Bak kut teh


Today, I am going to seduce you with pictures of bak kut teh!

I think it looks delicious.

But it’s not delicious!

It’s just all right.

I forgot to take a photo of the shopfront since I wasn’t too impressed by the qualilty of food, even though the place is supposedly quite popular.

As a note of interest, I’m having dinner while writing this post. (Really.) I’m having a bowl of KOKA Spicy Marinara Instant Rice Noodles.

I just came back from the last day of shoot for God is a Woman. Writing bo liao posts is my way of dealing with post-production blues (this time is real) so…


See you tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Bak kut teh

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    @Sheylara: So “God is a Woman” is a wrap? Yay! Congratulations! (although i know, now your REAL blues will follow, but hey, all of you made it!) In any case, I can’t wait for the film’s distribution:)
    By the way hor, i found the mini yew char kway, fresh-cut chili, kangkong and even your Koka noodles a lot more seductive than the BKT (i can’t eat mah…hehe:))

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    oh my…. oh gosh…
    i am so seduced…. by ur first photo…:P
    although the bak kut teh looks quite gud…
    u won over the bkt:P

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    Hmm, God is a Woman huh. Will it be shown here? And BKT is NOT good for health >_>. I personally find KOKA noodles much healthier.

    Will you be at X08? Inteding to go for the fan night but I don’t have a gamertag YET. (Xbox has to break down at crucial times, don’t know why)

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    From the background, it looks like Leong Kee Klang Bak Kut Teh at Sultan Gate along Beach Road. Is it?

    Tried there once, and I find it quite nice. Different people have different taste.

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    And still… I’m the ONLY person to take a stand against this sort of gastronomic pornography! It’s disgusting…
    I will be writing to MDA!

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    Will I be having my weekly dosage of GGF? :)

    I like ur first pic, innocently big eyes v attractive :) and you looked thinner..

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    brokenshardz: It’s on Joo Chiat Road, a specialty bak kut teh shop.

    RN1209: Yup, it’s a wrap. But I wish it isn’t! *sob* I really enjoyed the shoot! Hopefully the film will be out next year!

    heartless: lol, funny! :P Thanks for voting for me over the bkt, though. Nice one! :P

    Dominic: I don’t know if GIAW will show in Singapore, tbh. It’s a bit controversial… dunno if can pass our censorship board. :P And are you saying that instant noodles is healthier than BKT? hehe.

    Yes, I’ll be at X08 on Fan Nite!

    Cornflict: Not really lah. lol.

    JayWalk: Thanks!

    tiger4: Hmm. Mine is in Joo Chiat, not the Beach Road one. Haven’t tried that. If it’s nice, I might give it a try some time!

    modchip: Haha. *blush*

    Jesta: Don’t resist anymore… it’s bad for your mental health! :P

    quar: Yah! Correct! You ate there before? You like?

    Wang Wang: Yes, dear, it’s coming soon! :P Hmm, I guess I lost some weight after my trip in Malaysia. Tried not to eat too much cos cannot have flab on screen, haha.

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    @Sheylara: Well, if “God is a Woman” won’t be shown here, then we’ll have to depend on you to get copies for us to watch:) You can start your Paypal button so that we can order the film online:)

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    ooooh..if it is the 24hrs one..i tell u..i have been eating there since i was like in primary school which is like at least 10 years ago!

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