct 20.

(But I can still answer questions, so all is not lost!)

And the good news: That means I have time to cover more of other stuff to keep non-RPG fans happy!


Table of Contents

  1. Sheylara wants to review Fable 2 but it’s embargoed
  2. Latest X08 news
  3. Are you the world’s fastest gamer?
  4. The Goonfather plays Tom Clancy’s EndWar
  5. Xbox Xpert search heats up!
  6. Get an exclusive invite to X08 launch


Sheylara wants to review Fable 2 but it’s embargoed

So here’s a silly video, instead!

Please go to the YouTube page and click “watch in high quality” because the compressed version makes my face look like the Mystery Killer Blob of Pixel Heck.

And here are answers to questions I received in YouTube.

Fable II Q&A

Q: Is the maximum number of players for online co-op 2 or 3 or 4?

A: It’s just 2.


Q: What is the leveling like? Does your character have levels like in Diablo and caps at 99, or is purely by the XP. If its by XP, then wouldn’t that mean near the end, everyones character can just max out every skill thus everyones character be the same? I hope I’m wrong about this :D.

A: Your character doesn’t gain levels in the traditional sense, like Diablo. What happens is that your Abilities gain level. Abilities in Fable 2 are broken down into Strength, Skill and Will. Each of these are further broken down into more options.

As you fight stuff, you gain experience points depending on HOW you fight and what type of weapons you choose to use. So, like, the more you use a style of combat, the better you will get at that. So, in a sense, your abilities level up, not your character.

You could end up having a completely different hero from a friend’s because of the way you fight.

I have a video showing the different kinds of abilities you could have. Will upload that when I get a chance to!


Q: I would like to know if there are consequences for using the Pub Game Glitch.

A: TBH, I don’t know, because I didn’t take advantage of the Pub Games exploit. (Not because I’m like really noble and honest or what, but because I suck at gambling so much I couldn’t even get enough points to start making use of the exploits, lol.)


Q: I want to know how and where she get these things.

A: By being the Xbox ambassador for Singapore and a gaming journalist.


Q: Why do girls think they can jump ahead of everyone else when it comes to games? Example: frag dolls. wtf.

A: It has nothing to do with gender. It has to do with jobs. Guys can and do get games early, too, if they work as game reviewers or editors.


Q: ………this video seriously makes me wanna kick you…..

A: Why, thank you! :) *blush* I feel loved!


If you have more questions, ask them in the comments here and I’ll try my best to answer them!

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Latest X08 news

For the clueless, X08 is the biggest Xbox event in Singapore, ever! And it’s happening just a week from now!

Here are some of the highlights of the event:

Xbox LIVE Gold members, remember to sign up for Fan Nite before Oct 22 to receive your exclusive X08 Goodie Bag, while stocks last!!!

Non-Gold members can also enjoy Fan Nite activities; you just won’t get a goodie bag; but come join in the fun, anyway!

More info on X08 here.

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Are you the world’s fastest gamer?

The good people at World’s Fastest Drummer have come up with the gamer’s version of the World’s Fastest series, so EVERYONE GO TRY IT AND MAKE SINGAPORE PROUD!!!

This game will make you go crazy, assuming your hands don’t break before that. I’m serious.

You have to press the A and L keys as fast as you can for 60 seconds.

And then you have to do it again.



Until game over (if you fail to achieve the required score to advance).

I played a total of six rounds in succession before I died. My hands hate me vehemently now.

My highest score for a 60-second round is 712.

What’s yours?

Play World’s Fastest Gamer now.

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The Goonfather plays Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Tom Clancy’s EndWar (scheduled release on November 4 for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and NDS) is an RTS with a difference. It has a voice command feature which allows you to order your troops around using a headset that connects to your console.

Here’s a video of the Goonfather trying out the VIP demo.

(Please do not watch it if you’re under 18 or have sensitive ears towards coarse language.)

((You have been warned.))

He really enjoyed the game. He says it’s a “MUST BUY GAME!!!!”.

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Xbox Xpert search heats up!

As the deadline for submission draws near, we are starting to receive more entries from applicants to be the next Xbox Xpert!

[Click to watch]

I am soooo excited. I can’t wait to find out who’s going to be my new partner-in-crime!!

If you haven’t submitted your video, do it quick, before Oct 22!

This is your one chance to get one of the best jobs in the world! ;)

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Get an exclusive invite to X08 launch

The X08 official opening ceremony will start at 4:30 pm on Friday, Oct 24 (at Marina Square Atrium), and I have two pairs of tickets to give away for that!

Guests to this exclusive event will enjoy:

  1. An exclusive goodie bag.
  2. Meeting Lara Croft up close and personal.
  3. Access to private rooms to try out upcoming M18 games.
  4. Hanging out with me (haha).

If you want an invite, please post a comment before Oct 21, stating:

  1. Why you want it.
  2. How many tickets you want. (1 or 2)

Please only request tickets if you’re very sure you can attend the event (bearing in mind that it’s happening during a work day afternoon — Friday, 4:30 pm.)

If I give you the tickets and you don’t turn up, it’ll be really sad for people who really want them but can’t go because I gave the tix to you, right?

Now, convince me that you deserve the tickets!

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I just ate a bunch of really sappy grapes, causing my tongue and palate to feel all puckered and gross.

I hate when fruits do that.

What does that have to do with gaming?

Nothing, really.

I just thought we should have a bit more balance in life. Be a gamer, but don’t neglect your fruits (even if they’re sappy)!

[Gamer Girl Friday]

37 thoughts on “GGF#22: I want to kick you

  1. Avatar


    Why I want it?
    I am Microsoft’s greatest supporter staying in the West side of Singapore. I have a XBOX, I use Microsoft applications at work, I support the brand … what more can I say??? :)

    I just need 1 ticket.

    PS: I am the “first” to ask for the tickets, so that counts for giving me 1! Yippee!

  2. Avatar

    lawl the goonfather made my day. “unit 4 very relak right, can sit down there right” thanks for the cool post and the extremely hilarious video. =)

  3. Avatar

    Tickets for me please. 2 If possible. Anyhow, EndWar looks great. Have been waiting for it.(And GOW2 and RE5 and Dead Space and….you get the idea) Hope to catch you at the event

  4. Avatar

    im here on my phone trying to access that fastest gamer game, thinking that it would be easier to play with thumbs, but it wont load! hahahaha!

  5. Avatar

    Wah… after trying for 2 days, ican finally load this website. I think your blog must be flooded with people causing it to hang on me…

    Is fable 2 a must have game? Cos I wanted to get fable but review for it was not as favourable. Hope that this is a much much better game.

  6. Avatar

    Why I want the tickets? Never been in a Microsoft event and I want to see GOW2 preview. GOW happens to be my only xbox 360 game completed. I need 2 tickets!!!

  7. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara ~

    1. Receive an exclusive goodie bag?
    2. Meet Lara Croft up close and personal?
    3. Get access to private rooms to try out upcoming M18 games?
    4. Hang out with me?

  8. Avatar

    Hi Sheylara,

    1. Receive an exclusive goodie bag?
    A. ^.^ COOL ~~ I luv collectibles ~

    2. Meet Lara Croft up close and personal?
    A. ^.^ would love to take photos with her ~

    3. Get access to private rooms to try out upcoming M18 games?
    A. I probably get stuck in there and play till the end of X08….

    4. Hang out with me?
    A. >.< thats if Goonfather don’t mind…. *senses a chill*

    I deserve it because I have taken a halfday leave for it? And because I wanna drag Kuronos31 aka Penguin ( because he is a penguin fanatic ) along to go, I humbly request for 2 ~~

  9. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Wah, I really missed a LOT last weekend… wasn’t anywhere near the Internet until Monday morning (though I did spend some time with me X360 yesterday, hehe). But, better late than never, I guess.
    Another stellar edition of GGF, awesome stuff!*thumbs up* With respect to the launch tix, as much as I want them so badly, I belong to that pitiful class of people who have meetings scheduled during that time:( Still, it doesn’t mean I won’t be at X08 later…

  10. Avatar

    I want to go hehe, but I can’t since GF is going too. We both cannot get away at the same time. I will need to stay at ofc. I will just wait for all the pictures and videos that you will take in the event and post here. =)

  11. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Wow, 712? Great job, six rounds is tough! I only managed a 686 one time. I scraped by coz I got a couple of “In the Zones”:)

  12. Avatar

    Keith: I think the EndWar graphics is really good and it looks fun. Although I’ve never actually played any Tom Clancy games before, I think this one is going to raise the standard quite a lot..

    modchip: WOW 735 is good! I should try again but I’m lazy, haha.

    neghxanys: Games and CEs are imported by retailers and I don’t have info on them, so I wouldn’t know if the Fable 2 CE would be available in Singapore. But I believe it will be. How could they not import it in?

    miahmiahcat: Yay! Glad you like the video!

    heartless: lol.. I’m not the one doing kicking lah. I think more people want to kick me. :P Hmm, I didn’t receive RA3, so maybe no review. :P

    Aicee: That’s weird. What ISP are you on? I don’t think my blog is receiving any more hits than usual. :P Of course Fable 2 is a must-have game. Don’t need to read review.. just get it!

    RN1209: Thanks for the compliments! Well, I’m glad you can make it to X08 even if you can’t attend the launch. See you there!

    Anlooo: Awww, so sad. :( I don’t know if I can take videos and pictures at the event since I might be busy. Will see if I can convince someone to help me. :P

    tiger4: Wah a Foyce fan! Haha. Do you know her personally?

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Hmm, no idea. I checked my spam folder and didn’t see any of your comments get caught in there. Just one of those things, I guess.

    Morte/Dominic/Zhiwei/SpiritAngelo: Thanks for your interest in the launch tickets! Wish I could give all of you, but sorry I only have 4 tix, so have to choose. :(

  13. Avatar

    Ugh. I wanted to get into the hi-scores table but I couldn’t make my total score go over 6,000 points. I guess I’m not hardcore enough. 748 was my max in a round now. Haha!

  14. Avatar

    Ok, just wanted to ask, what’s the Midnight Club: Los Angeles contst about? If we get to win one of those Midnight Club LA Limited Edition Air Jordan II sneakers, I would want to take part :D.

    And what’s in the goodie packs?

    2 Tickets, ok?

  15. Avatar

    @modchip: Bro, 748 is amazing! What’s even more amazing is that you are able to play this game in broad daylight. I mean, didn’t anybody notice the banging of your keyboard in the office?:) Maybe you played it at home, huh:)

  16. Avatar

    No, I played at home — got 735 then. Then I went to my friends place, played at notebook, I got that 748. I actually tried accessing it thru my phone too, but it did not load. So addicting. :))

  17. Avatar

    tiger4: On the contrary, there are actually many people who feel that the Xbox Xpert shouldn’t be a pretty face. They want real and hardcore gamers. Haha.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Check out Digital Life tomorrow (Wednesday). All the info that you need will be in there, unless it’s info that MS doesn’t want to reveal yet. Like the goodie pack… they want it to be a surprise. :P

    heartless: hehe! thanks :)

  18. Avatar

    To my PC: I WANT TO KICK YOU! Why dun you load Now I can only come in here when I am in office. How to be #1 commenter during the weekends like tat??? :P

  19. Avatar

    @tiger4: Hmm, apparently we face similar problems, bro. I also can only view with a decent speed using my office network. Not that I need to be #1 commenter any more, hehe… My wish already granted:)

  20. Avatar

    @RN1209/Aicee: I actually did a trace route with my home PC and send the report to Sheylara so that to help her find out what is the problem. Mayb you both can do the same too. Will try access this site with my VMware virtual machine from home later to ensure this is not my PC problem. My poor “concubine” has been taking a lot of flak from me lately… LOL

  21. Avatar

    @tiger4: The connection seems alright now. Anyways, it looks like your fave Foyce gave up and pulled down her vid. I think there was just too much negative feedback from the gaming community. Poor girl, its not really her fault at all. Its just a bad fit:)

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