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I fear that if I’m not careful, I shall soon be labelled exclusively a geek, thanks to my role as Xbox LIVE ambassador, my Gamer Girl Friday column, my recent gadget shopping spree and, soon to be revealed, a new techy campaign called iTest.

So, here’s a rather bimbotic photo to balance things a little.

Sheylara, bimbo-geek

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a geek, but I don’t want people to have too high expectations of me.

While you’re puzzling over that, let me tell you more about my new project.

Some time ago, I was invited to participate in a new IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore) blogging campaign to introduce and encourage the use of tech gadgets in Singapore.

After months of meetings and preparation (with most of the work done by IDA’s agency, of course) the campaign is finally ready to go live!!

(So now it’s our turn to do all the work.)

iTest coming soon

That’s the teaser page which you can view by clicking here. The actual site, which will be part of Infocomm123, will go live tomorrow.

There’s nothing to read now, except the teasing banner, which currently has as much reading material as a small box of cereal, but you can go there to register an account first.

You must do that to win a MacBook!! Yeah! A MacBook! I won’t tell you the details now (because I don’t actually know, myself) but all should be revealed tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow! (I’m not going to Sydney!)

In the meantime, let me introduce you to the other star bloggers in this campaign.

(So, like, we’re not the ones calling ourselves star bloggers, so don’t throw rotten tomatoes at us. It’s just a fancy term used by the project team to make us look more attractive than we actually are. It works, doesn’t it? Huh? HUH?!!)

From left:

Nicholas Aaron Khoo — A CNET blogger who’s very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in all geekly matters. Well, you’ve seen him in my blog before. We’re friends, lol. So I must say nice things about him or he’ll hammer me with an egg beater next time we meet. Nic’s a very helpful guy who’s always involved in zillions of community initiatives and projects.

Sheylara — That’s me (in case you’ve forgotten how I look like). Um, do I need to introduce myself? No need, right? You can go read my About page, as if you haven’t already read it.

TypicalBen — He’s a funky Ngee Ann Poly student who is very popular among teenage girls. He blogs about random every day stuff in a very chirpy way and seems to love polka dots a lot. A whole lot, in fact.

Lau Zha Bor — This cute granny should be a familiar face to most Singaporeans. She’s a JTeam artiste and has appeared in numerous local films and TV shows. She’s as cute and friendly in person as her blog is!


As you can see, all of us fit into different demographics, which is the whole point. In the next 10 days, we’ll each be blogging about a different gadget and sharing our experiences using them. No prizes for guessing what my gadget is. (No need to guess, actually, like, it’s pictured above, lol.)

So, brace yourself for yet another Sheylara blog. Yes, you must come read my iTest blog or I will hammer you with an egg beater.

17 thoughts on “Star blogging with IDA

  1. Avatar

    Hey, another achievement! Congratulations to you!!!

    Hey, you look like one family in this photo; you have cool papa, sweet daughter, naughty brother, and hot mama. :D

  2. Avatar

    Do they have “finger spas”?

    I can’t quite grasp how they might work… Do you leave your fingers behind to enjoy their own version of a “facial”?

  3. Avatar

    So… this was the project you were talking about….

    I think it’s rather underwhelming. Singapore’s Top 4 bloggers? Two of them with novice Blogger-hosted blogs, and one of them a total gadget-noob, how could they be the Top 4? Other than you, Sheylara, which is definitely deserving.

    I don’t see how one bold grandmother’s overrated blogging efforts can bring here to nationwide “blog stardom”, if that’s even a proper phrase to use, or how some guy obsessed with polka dots and camwhoring can be considered a pro-blogger.

    My question to the project organisers is, do they even know the definition of a pro-blog, or a pro blogger? Because to be a “star blogger”, it’s one step ahead of a “pro blogger”, which I can see 3 out of the 4 “candidates” picked for this event just ain’t “Star bloggers” at all.

    EPIC PHAIL. This should have been up on Fail Blog if it wasn’t for you Sheylara, who deserved the place in the Top 4. And LZB and TypicalBen, I think you guys are more deserved in the bottom spots.

    And I don’t think launching this event on the same day of the happenings of a major Apple event, where a revision of the MacBook lineup is almost a sure thing to happen, is a smart thing to do. Especially when you’re giving out an old Early-2008 MacBook model as a prize.

    Before I go, my point is… this is a Totally Epic Failure, IDA! Apparently, you guys have never fail to, well… FAIL. My message to the IDA guys is, please get yourself educated more on IT! Because you’re…. IDA! And, same for the MDA guys too… Argh.

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    Hey Sheylara! I’ve been following ur blogs, and think u’re doing a great job! =)

    Hmm as for the comment above, I beg to differ. The other bloggers are also reowned in their own rights. I follow c-Net’s tech blogs pretty often, and enjoy Nichola Aaron’s geekonomic reviews, so he’s definitely a respected reviewer in my opinion.
    TypicalBen was also featured in the Straits Times amongst some other popular bloggers in Singapore, and I know of many youths who look-up to him in blogosphere.

    So I would venture to say, this gadget review thing is first-of-its kind and will definitely attract good viewership!

    Sheylara, u made the right choice to be of this worthy tech campaign! You go girl!

  5. Avatar

    heartless: Haha, thanks. I feel relieved. :P

    JOJO: Yes, Ben is really nice in person and cute too! ;)

    Cornflict: Thank you, lol. Good luck with all the contests!

    julianne: LZB doesn’t speak or write English very well, so she has help, but the content she produces is hers. :)

    modchip: Thank you, buddy!

    Miss Loi: Hi celebrity tutor! :P Long time no see! ;) Haven’t congratulated you on your winning the Blog Award… great job!! :)

    Anlooo: Good luck!

    Ashtar83: Yes, the granny is very cool! ;)

    Jesta: Um, another word for finger spa could be “boyfriend” or “husband”. LOL.

    -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-: Well, thank you very much for your compliments on me, but I would like to make a few points about the issue you raised.

    I feel that pro-bloggers should be in a different category as star bloggers. Pro-bloggers are bloggers who earn money from blogging. Star bloggers are famous for something or other. For example, none of the Star bloggers in Stomp are pro-bloggers. But they’re called Star bloggers because they’re just well-known personalities. :P And in a way, you could say that, the four of us in the iTest program are automatically pro-bloggers now because we have been commissioned to write this blog which is not our own. Haha. :P

    The bloggers picked in this program all have a sizeable readership base and a certain popularity. :)

    Joseph: Thank you for your comment and your support of this campaign! :)

    geraldine_is_here: Thank you dear! Apprecaite your support very much! :)

    Blog-maniac: hehe… good luck to you! :)

    cheryl loo: lol, thanks! She’s really cute lah. I hope I get to meet her again!

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