Win 5 copies of Norton Internet Security 2009

Yes! This is a revolutionary product that everyone needs, and FIVE happy people will win a Norton Internet Security 2009 software, which comes with a one-year subscription. Get protected against the latest viruses and security threats!

Read about the features here if you haven’t already. The product is currently in beta, but it will be released any time soon. If you want a copy when it’s out, join this contest now!


  1. 5 copies of Norton Internet Security 2009
  2. 5 Norton luggage tags

NIS 2008 for illustration only. Actual prize is different:
Norton Internet Security 2008

Norton luggage tag:
Norton Internet Security 2008

Let’s do something fun instead of a lucky draw this time. Read the instructions carefully! :)

How to win

Perform a few easy tasks to earn points! Top five point-earners will win the NIS 2009. The next five will win a luggage tag! Easy, right?

How to earn points

  1. Tell us about an encounter you had with a computer virus or hacker or security threat. Post it in the comments. Points will be awarded based on how interesting your story is. [Up to 20 points]
  2. Blog about this contest and link to this post. Then inform me by posting a comment here. [5 points]
  3. Answer four questions on Internet security. The questions will be released within my daily blogs, so keep an eye on my blog from tomorrow onwards to spot the questions! Once you have all four answers, e-mail them to me. [5 points per correct answer].


  1. Last day to complete tasks is Sep 15, 2008.
  2. In the case of a tie, a randomiser will act as a tie-breaker.
  3. When sending me e-mails, please tell me the name you use to comment here if you want your points credited correctly.
  4. You do not have to perform all tasks to qualify for the contest, but you want as many points as possible to win!

Thanks to Symantec and for sponsoring this contest.

Alright, now. Let the contest begin!

45 thoughts on “Win 5 copies of Norton Internet Security 2009

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    Well this is how my story goes:
    One very fine day, i was sitting in my computor chatting away on the MSN Messenger. Suddenly, i saw my friend saying that my picture on this particular website!!! a LINK was even provided!
    Feeling shocked, i followed the link, they wanted me to download some files in order for me to view it, well at that point i was very curious, so i did what the website told me to.
    The next thing that happened was multiple messge to everyone online on my MSN list saying that their picture was on that Virus website. Man.. i had to uninstall my MSN, go through a 6-hours long scan, reinstall MSN messenger back before i could it.
    Come to think of it, it’s very smart of the virus creator, knowing almost every youngsters out there uses msn messenger, the virus can spread easily like wild fire and the message they put is so tricky almost anyone would fall for it.
    **End of story, hope u enjoyed it**

  2. Avatar

    heartless: Haha, don’t worry. It’s very easy. :P

    WishBoNe: Thanks for the blog! :) I’ve sent you an e-mail!

    muscular: Aww, sorry to hear about your experience! But I’m glad you managed to clear your virus. Thanks for the story! It’s a good warning for other people too! :)

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    This was my encounter with a virus…. I was online during a regular weekend when I decided to download Winrar to unzip my file I had copied from a friend (psp game), i just searched the installer randomly and just downloaded it, I installed it and suddenly my computer went nuts, a msgbox keeps on popping that I have a virus and that I have to install “AntiVirus2008” for it to be removed (link to the installer provided by the msgbox)… So dumbly,I installed it as normal and it scanned by system, then alerted me that it found a virus! But I had to pay for the full version to get it removed, again dumbly I entered my CC number and off it went, my payment and my CC information was at their disposal… I had to immediately call the bank and cut my credit line to avoid being conned… I had to call my friend ‘google’ to help me remove it, it was a malware type of virus that cost me 50+USD… so readers beware, this is a very cleverly made virus to trick you to paying them and getting your credit info…. ***The End***

  4. Avatar

    Last day to complete tasks is Sep 15, 2009.

    Shouldn’t it be Sep 15, 2008 since Norton usually releases their new range of internet security during October? Winning it a year later imo there’s no point

  5. Avatar

    Kopi: Yes. It is Sept 15 2008. She was rushing out this article, and getting confused with current year 2008 and NIS 2009. lol! She gave up her long awaited iphone collection again, for this article to be delivered on time

  6. Avatar

    This happened two years ago where the entire office network was hit by a virus. We managed to trace to one of the two terminals in the Accounts/HR department as the source of the virus.

    A check on the logs and we discovered that some one has visited quite a number of porn websites and must have click one of those malicious pop-ups, thereby install it to the terminal and infecting the rest of the office network. Mind you, quite a number of the sites were very hardcore stuff that would even make a pirate blush.

    Prime suspect was either the Accountant or the Customs Officer who are the only males in the department. However, since no one in the entire department was willing to own up, I had no choice but to pass the RMB 300 repair bill to split among all the staff in the department.

    I supposed when it comes to money affairs, department solidarity goes down the toilet right away.

    30 minutes later, the girl from HR owned up.

  7. Avatar

    *Off topic*

    Was Elvenblooding in Facebook and saw this ad:

    “Xbox LIVE Xperts
    Meet Sheylara on Xbox LIVE Free movie tix for new Gold members”

    Good advertising!!

  8. Avatar

    In year 2000 while I was in UK assigned to work at Head Office for 6 months. During that period was the time that the ‘I Love You’ virus came out and I received the ‘I Love You’ email from the Brit girl that I fancy who I thought fancy me too coz she is sending me email. I opened the file attachment and my pc also got infected and started sending out ‘I Love You’ emails also.

    Lesson learned: Don’t open attachments from people you are not aqcuainted to even if she is very hot. haha =P

  9. Avatar

    The entire camp’s system was shut down as a defence mechanism, and the offending PC was indentified.

    As it was a shared PC, no one owned up to using it when the virus was introduced, via usb device as shown by the system logs.

    A person’s name came to mind and he was interrogated.

    Naturally he denied everything, including the fact that he was carrying portable media. His bunk was thoroughly searched, and eventually a PSP was found.

    Finally he confessed to using the PSP to download… a flash game that was freely available on the WWW.

    Went to detention barracks for 2 weeks.

    Not for introducing the virus, but for stealing his bunk mate’s PSP.

  10. Avatar

    aig: Wow, that was a very clever virus… haven’t encountered that one before! Lucky you caught on soon.

    kopi: Yes, you’re right. It was a typo. Thanks for spotting it! ;)

    JayWalk: OMG. I wonder how they managed to get the girl to own up. Must have been super embarrassing.

    K: Haha. Observant, aren’t we? :P

    a@ron: Thank you!

    heartless: Hardcore female?

    tiger4: lol.. the way you put it, sounds like every man’s fantasy.

    Anlooo: Hahahaa. That’s really sad, getting a virus from someone you have the hots for… then like you can’t be angry with them!! lol

    nerdie: WAhahahaah. Your story’s twist very good. :P

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Ah, well. :)

  11. Avatar

    Hah, well, the questions won’t be hidden if that’s what you’re asking. :P I’m trying to make it not so difficult lol. It’ll just appear together with some post of the day unexpectedly, but if you’re reading my blogs daily, you’ll see it definitely. :P

  12. Avatar

    The Goonfather & Sheylara: She would probably be the last one I suspected coz she was the petite and quiet one in the office. Talk about looks being deceiving!

    Anyway, it was obvious that the department knew it was her but nobody want to be labeled as THE SNITCH for telling me the culprit. However, when it comes to money matters, there is no loyalty amongst these folks and I supposed either she tell me herself or the rest of the department will do it for her who would be even more malu.

    She quitted after 2 months.

  13. Avatar

    I had many encounters with virus cause I game alot too, so i’ll share 1 with you!

    Recently, I decided to reformat my computer cause of old age. Old age gets virus, just like old folks gets sick easy. Backing up all my games, I reformatted my computer.

    Now with a “Clean” computer, I decided that I would install an anti-virus first, to prevent viral attacks. Just when I was cracking my head over it, my dear friend offer me a piece of illegal anti-virus! I clicked on the icon cautiously, and tadah! I kana 3 trojans straightaway!

    Very unwillingly, I reformatted my computer yet again and I still live without an antil-virus against the cruel world of the internet.

  14. Avatar

    JayWalk: Oh no, sad that she had to quit over this. But I guess I wouldn’t hang around either if I were her. OMG but whatever was she thinking surfing porn in the office!

    And thanks for the plug with your… FACE on the box! OMG lol.

    Cornflict: OMG that has to be the most ironic tragedies in the world! lol! Well, okay maybe if you win NIS 2009 you can have a fresh start! Haha. Thanks for your blog entry!

    modchip: lol, well, I don’t want to make contests too hard for people. And anyway I don’t have time to plan really creative treasure hunts. But maybe one day I will. ;)

  15. Avatar

    This happened about a month ago.

    On that day, I turned on the PC. After startup, a web browser popped saying that I’m not protected from malware & other malicious thingies and that I can do a free scan yada yada…. I knew it was some kind of adware, so I closed the browser and attempted to remove/fix it. The first thing I did was run my AV, then my anti-spy just to make things easier. My AV did not catch it, but my anti-spy did. I gladly rebooted thinking that it’s all fixed, but when I reached my desktop to my surprise, an error occured (messagebox) and my desktop is all white (I cannot change it)! Plus, whenever I attempt to change my desktop or right-click on the desktop, the error pops again — so annoying! The error box nags me about a url that cannot be found… So using this info as reference, I spent a few minutes tracing where the error box was referenced from (which I think is a remnant of my previous attempt) and finally found it in the registry… deleted it, rebooted, but after reboot — arrrrghhh… it’s back again! After hours of rebooting, going into safe mode, scanning, tracing… I almost gave up. Then I thought, “maybe one more reboot will do the trick.” But again, it’s still there. Out of desperation, I just moved my cursor all around the desktop like a psycho then suddenly, I noticed that the moment the cursor goes on top of the screen, something appears on the top of my white desktop. After further inspection – hey, it’s a close and minimize button! I quickly clicked X and *boom* my desktop reappeared! I went back to the registry, deleted the malicious entries, rescanned, rebooted — all clean again (at least that’s what I think).

    That must have some extreme coding involved, because I did not know that you can create a window that is over the desktop but under the desktop icons. It did not cause major damage on my side (except for te wasted time) and I don’t know where it came from.

    That is my story.

    *The end*

  16. Avatar

    I had sometime with windows 98 catch a virus that don’t let me update the signatures of the antivirus. So i found the file was crashing every time rename it and replace by a new one and i get update and remove the virus.

    Thanks i hope, if still have the promotion of NIS, that i win…

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