42 thoughts on “Terrible F1 accident

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    I was thinking your news updates come quicker than that of Channel News Asia on first sight of your topic, then thought it was a toy F1 car that you were trying to imply (your toy car hits the Sheylara bus model).

    Still, you got me with your creative idea! Thumbs up! ^^

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    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!and if i could type as fast as im laughing i’d continue…LOL!im copying that pic!! :-)

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    lol… that was a terrible accident, luckily F2 was not with him during the accident….. just press Alt+F4 and everything will be cured… =D

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    WaveSurfer: Thanks! Although it’s not my idea. This photo has been circulating e-mails for a while. I just thought it’s appropriate to bring it up now cos it’s the F1 weekend. :P

    tiger4: Haha… if I really kill my F1, I would really be stressed, because my keyboard is like the blood of my career. Um… something like that.

    Relax: Yeah, very nice pun. Whoever thought of it first is really clever!

    Precious: I think if anyone got hurt, it would be F2 or 2, being nearest to the scene of the crash.

    heartless: Yes, lol.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: The title IS meant to mislead people into thinking the post is about Formula 1. That’s what makes it funny. :)

    jiahui: I think 100% of people would think the same way.

    darren: The watermark is not to claim ownership of the photo. It’s to safeguard against people who direct link to photos in their own website and leeching other people’s server bandwidth. That’s standard practice.

    modchip: Yes, that’s what you were meant to think! :)

    Bal: lol.

    RN1209: You’re a sharp cookie! :)

    Rachel: Not as naughty as you! *wink*

    uglyfatchick: You’re supposed to laugh, and not say anything. :P

    mavis: Um… yeah. ;)

    Jemila: Yeah tell me about it. I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw the photo after being misled into thinking that it’s going to be a real car crash photo. :P

    Wang Wang: lol you. :)

    betshopboy: I think it’s really funny, just had to share it because it’s a very clever joke!

    Cornflict: Cold joke??

    fooi: Yeah, gotcha. :) It’s meant to be funny~!

    hyperX: lol….

    aig: Haha… what if F4 had an accident… then what will happen? :P

    starmIst: The joke is funnier this weekend when everyone is like searching for news on Formula 1, right? :P

    shin: Oh dear. How in the world can you recognise me!! lol.

    rationalneurotic: Heh, cool! :)

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    LOL! i was so coincidentally at your blog when it was showing.
    *looks at tv*
    *looks at laptop*
    *looks at tv*
    omg, it’s sheylara!

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    Err… can someone translate that show title for me? I also want to check out Sheylara’s acting gigs:) Is it a recurring character?

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    I was watching “Singapore Dreaming” last weekend and was surprise that Sheylara is in it, acting as a spoilt, rich tai-tai called Mrs Koh. Funny the credits shown her name as Serena Sim. Hmm…..

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