“What attract readers to reading blogs by Sheylara, Dawn Yang, Xiaxue?”

A reader sent me this link and said, “Hey, you’re in the Dawn Yang and Xiaxue league!”

And I’m thinking, “Right, thanks. Should I start moderating comments now?”

So, here’s the link. Sharithstar asked this question in the iAnswer page in Infocomm123:

What attract readers to reading blogs by Sheylara, Dawn Yang, Xiaxue?

I wanna know what attracts people to read their blogs.

In the same vein, I also wonder why the Goonfather likes slapstick and how people can eat boiled chicken breasts with no seasoning whatsover and not die of abject misery.

The Goonfather can watch something like White Chicks for the fifth time and still bust his guts and split my eardrums guffawing like there’s no tomorrow.

Seriously. You don’t want to be in the same room as the Goonfather when he’s watching slapstick.

I’m digressing on purpose because it’s fun to make fun of the Goonfather. His expressions, each time he confronts me about making him my post-of-the-day subject, are priceless.

Then, in retaliation, he’ll make me sit through another two hours of mind-corroding slapstick. It’s a fair world.

Okay, end of digression.

What I want to say is that I hope readers are reading all our blogs for quite different reasons because I don’t really want to be like anyone else.

I think people read Dawn because she’s pretty and has a glamorous lifestyle. People read Xiaxue because she’s funny and creative and naturally controversial (that is, as opposed to people who become controversial merely for the sake of getting traffic). I hope people read me because I’m pretty and glamorous and funny and creative and naturally controversial.

Just kidding.

I think people read my blog because I’m randomly entertaining. At least, that is what I’m hoping for.

I try to be unpredictable.

For instance, I didn’t post an entry in the last two days because I decided to give myself an MC.

I received a flu virus on Friday from the Goonfather; such a thoughtful gesture. It made me feel really horrible, so I decided to boycott everything (after publishing GGF) and do nothing but lie in bed for two days and watch TV and play games.

But then, my boss (the tyrant that lives in the back of my head) was really horrible and still made me reply e-mails and do admin work which amounted to more hours than it takes to squeeze an orange entirely dry with your bare hands.

In the end, I only had time to play ten minutes of Tales of Vesperia. The rest of Sunday was spent watching an entire season of Heroes with the Goonfather because that is infinitely more rewarding and less painless than watching an entire season of slapstick with the Goonfather. I thank the stars that Adam Sandler does not have a TV series.

So, yeah. I like to think that I’m entertaining because I’m randomly unpredictable.

But I don’t think I really am. I think I’m just randomly random.

I’m also just a sick girl whose flu virus has now progressed to the coughing stage so, tonight, we shall have a showdown, me and the Goonfather. My coughs vs. his guffaws.

Well, perhaps you could just read my blog out of pity.

39 thoughts on ““What attract readers to reading blogs by Sheylara, Dawn Yang, Xiaxue?”

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    Whoa! I have also been infected with flu last Friday! What a coincidence — Hey, the new season of Heroes is coming, I can’t wait!

    And, I read your blog because you’re pretty and glamorous and funny and creative and naturally controversial. ;D

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    @modchip: I totally second your reasons, sir!:)
    @Sheylara: There are a lot of reasons, but I’m kinda sure pity is NOT one of ’em, hehe:) Keep up the awesome work!

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    @Sheylara: On a separate note, “boiled chicken breasts with no seasoning”? What the…? See, its gold like that what gets you traffic, lil lady:)

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    i read your blog because of the creative, funny and entertaining posts u wrote. Reading your blog give a feeling of chatting with a good friend

    Oh… being pretty and a gamer is an added bonus too. Hehehe

    Get well soon… We need your GGF to be on time this friday :P

    P.S. I dun read Xiaxue n Dawn blogs cos i find them very fake…

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    @Tiger4: XiaXue and Dawn are attention-seekers. Real bloggers post on self-hosted WordPress blogs, everyone knows that. Only attention seekers cut corners and use free services such as Blogger or Xanga.

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    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: I agree that Xiaxue and Dawn are attention seekers but I have to disagree on the part of attention seekers using Blogger.

    Not everyone who uses Blogger are attention seekers. I am a Blogger user. I choose it because I know nothing about blog creation and for me, it is the fastest way for me to start a blog and it’s free.

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    @tiger4: I said “only attention seekers use free services”. I think you misinderstood. What I wanted to say was not that everyone who used free services are attention seekers, but rather, it is the attention seekers who prefer to cut corners to use these free services.

    As long as your blog is good, who cares about the hosting service, right? But the way I see it, these attention seekers are misusing free services such as Blogger and Xanga as they attract so much unwanted attention. Besides, it’s not like bandwidth is cheap these days.

    It’s not that they don’t want to blog on a self-hosted blog, but rather, I think they are cheapskates that would waste free and public resources. I mean, it’s reasonable if you’re a normal person only getting a few visitors a day. But they get a few tens of thousands of visitors a day, and it’s simply not fair.

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    modchip: Wow, how weird that we got sick on the same day and we’re like thousands of km away. :P We have Heroes Season 1 & 2 on Blu-ray. I can’t watch Season 3 until it comes out in Blu-ray. And, haha, thank you for your last comment. :P

    nadnut: Thanks babe! :) How’re your exams? Hope you’re taking good care of yourself!!

    Jesta: So the GF is the biggest reason you’re reading my blog?! Oy, don’t let him hear that or he’ll demand stuff in return, lol. Anyway, the GF gave me the damn virus so he’s immune to it already. Bah.

    RN1209: Haha… well, sometimes pity is good also. But thanks a lot, pal! :)

    heartless: I didn’t. I self-medicated. Well, I’m recovering pretty fast for self-medication! :P But thanks for the concern! Just hope the cough will disappear soon. Coughs are usually the hardest to go away. I suppose I will see a doctor if it gets worse and not better.

    tiger4: Thanks for the nice words. :) Well, honestly, why does GGF need to be on time? You still will get to read it once a week, even if it’s a bit late. Hehe. By the way, I don’t think Xiaxue is fake. I mean, she’s very honest about everything and doesn’t hide her feelings.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Actually, Dawn moved to her own domain some time back. She’s no longer with Xanga as far as I know.

    Relax: OMG another evil photo from you!!! gasp. lol. Okay, it’s very very amusing thank you for that. But I don’t think XX will agree. :)

    JayWalk: Thank you! Appreciate your reading!

    Cornflict: lol yeah, my boss is so evil. I’m always beating her up in retaliation, but then I get a bad headache after that. haha.

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    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Ah…. I see your point. Well, that’s the world we live in, especially in Singapore. People misusing and abusing the system for their own advantage

    Sheylara: Haha, actually there’s no obligation to post GGF on time or post a blog entry everyday. Maybe I am suffering from withdrawal syndrome after seeing there’s no new entry on your blog for 2 days.

    btw did you receive my email for the psp pouch?

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    I read your blog cuz you are you! It’s entertaining and for that few minutes or so, I am transported into another free world and relieving myself of work + study stress :)

    So that few minutes is very precious to me, juz like how precious you are to me :)

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    I read your blog coz its simply entertaining, your pretty, funny and we both love to play games… mostly when you talk about the xbox,ps3, games etc, that is when you get my 100% attention and reading concentration… really like your insights and impressed with your knowledge about games considering your a gamer girl… => so yeah, that’s basically it why I read your blogs…. great job, all the best babe…

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    tiger4: Yeah, I know, there’s no obligation. But sometimes readers get demanding, don’t they? ;) But I have no complaints. I am what I am today because of my readers and if they demand, it’s their right! :P

    Wang Wang: How sweet you are, dearie! *hugs* Can’t wait for your exams to be over and my career to be a bit more stabilised, then we can spend more time together! :)

    starm|st: Ahhh, of course!! Thanks for being my friend! I miss gazing upon your sweet face! ;)

    aig: Wow, that’s quite a comprehensive explanation. Very nice, hehe. Thank you so much! :)

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    Hi, just a regular lurker at your blog but felt compelled to come out of the shadows to comment that I love reading your blog daily because of the way you write that shows your fun personality and your knack of making the most mundane stuff so interesting. :)

    By the way, not to inflate the GF’s ego, but I really enjoy it whenever you blog about him, especially his telemarketer pranks! *wink*

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    Nuttin makes me more happy, fulfilling and satisfied than to see tat we all are doing well in our career and I will luv to spend more time with you and club morte! ^_^

    1 month plus to go and I’m free!!! See ya this Sat dear :)

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    I read your blog….Because you are my bestie and of coz I have to support you right?

    Just joking…your writing and wit attracted me most. Followed by your peektures. :)

    Now that I have buttered you up enough, can I borrow your Heroes Season 1 and 2?


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    Hi Sheylara,

    I have posted this post on NearDeals.com. It’s a thesis
    project for my Final Year at NUS. I am trying to surface locally relevant content by using social voting and location based information. Do let me know what you think. Have fun gaming!

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    This is my first time reading your blog and honestly, your personality draw loyal readers to your blog… :D
    So, it is not because of you are ‘randomly random’… :)

    Be confidence to yourself… ^_^

    Nice blog!

  18. Avatar

    rinnah: Thank you very much for being a regular lurker… and for posting your first comment! hehe. :) And I’m very grateful for your kind words. I will try to blog more about the GF’s pranks! Hehe.

    Wang Wang: Eh… where did you two disappear to on Saturday?!

    moralis: hehe… that is so true. But then nowadays when I have time, I will spend it with the Goonfather… cos I feel bad for neglecting him week after week cos I’m so busy with work! (Not that he’s very free also lah, but he’s a bit freer than me. Haha.)

    Minou: Thanks! YES YOU ARE OBLIGED TO READ MY BLOG whether you like it or not! :P All you besties, you know who you are! :) But thanks for reading it because you want to, too. Okay, you can borrow Heroes. I will trade one disc for one compliment! Haha. Kidding. Of course you can borrow Season 1 first. I think we can only finish Season 2 end of the year cos we’re like watching it like one episode per week now. :P

    Zhou Wenhan: ??

    curryegg: Thank you. Very nice of you to say that! :) I appreciate your support!

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    Hmm… on the contrary, I don’t think I have that many gamer readers. I don’t think my gaming reviews appeal to that many gamers because I don’t really review them seriously most of the time. Haha. :P I just enjoy writing more casual and fun style than doing real review style. :P

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    Hello Sheylara..

    Oh my gosh! I was on a hiatus.. I didn’t know it could cause such a stir with running opinions.. I hope my question didn’t hurt no one. It was a harmless curiosity. :)

    I like all three of you. For different reasons, definitely. You guys very lucky or should I put it as talented, your words are being heard by everyone.

    Which could be a good and a bad thing, from the way you may look at it.

    My intention to ask was to get some tips so that probably, I could be noticed by accident. Hehe, Kidding..

    I reckon I love Blogging expressions as much as you…

    So, yeah. Hope you’re up and running by now..:)

    Do leave me a note if you ever drop by my site…

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