We’re getting too dependent on SMS

I’ve been having phone woes for more than a week already.

Oh, before I continue, a very important announcement:

Please DO NOT SMS me until further notice. Because I won’t know who you are and I can’t reply you.

Well, you can still SMS me if you don’t need a reply. But do identify yourself so I know who you are.

Calling would be better.

So, here’s what happened:

On Sep 4, I bought an iPhone 3G.

It worked fine for three days.

I just had some trouble copying phone numbers from my old SIM card to the iPhone. Like, only 20 out of 200 numbers went in. And I don’t have time to manually type in phone numbers, so now i don’t know who’s calling or SMSing me.

On Sep 8, my outgoing SMS broke down. Nobody received my SMSes the whole day and I only realised that late at night.

I was supposed to meet a director for lunch on Sep 9. He tried to arrange a time and location via SMS. When I realised my replies weren’t getting to him, I called, only to hear a voice message saying, “Please SMS me.”

The lunch didn’t happen.

I called SingTel to get help and this guy made me key in this series of numbers, supposedly to fix it. But it only made it worse. Now, when I send an SMS, it will say “Error sending message”.

On Sep 9, I went to the SingTel shop at Golden Shoe, where I was served by a young lady. She looked bored and impatient the whole time and kept interrupting me while I was trying to explain my problem.

She kept trying to pin the blame on the iPhone and asking me to visit Comcenter (where there’s iPhone support).

Until I explained that I had already tested both my phone and SIM card on another phone and SIM card, and found the problem to solely lie in my SIM card.

Finally, she assigned me a new SIM card, which she said would be activated latest the next day (Sep 10).

Well, it’s now Sep 16 and my new SIM card is still not activated and my outgoing SMS is still down.

I’ve been too busy since to follow up on this.

And my iPhone contact list still only has 20 numbers but I don’t want to do anymore until I can use my new SIM card!


You won’t realise that you’ve become too dependent on SMS until you lose the ability to use it.

I never really liked SMS in the first place, although I do admit it’s convenient at times. I just hate it when people try to have long conversations via SMS. If you have something to discuss that requires more than 200 characters to reply, why can’t you just call, for goodness’ sake?

In the past week, I’ve received tons of SMSes which I can’t reply. And I don’t know who sent them.

I wonder if they think I hate them because I don’t reply them.

But I can’t possibly be calling everyone who SMSes me just to say, “Hey, sorry, I don’t know who you are and I can’t SMS you back, but thanks for SMSing me!”

I feel so handicapped. I never realised that SMS has become such an important function in life.

Just for the record, though, I love my iPhone. It won’t port my phone book properly and sometimes it hangs when I zoom in and out too much while surfing the net, but I still love it.

I just feel very troubled that we’ve become so dependent on SMS that it’s become hard to function without it.

21 thoughts on “We’re getting too dependent on SMS

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    So… what’s your number? *jk*

    You look different in your photos here… looks like goth… not in a bad way ok! It’s beautiful. :D

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    Singtel seems to be very effective to me… I changed my line to singtel and the moment I step out of the hello shop, I recieved the confrimation sms.
    How could this happen??

    (lucky I got my C902 instead of the iphone..)

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    heartless: I talk about SMS, you talk about lappy! *bish* :P

    Jesta: Where does it say I’m dependent on the iPhone?

    Ashtar83: Hah, no I don’t. It’s not Zen receiving SMSes and not being able to reply and knowing that the people who SMS you don’t know that you can’t reply.

    modchip: lol. I look Goth in these photos? Weird.. but there’s no black eyeshadow or lipstick or anything like that. :P I think I look different in different cameras, lol. I’ve been looking different since my Lumix broke and I’ve been using my temp Nokia N82, right? :P

    muscular: Yeah, ditto what I said to modchip.

    Cornflict: Argh SingTel must hate me then. I just called them an hour ago, and the guy said I have to go back to the shop again to ask again cos he can’t do anything to help me. ARGH. And my problem is not the iPhone. It’s the SingTel SIM card.

    tiger4: It’s not the iPhone. It’s the SIM card. I tried using my SIM card on other phones and it doesn’t work either. And I used other people’s SIM cards on my iPhone and it works.

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    I feel your pain. I lost my phone without backing up the contact list. Now I am receiving sms which I don’t know who sent it.

    Hopefully, you get to have your sms problem fixed.

    Keep Smiling =)

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    Sheylara: Haha… time to upgrade your SIM card then. U look very pale in your photos. Almost as white as ur iphone. Matching look? LOL

    I bet all the stress, lack of sleep n meals is taking its toll on u. Poor girl… What is goonfather doing? He should be taking care of u mah

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    Anlooo: Wow, your case is worse than mine. I still have mine contacts. They’re just not in the right phone… lol!

    tiger4: Uh, the pale look is from the flash from the camera lah. :P

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    you could import ur contacts from ur sim card to iphone by going into settings then go Mail,Contacts,Calendars,scroll down and u will find ‘Import Sim Contacts’ hope it works i found out about it when i finished copying my contacts into the phone ONE BY ONE and it’s a pain in the A**..


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    if import contact fm SIM din work, try use normal BT fone (e.g. SE fone) sync full contact 2 ur pc/laptop (win/mac) den sync fm itunes into iphone.

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    Ralph: Yeah, that’s what I did. But it didn’t work. It only imported a few contacts over and ignored the rest. I tried a couple of times, same thing.

    heartless: Wow, my virtual punch is so powerful, can give you swollen jaw? Hehe cool. :P

    Relax: Haha, that’s very cute! But I don’t think I look like the cat!! :P

    Daethian: Heheh, cute. :) I don’t like the look of Blackberrys.

    mac: The only normal phone I have is my Nokia 7370 but I don’t have a cable to connect it to my PC. lol.

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    no need cable, using BT wil do.
    aft u sync a copy into ur MS outlook den shld be able sync down to iphone.
    hope u enjoy ur iphone, post blog anytime anywhr…

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