Get rich on used condoms

A thousand foreign workers will be moving in across the street from my apartment.

That’s okay. I was planning to sell my apartment and move out, anyway.

Oh, wait.

No one would want to buy my apartment now that they know they would have to be neighbours with foreigners of an unknown origin and dental habits.

Shucks. What am I going to do now? This is so going to dampen my plans to live a normal, happy life.

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15 thoughts on “Get rich on used condoms

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    @Sheylara: Not too sure when you’ll actually read this, but how’s the response to your Twitter update so far? Do you have any further details as to the requirements of the shot location?

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    @Sheylara: Glad to hear that you’ve got the film shoot location all sorted out:)

    @Modchip: Yah, man… Black Sabbath on mobile phones, some more:) Simply hilarious!:)

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    God! You really do have some serious jerks as company in the Star Blogger room.
    Your article was good, but the twats you share a page with… Not impressed…

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    @Relax: Bro, if that’s what you saw in Sheylara’s post, then I think you missed the point entirely:) In fact, that’s precisely the kind of Sheylara humour we all enjoy here:)

    @Jesta: Hmm, I may agree with you somewhat for one or two of the articles, but I wouldn’t go so far as to whack their personalities:)

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    modchip: Metalheads aren’t bad at all. I’m a metalhead myself! Haha. Sort of. ;)

    RN1209: Thanks very much for concern and offer for help with my location. Appreciate it! ;) And for understanding my humour.

    heartless: I don’t really understand…. what half here half there? :P

    Relax: I hope you’re joking! :P

    Cornflict: Well, it’s not their fault, lol. They don’t get to choose where they stay.

    Jesta: I’m not really sure what brought on your strong reaction… but I don’t really think anyone’s a jerk. Sometimes we just write what we think readers want to read. :P

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    @Sheylara: Err, just in case you really didn’t understand heartless, its referring to your Star Blog article… you started the first half here, but then linked the other half to Stomp… i thought it was pretty cool too:)

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