The Goonfather and the bus

Hmm… what should I play today?

Infinite Undiscovery, which is a must-check-out because it’s published by Square Enix (of Final Fantasy fame)?

Or Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, which has received 9/10 ratings from several review sites?


What a dilemma Xbox Singapore has given me.

Or should I play bus?

Playing bus

I got me a little bus today!

So many things to play, so little time.

I think I shall play bus.

Playing bus

Playing bus

Playing bus

Playing bus

So, I was playing bus when the Goonfather came into the room.

His eyes lit up like a kid’s in a candy store as he exclaimed, “Wow! How come you have mini bus?!!”

He ran to me, snatched the bus over and began studying it on all sides.

“Wow! You’re all over the bus!”

Then, the tiniest frown crossed his foreheard.

“Can I put my photo on the front?” he said.

I was about to say something clever when he spoke up again.

“I want to be the bus driver!”

The bus driver

27 thoughts on “The Goonfather and the bus

  1. Avatar

    LOL. The last bit is a classic!!!

    QY, please infinite undiscovery pls! Waiting for GGF review of it!
    You turning me into a xbox fan lol..all the games seems so nice! time to say hello to my xbox after my exam :)

  2. Avatar

    I think this is the funniest post I’ve read so far from your blog! I was kindda expecting a picture of the goonfather in starfish like position, plastered to the front of the bus like how those cartoon characters when they get hit by a train and find themselves stuck to the front due to velocity.

  3. Avatar

    LoL ~ GoonFather = aWeSoMeNeSS ~
    Bus driver ~ LoL ~ was that photo stuck on or photoshop on?

    hmm ~ Infinite Discovery doesn’t seem appealing to me.
    Kinda looking forward to Fable 2 & Armored Core: For Answer ~

  4. Avatar

    This is so exciting! When are you going to be on the bus? Have to take pics for me! Goonfather, the bus driver??? This will be hilarious

  5. Avatar

    Difinitely the game from square-enix… if you dont want to play it let me play hahaha… You really got a good lobang, able to play all these nice games (eh sometimes not so nice games).


  6. Avatar

    Wang Wang: Good, good. Get on Xbox LIVE and next time we can play multiplayer online cos it looks like Minou is also interested… and the Goonfather says he wants to buy another Xbox and TV cos he complain I keep hogging the Xbox! Haha. :P And sure, you can use that goon photo for your phone. Um, you mean together with the bus?? lol.

    tiger4: Thanks, will try to share more of his goondu-ness. ;) And fyi, I still haven’t touched BIA till now. Simply no time!!

    Minou: Insider info! That photo was actually taken during a Club Morte dinner gathering.

    curryegg: Thank you! :) The Goonfather thinks otherwise, though. Haha.

    nadnut: Okay you can pinch him next time you see him. haha.

    Numby: lol, the starfish splat is quite a nice idea. Too bad I don’t have a photo of him in that position, and no way i could ever get him to pose for me that photo. Haha.

    Spiritangelo: That was a photoshop job. I think it’ll be too troublesome to print a photo out to paste it on the bus, right. :P Well, I’ll have to agree that Fable 2 is more appealing to me than Infinite Undiscovery. Dunno about AC, though. Not into that kinda games myself. Heheh.

    modchip: :)

    Jesta: I think I’m the one who scored this time. He couldn’t stop complaining about me putting up that photo the next day. :P

    Monster: I’m actually already on the bus. Been a few weeks. I just got photos of the actual bus, will post them soon!

    aig: Thanks! :)

    Cornflict: How come you have miniature buses too? You collect them?

    heartless: I got the bus from Moove Media, who’s the agency handling of bus and taxi ads in Singapore.

    JayWalk: Thanks for the suction toy. Haha. I won’t buy it though, would be too traumatising for me to have to stare at a Goonfather plushie.

    Aicee: Yep, I really have a great lobang. The irony of it is that I’m also kept too busy to enjoy the lobang. Got game no time! :(

    Relax: You haven’t actually seen the Goonfather’s photo before? I’ve posted quite a number in my blog by now. :)

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Yes they do. I can’t remember the number of the bus that the Xpert ad is on… but it has 3 numbers, starting with number 1, and plies Orchard Road.

    Lycansberg: Oh no… the past is coming back to haunt me! lol. I look horrid in that show with the stupid limp hair. :P

    kiosai: Uh…. ok, please send me your CV if you want to be a GGF game reviewer. :P

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