Fashion Diary #21: Pure Oasis

I’m gravitating towards simple dresses these days because I simply don’t have the time to come up with crazy fashion creations, mixing and matching too many items and risking looking like a circus freak.

So, dresses (and minimal frills) it is.

I’ve always wanted to have a dress I could wear to the beach but have never quite found the right one in all my years of searching. I think I have just found it!

This outside of this dress is a bit suede-like, you know, kinda fuzzy. Just thought that’s an interesting fact to highlight. And yes, the strap is part of the dress and does not belong to a bra, in case you’re wondering.

Photos by Justyn Olby.

Dress by Dressabelle.

Today’s Fashion Diary is sponsored by Dressabelle, a Singapore-based blogshop featuring tons of pretty dresses (and occasionally separate tops and bottoms), with new stock about once a week.

Such great timing that I found them at a time when I’m into dresses!

So, like, this time, I dragged Justyn down to the beach at East Coast Park to do this photoshoot for me (last week), and it’s like a zillion miles from his office. How nice of him!

Oh yeah, I wanted to bring a belt to wear with the dress but I forgot because I had to wake up at 6 am for the shoot and my brain doesn’t wake up that early.

Well, I think the dress turned out quite nice without the belt.

22 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #21: Pure Oasis

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    tiger4: hate to disappoint you, but there are such things as strapless bras…

    I think that the dress looks good without the belt too.

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    @Sheylara: Wah, no wonder that day you so tired. The photoshoot was at the beach! After that, still got other program some more. Anyways, you look really lovely in that outfit, well chosen!:) but hor… what’s with the pouts? I think you look really good in the “smiling when you run” pic :)

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    Hi Hi Hi

    Haven’t commented for a while (been away).
    I just managed to catch up on all the entries I missed.

    You look fantastic.
    Will wait for your blog on your KL trip. =)

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    The first one in my opinion is the best. It sorta tells a story when you look at it… innocent island girl, waiting for her first love to arrive kind of stuff. :D

    Let’s not forget to thank Justyn for bringing us these lovely pics. :D

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    Out of 5 photos i prefer the 4th one… especially the right leg slightly flexed and inverted, and yr facial expression is perfect to disclose yr youth and the real u… well done… :p love it!!!

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    Thanks for all the compliments, people! I’m glad you like the photos and the dress! All thanks to Justyn and Dressabelle! Haha… I am so PR, cannot stand it, right? :P

    shin: The straps can’t be tucked it. They’re actually sort of leathery material, so quite thick and hard and will create a bulge if tucked in. The only way is to cut them off~!

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